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Digital Marketing Services List


Looking for some ideas for marketing services to sell? Or maybe you need help looking for the right marketing services for your business.

Either way, you are not alone. Business and agency owners seek ideas and digital marketing service lists through a search with Google. Some get results, while others don't and get frustrated.

The ones that get results usually scale their business to 7 or 8 figures, constantly using and repeating the digital marketer's strategy.

That said, in this article, you'll discover the digital marketing services list that you can use to turn around your business to a 7 or 8 figures business within a short time.

Digital Marketing Services List: What Services Do Marketing Agencies Offer?

If you are a business owner, a freelancer, an agency owner, or a business consultant, we specially curated this list to help you in your business journey.

This list will help you get results and proves that the digital marketing service list works for all business types and niches. Here's a complete list of the ones that move the needle if you apply them correctly today.



* Website Strategy

* Content Creation

* User-Generated Content UGC

* Social media management

* Social media advertising

* Lead generation

* Online Education/training

* Link building

* Email Marketing


Every digital marketing agency prioritizes search engine optimization SEO as its principal offering as an agency. Every business owner seeks an SEO expert because it's organic means of getting recurring deals.

Whether you are only starting a side hustle or a mega business, your brand appearing on search engines provides innumerable long-term benefits. Not only that, but it also provides a hedge for the trust of your brand since most online buyers trust Google rankings.

In ensuring your brand appears on search engines, an SEO expert will perform specific SEO best practices on your site, and some of them are:

* On-page SEO

* Off-page SEO

* Technical SEO

* SEO Audit

* Keyword Research

* Local SEO

And the good news is that you can find many freelancers and agency owners on legiit that help you with any of these services.  


The aspect mainly discussed in search engine marketing SEM is based on pay-per-click PPC or ads management. And the connection of SEM with SEO is keywords.

Here keywords about your products or services are used to create an advertorial that appears on the search engine. An example of such adverts you will see on the Google search results page SERPs is this one done for the keyword "website content writer":

Keywords about your business are used to bid for ad space through Googles ads management with the help of a digital marketing agency or specialist that performs the following:

* Help do keyword research for your business or brand

* Help set up your ads campaign

* Help test run different ads formats for different keywords

* Help optimize and monitor your ads campaigns

* Help setup shopping and retargeting campaigns

* Help create your audience and customer avatar when needed

You can hire a digital marketer or agency on legiit to help you fine-tune your campaign and make it profitable quickly.

Website Strategy

To ensure you get it right at the start, you need to build and optimize a sleek website for your business since your website tells more about your brand while busy with other things that move the needle in your business.

A digital marketing strategist ensures your site is user-friendly, optimized for all devices, and fully functional. A professional digital marketing agency will ensure your site meets the following.

* It has stellar content that is engaging and easy to read

* It has a user-friendly layout and interface

* has eye-catchy images and HD videos content

* It has outstanding brand colors and a logo

* Have performed on-page, off-page and technical SEO strategies

If you have the website strategy right, merging it with content creation will triple your closing rate as an agency or a business owner.

Content Creation

If you engage in content creation for your brand for a set period, you can build obedient followings that connect with your brand. Top digital marketing services you can offer business owners and agencies start with consciously creating content that resonates with them.

Alternatively, you can use these marketing strategies and activities to promote your brand and capture prospects that buy your product and services. You can offer these digital marketing services as an agency or freelancer by providing the following.  

* Create a compelling copy for business owners and agencies alike

* Set a brand style, analyze competitors and weaknesses, and turn them into a unique selling proposition

* Brainstorm content that attracts prospects

* Think of content that attracts and keeps the brand's audience

* In cases where video content is needed, the content creator creates and packages them for use on platforms like youtube, Instagram, and TikTok.

From the content created, you can generate user-generated content and learn how to provide digital marketing services on legiit at zero cost.

User-Generated Content UGC

User-generated content is now the new way to generate more leads and increase conversion rate and engagement through images, videos, testimonials, and reviews. Since the UGC are mainly content created by individuals, not necessarily brands, it can be an excellent avenue for revenue generation for small businesses.

Freelancers and agency owners can utilize UGC to create awareness through a testimonial of used products and services. In turn, big brands can ask permission to use these contents as social proof in their marketing and lead generation strategy.

For example, In Nigeria, a famous skit maker named Sabinus trademarked the phrase "Something Hooge." He uses the word "Something Hooge" from the term something huge in his comedy skit. A big brand highly respected by all in Africa and Nigeria, Peak Milk used it for one of its advertisements without the consent of Sabinus. Sabinus, through his lawyer, sued Peak Milk for infringement which was later resolved with a contract deal worth millions.

The bottom line is that user-generated content UGC is content you must seek permission from the owner before using.  

Typically, UGC comes from the following set of people

* Brand loyalists

* Employees and

* Customers

So, if your digital marketing agency can provide this for business owners, it will make a big difference and put money in your pocket. Good UGC and well-managed social media engagement can yield more returns faster.

Social Media Management

Social media management tops the digital marketing services list after a few others. Social media have organic and paid measures, and proper management will quickly create a fortune for your business.

Digital marketing agencies and freelancers can create a massive fortune by managing brands' social media accounts. With a handful of the world's population visiting social media daily, creating content that educates your followers will immensely increase your revenue.

If you carefully research trending information, you will discover what services digital marketing agencies are offering, and you can plug yourself in the one that yields more money consistently.

Usually, the social media manager performs the following.

* Oversees company interactions with its audience

* Identifying new trends in customers interaction

* Analyzes the engagement data of the brand

* Plan the digital campaign of the brand to build an online community

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising should be your first investment if you plan to make your business a global brand. Even with Google's global impact, they still carry out Facebook advertisements.

To be successful as a digital marketing agency or freelancer, you need to create awareness in the right platform, engage with your audience and convert them from prospects into lifetime customers.

A social media marketing agency and freelancers will do your social media advertising for your business using any platform of your choice. They have prior knowledge of the platform that will profit your business and yield more investment returns.

The ones that have in-depth data analytical scores will help analyze your platform data and fine-tune ways to prosper your brand.

Lead Generation

You have done social media advertisements and managed your audience to a great extent; you need to spread your wings. Generate leads that will skyrocket your brands and outreach.

The number of leads you generate will determine how much digital marketing agencies will make since it's a number game. As a digital marketing agency, you can provide lead generation service to struggling brands and, in turn, creates a living from it.  

With the rising need to reach more people, generating leads could be done by offering a free ebook or course that teaches the prospect a thing or two about your brand, which acts as your lead magnet.

As a digital marketing agency or freelancer, you can offer your lead generation services in the following ways.

* Create a landing page about your product

* Use SEO strategies

* Through Facebook ads campaigns

* Use webinars

* Through sponsorships

* Collaborating with other brands to gain their trust and awareness

Online Education

Online education has created a multibillion-dollar industry for technology experts. Superstar SEO, a sister company to legiit, is an online education/training and SEO offering agency that has trained over a thousand individuals on SEO and digital marketing services.

You need to know what awaits you as a brand and where you need digital services to improve your business. And this is possible with digital marketing training agencies like Superstar SEO academy and others too numerous to mention.

It's an additional means of creating wealth since you create once and sell for a lifetime. Course creator and content creator has used this strategy to eradicate poverty of the mind and pocket through online education and info product.

To start this, you only need to be conversant with a skill or a niche and give it all it takes to make it works.

Link building

The link-building service is a digital marketing service provided by SEO experts to rank websites on search engines. Link building entails the following.

* Creating guest posts and sharing them on relevant websites with high domain authority

* Creating a mutual relationship that benefits both brands where the brands mention each other in relevant posts

* Reaching out to relevant website owners to get a link to your site and vice versa.

Since link building is relevant to your brand website ranking, it's also a costly digital marketing service that can cause you a great deal to get an expert that ranks your site.

Only outsource your link-building to an SEO specialist who is familiar with or capable of delivering results. You can hire an SEO expert or agency at legiit that will help you with all your link-building services at moderate pricing.

Email Marketing

You can do all the above-mentioned digital marketing services and have a slight or minor breakthrough. But if you use email marketing services and follow up on your prospects, chances are high that you will have excellent results. But then you need to know how much email marketing costs.

With email marketing services, you can reach your existing customers and engage the new prospect with viable information and copy that will transform them from cold to buying customers.

Since busy business owners read most of their emails on the train or early hours of the day before going out, providing email marketing services would be advantageous to you as a freelancer and agency owner in a secure marketplace like legiit.

Better still, hire an email marketing agency on legiit that can help you do all of these while busy with other things that move the needle in your business.

Buy and Sell Digital Marketing Services on Legiit

If you are a freelancer, an agency owner, or a business owner, you can hire a freelancer or an agency that will help you with all your digital services in one marketplace, Legiit.

Legiit is the fastest-growing marketplace for B2B, B2C, and individual outsourcing platforms with a core vision of getting more stuff done as quickly as possible. As an agency owner, you can outsource your projects to Legiit freelancers or another agency that would promptly provide top-notch service.

Whether you are only looking for an individual that will help you do some SEO jobs, website design jobs, or logo design jobs, legiit got you covered with premium services tested and trusted by industry experts in the respective niches.

You need not rob a bank before your job is done in the Legiit marketplace. You can get your job done starting from $6 with premium services, and an expert would even more, handle it.

Digital Marketing Services List: Frequently Asked Questions

Since the digital marketing services list is endless, there are many questions people are asking, both newbies and experts. Here are some of the questions answered in a layman's understanding

What do digital marketing agencies provide?

Digital marketing agencies provide several digital services and solutions like SEO, SEM, Website Strategy, Content Creation, User-Generated Content UGC, Social media management, Social media advertising, Lead generation, Online Education, Link building, Email Marketing, and more.

What all services are included in digital marketing?

When it comes to all the services included in digital marketing, the list is endless. Still, for a start, we have content marketing, SEO, SEM, website strategy and development, user-generated content UGC, Social media management, lead generation, email marketing, and more.

You can only end the list by mentioning Facebook and Google advertisement campaigns, some of the fastest ways to generate quick returns on your investment.

What is a full-service digital agency?

A full-service digital agency is an agency that handles or manages a company's online presence, be it its social media handles or bookkeeping and sometimes financial data.

An agency like this has different sections or departments that handle each project ranging from website design, SEO, SEM, content creation, lead generation, online education/training, and more.

Which service is best for digital marketing?

Overall, there are so many best services for digital marketing; you need to stay where you are good. Staying in your place and niche would help fathom what your audience or people are buying then you key into such skills or niche.

Understanding your skillset would help you know how to provide digital marketing services to clients and agency owners who would reach out for your assistance.

Final Thoughts

The good news is that you can get all the above-mentioned digital marketing services at Legiit and do them quickly and outstandingly with freelancers or agencies.

Legiit is a haven marketplace for all your digital services. You, as an agency, can outsource your project to another agency or freelancers with premium badges, tested and trusted with years of experience and results.

Freelancers without premium badges are also good in their areas of expertise; for some reason, they haven't been applauded with the premium badge. Legiit is a sure plug for getting your digital services done.

That said, we have expanded the digital marketing services list with real-life examples and a marketplace where you can outsource and get them done promptly.

The most prominent digital marketing services are SEO, SEM, website strategy, social media advertising and management, and lead generation. User-generated content has also been on the list since it serves as social proof for prospective customers.

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