9 Best Etsy SEO Tools of 2024


Most Etsy keyword tools overpromise and underdeliver. This is a problem since most are paid subscriptions. But we're here to help.

In this post, you're going to find 9 Etsy keyword research tools. You're going to see what features each one has to offer as well as some idea of what they cost.

If you're looking for the most relevant keywords to use for your listings, you should be able to find an Etsy keyword tool in this article that will meet your needs and budget.

Here now are some of the best Etsy SEO tools (2024).


  • EtsyHunt - The best Etsy tool for researching new products to sell.
  • Marmalead - The best for finding new keywords to use.
  • Merch Titans - The best keyword search tool for sellers on multiple platforms.

EtsyHunt: Best for Product Research

EtsyHunt is an all-in-one marketing tool that helps Etsy sellers find popular products, searches, and tags on the platform.

This Etsy SEO tool claims to have the biggest database of products with over 48 million listings. That means you can extract a lot of data that you can use to find products to sell online.

Aside from product research, you can use EtsyHunt for keyword research as well. Etsy relies on keywords to determine if your listings are relevant to user queries. That means you need an Etsy keyword tool to find out which words and phrases to use in your listing titles, tags, and description.

EtsyHunt provides all of that.

In addition, you get to see how your competitors' marketing strategies thanks to EtsyHunt's Shops Ranking feature. This gives you the information you need to outperform them in Etsy listings.

There's also a feature that makes it easier for you to manage Etsy reviews and track orders.

EtsyHunt offers four pricing options. There's the Free version that gives you limited access to the platform. The Basic version is $3.99 per month. The Pro version is $19.99 per month while the Team version gives you access to everything for %59.99 per month.

Alura: Best for Email Marketing

Alura touts itself as a one-stop shop for someone who'd like to manage their Etsy shop. It has all the tools that one might need to improve his or her store and rank higher for relevant searches.

It has a built-in Etsy keyword research tool. You can use it to find popular products on the platform too. It provides you with listing recommendations and sends follow-up reminders. It even does financial reports.

But one of its biggest strengths is its email automation feature.

It's common for Etsy marketers to find ways to build relationships with their customers outside the platform. Most of them do that through email marketing.

With Alura, you can create branded emails through the drag-and-drop editor. That means you can create email templates that include your business logo and brand colors.

You can even do custom texts, buttons, products, and images. You can then automatically send those emails to users based on their behavior. For example, you can send an email as soon as someone subscribes to your newsletter.

There are tools in Alura that you can use to track all the emails you've sent. You can use this data to test different email variations until you find one that works best for you.

Alura has a Free version. The Starter plan costs $19.99 per month while the Professional plan is $29.99 per month.

eRank: Best Budget Option

eRank works the same as other Etsy SEO tools. Like other tools on this list, you can use it to find keyword suggestions for your Etsy shop.

But eRank stands out because of all the things you could do with the data you collect. Its keyword tool analyzes the top 100 listings for any word or phrase you enter.

This Etsy SEO tool also allows you to see the categories and subcategories that your listings fall under in one glance.

Do you want to know which of your listings rank on the first two pages of Etsy? eRank gives you that information. It will even tell you if you have missing images for whatever reason.

There's even a way for you to monitor if any changes you made to a listing improved its performance or not. This tool gives you an idea of where in the world your customers come from as well.

eRank can look at the most searched keywords — not only for Etsy but for other shopping platforms like Amazon, eBay, Pinterest, and Google Shopping.

If you want to see what tags your competitors use for their listings, you can. It even provides recommendations for your active listings.

There is a Free plan that you can use to evaluate the platform. The Basic plan is $5.99 per month while the Pro plan is $9.99 per month. The most expensive plan is Expert at $29.99 per month.

EverBee: Best for New Users

EverBee is just about as simple as they come. It's ideal for Etsy sellers that want an easy-to-use analytics tool to help them monitor their business.

It's one of the most beginner-friendly Etsy SEO tools available right now. If you've never used one before, EverBee is definitely worth considering.

This tool is mainly for product research. You can use it to find products that have a high demand on Etsy. That way, you can shift to selling products that can generate a ton of sales when it makes the most sense to do so.

There is also a Revenue Analytics feature that shows the revenue of different Etsy listings. However, EverBee would like to make it clear that since Etsy doesn't release sales data to the public, it uses its own algorithm to compute that data.

To make an estimate, EverBee's algorithm relies on views, listing history, reviews, and other factors. The algorithm produces sales data with an average accuracy rate of ~80%.

If you're interested in signing up, there is good news. EverBee is free to try. You don't even have to enter your credit card information. All you have to do is install the EverBee Chrome extension and connect your Etsy account.

Sale Samurai: Best for Finding Search Volume Data

Sale Samurai is a tool that delivers all the data you need to get your Etsy business off the ground. This includes crucial details like long-tail keywords and their respective search volume data.

Why would you need search volume data? In keyword research, search volume refers to a number that represents how popular a word or phrase is. The higher the number, the more competitive it is.

You want to use keywords that have a high search volume because there are a lot of people using them to discover Etsy products. However, that also means it'll be harder to rank for those terms because there's a lot of competition.

Aside from giving you long-tail keywords and their search volume, Sale Samurai also helps you come up with new product ideas for your Etsy store.

This Etsy SEO tool also comes with a robust analytics feature that shows you all the keywords, titles, and tags your competitors use. Having this information can help you get more Etsy shoppers.

Another interesting feature worth mentioning is the Etsy Fees Calculator feature. This comes up with the best price to set your products at if you want to increase your profits.

To get Sale Samurai, you can pay a monthly fee of $9.99 or $99.99 for the entire year.

Crest: Best for Sellers With Multiple Stores

Etsy keyword tools like Crest do so much for sellers on the platform. First off, it's worth mentioning that you can connect two or three Etsy stores to Crest for the same price. So if you manage more than one store, this might be the Etsy SEO tool you're looking for.

As an Etsy seller, you might want to search for listings by price, quantity, expiration, and other quantifiers. You can do that on Crest. It's just as easy to see the likes, views, and orders for these listings as well. This particular feature is handy for competitor research.

Even better, you can search for orders by buyer name, country, and price. If you're serving a global market, you'll appreciate having this data.

You can use the same features to discover the most popular listings on your own Etsy shop, by the way. So if you need to know which part of the country your orders come from, you can.

There's also a forecast feature. Crest projects your potential earnings for the next 30, 180, or 365 days based on Etsy listing activity. While these projections can change over time, they can guide you as you make long-term plans for your store.

At just $12.99 per month, this Etsy keyword tool isn't a bad deal considering what you're getting.

Marmalead: Best for Keyword Research

Marmalead is one of the most popular Etsy keyword research tools on the market today. It claims that it's able to give you keyword options that shoppers actually use when making Etsy searches.

But what makes it so good?

Marmalead provides its users with great insight into what makes a particular keyword work. For one thing, it shows you how many unique visits a keyword can generate in a month. It even tells you how keywords will perform over the year while taking seasonality into account.

It even gives you long-tail keywords that you should place in your listings to increase your sales. Marmalead will also give you different keyword variations that real shoppers used recently.

Do you want to see which keywords might work better for you? Use the comparison view to see keyword ideas side-by-side along with all their relevant metrics.

Marmalead can even tell you which prices make the most sense based on the keyword you entered.

There's also a feature that tracks trending keyword search terms. You can use it to find products that could be hot sellers in a given season.

Marmalead can even grade your Etsy listings so you can assess how well you're doing.

This Etsy keyword tool costs $19 per month or $15.83 if you pay annually.

MakerWords: Best No-Frills Keyword Tool

MakerWords is ideal for people who just want access to Etsy keyword data and nothing else. It's about as simple as they come. 

To be honest, other Etsy SEO tools featured on this list can get you a lot more bang for your buck for the same price as this tool. But there are Etsy sellers out there that don't like being overwhelmed by all the available data and options.

Those people should consider MarkerWords, which can help you improve ETSY SEO.

This keyword research tool gives you terms that you can use along with their Etsy searches, their 3-month average, popularity, and depth. You also get to see their Etsy trend.

It claims to have data for over 100 million keywords.

While it doesn't appear to offer much, it can go a long way toward improving Etsy SEO, especially if you're just starting.

Maker Words costs $9.99 per month.

Merch Titans: Best for Multiple Platforms

If you're running shops not just on Etsy but on other e-commerce platforms as well, then you'll get a lot of value out of Merch Titans.

You can use Merch Titans for researching keywords for Etsy, Amazon, RedBubble, and other shopping sites. If you already have a presence in these places, then why not just use a single keyword tool? It will save you money down the line.

What can you do with Merch Titans?

The biggest thing would be helping you with your keyword research. But not just that. It can also provide you with autocomplete data as well as suggestions.

You can also use Merch Titans to perform product and brand searches. This gives you the ability to get real-time information for any product that you enter.

The Starter Researcher plan costs $9.99 per month while the Advanced Researcher plan is $29.99 per month. You can save some money by subscribing to an annual plan.


How long does Etsy SEO work? It's hard to say. But any Etsy marketing expert will tell you that you can't do it without using an Etsy search engine optimization tool.

The truth is that most of these Etsy tools are good enough to help with keyword research. You'll have no trouble getting long-tail keyword suggestions as well as keyword tags for your Etsy listings.

So which is the best Etsy keyword tool? It all depends on your needs and budget. What you can do is try free Etsy SEO tools. Some of the Etsy SEO tools included in this list have free versions. Use these to experiment to see which one is right for you.

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