B2B Lead Generation: 21 Strategies That Will Skyrocket Your Sales


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The right lead generation process can take a while to find. But when you have one that consistently gets results, it's a game-changer because now you're not depending on luck to get clients.

For this reason, many B2B businesses suffer from bankruptcy, seeing they cannot navigate the hurdles. Worse, your competitors are busy building tools and hiring experts to outshine you.

Luckily for you, there's a solution here that won't only help you generate B2B leads but also help you skyrocket your sales.

In this article, you'll discover 21 proven B2B lead generation strategies that will skyrocket your sales and see your leads begging you to take their money. So if you're ready to generate these leads, sit tight and read on.

B2B Lead generation process

B2B lead generation process is so vast that fathoming ways to generate high leads is just a minute part of the process.

For instance, a tank of water delivers water through a vacuum or a hose; if the water is unfit for use, you will introduce a filter that separates or distills the water to make it fit.

The same applies to B2B lead generation; not every lead is a high lead, and it is good you know the processes involved to save you the stress of trial by error.  

Before that, you should know that the more leads you generate, the more sales you'll make, and this will require all seriousness from you to get maximum results. It may even need you to design a framework or follow a proven one with actual results to show.

That said, let's discuss the lead generation process, what it entails and how you can use these processes for your B2B lead generation.

Search for B2B sales leads

In the lead generation process, searching for B2B sales leads is the first phase of B2B lead generation strategies. It entails searching for the contact information of your prospective buyers, usually called prospects.

There are several ways to get contact information or build an audience which you'll learn about in the 21 B2B lead generation strategies. For the time being, we'll outline the processes.

Engage and reach out to your prospects

You have searched for B2B sales leads; now, you have to engage and reach out to your prospects via emails, cold calling, or social media channels.

Hook them & sell a low ticket offer

Hook them to qualify them to leads and separate the low leads from high leads. After that, close the leads by selling low ticket offers.

Segregate the leads by testing them with a high ticket offer

Those that buy your high ticket offer are the high leads, and you should have them separated into a special group or email list.

Mind you, for those that didn't purchase your high ticket offer, may in the future buy them, many factors could hold them from buying. So it would help if you kept reaching out to them while learning about B2B lead generation tools to skyrocket your sales.

Industry-leading B2B lead generation tools to skyrocket your sales and leads

B2B lead generation becomes easy and effective if you find affordable and easy-to-navigate tools.

Customer representatives get more stuff done when there's a handy tool that doesn't only produce leads but also provides solutions to the leads generated.

That is why in these curated tools, you'll find them helpful in generating leads while also helping you close more sales.

While there are tools available in diverse forms to help you with lead generation, here we will only list some outbound tools, marketing management tools, and search marketing tools.


LegiitLeads helps you generate leads for your business locally and internationally. The tool is an outbound lead gen tool and helps you with a solution provider for the generated leads.

An amazing part of LegiitLeads is that it is a tool built with B2B and B2C in mind. The tool is designed to make targeting leads simple and effective, helping you find local leads with proven problems you can solve with your business.

The monthly subscription for the starter plan is around 47$/month and 297$ for the lifetime offer. If I were you, I would go for the lifetime offer.

That said, you'll learn more about legiit leads later in this article.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an industry-leading tool that enables you to target a set of individuals and companies to track leads while also engaging with your prospects.

The tool is built with an advanced lead and company search bar to find relevant prospects within your niche or industry.

That is not all; it can also integrate with other CRM platforms for easy reach and retargeting. It comes with a month's free trial, after which you'll begin to pay 65$/month.

HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot has a lot of lead generation software options that you can choose from. With HubSpot, you can have all your marketing campaign and lead gen strategies up and running. Among other features, the platform can help you drive organic traffic to your website through SEO campaigns.

The features include ad management, landing page, forms, conversational bots, and live chat for your all-around marketing and lead gen. Also, it's free to get you on with it while growing your business until you're ready to pay 45$/month.


You should be aware that relationship matters a lot in business. Keeping your audience updated on your current development can help you generate B2B leads on the go.

This can be achieved through referrals of your current leads, and ActiveCampaign is a CRM platform that enables you to automate all your customer relationship management in one place.

The platform helps you create email sequences and manage all your leads in one platform. Its plan is around (9 - 15)$/month.

However, with these few lead gen tools, you can get on from here and see how to apply the 21 B2B lead generation strategies to skyrocket your sales and gain more leads.

21 B2B lead generation strategies with proven results

You've got the lead generation processes and the lead gen tools; now you're about to taste the pudding; that's the 21 B2B lead gen strategy to skyrocket your sales and gain more leads.

BTW, you would agree that the best way to generate more B2B leads and skyrocket sales would be to channel your efforts and strategy around your product, industry, and buyer.

For this reason, we have curated 21 proven B2B lead generation strategies that would help you skyrocket your sales while also gaining more leads.

Are you ready to hit the rock to discover its hidden treasure?

If Yes, grab a cup of coffee, sit tight and read on.

1. LegiitLeads

LegiitLeads is an industry-leading tool created to help B2B businesses get more stuff done fast while generating B2B leads for more sales.

The LegiitLeads works by providing a keyword on any of your desired searches, like the basic search, which shows you a lead that relates to your preferred keyword location.

When you have searched for your keyword, you can now decide to cold call or send them an email. There are eight key searches for the LegiitLeads and email templates, plus video tutorials showing you how to use LegiitLeads to succeed.

Watch the video below to see how LegiitLeads works. [LEGIITLEADS VIDEO TUTORIAL]

Legiit leads work best for B2B businesses, internet, and digital entrepreneurs looking forward to helping companies to reach their target quickly.

The tool has helped several users generate more than 200 orders in a single day, all within seconds of usage, and you could be the next to see the same results by getting on board.

2. LinkedIn Outreach

LinkedIn outreach is an excellent and effective lead generation strategy for B2B businesses. It entails reaching out to new people and pitching yourself or your product to them.

The platform is so versatile and flexible that a single blog post will not consume its lead generation strategies. But honestly speaking, you'd love the procedures here as they're unveiled.

Are you ready? let's dive in

Okay! the following are the B2B lead generation strategies for LinkedIn Outreach.

  • Firstly define and identify your target audience, after which you can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to run searches for your target audience.
  • Secondly, you can connect and locate their emails on their profile.
  • Thirdly, curate LinkedIn messages and send them to your connections. Mind you, when sending your connection request, there's an opportunity for you to pitch your prospect with a compelling message.
  • Engage your prospects with massive value such that they'd not be able to resist responding to your message
  • Lastly, you will keep your eyes on the balls and monitor responses. This way, you can brainstorm ideas from your marketing strategies to respond based on each response you receive and automate your email sequence when the need arises.

Check this to learn more on how to grow a LinkedIn audience organically.

3. Facebook Group + Messenger

Facebook groups and Messenger are another B2B lead generation strategy that has helped many businesses garner more leads and generate more sales and revenues.

Facebook group lead gen strategies work by posting value and sharing your business experience or industry development.

Doing this will arouse prospects' interest by either commenting on your post or directly engaging through Messenger. At this stage, you're to engage them on Messenger by collecting their contact information or email addresses that you can further use to retarget them in the future.

You can also create a lead magnet like ebooks, free trial consultations, and free courses will serve your lead magnet, which you can give for free to enable you to gain leads.

With more than 1.6 billion daily visits on Facebook, you're sure to get the right eyeballs on your lead gen strategy. Facebook group is helping, but there's another B2B lead gen strategy that can 10x your lead gen faster. Don't get stuck with one strategy; consider Facebook Ads.

4. Facebook Ads

When it comes to Facebook Ads B2B lead generation strategy, there are specific criteria you must have in mind

  1. Facebook Ads B2B lead generation has a free method, which we have discussed earlier on groups and Messenger
  2. Facebook Ads B2B lead generation strategy has a paid version in which there are three types to it, which are:
  • Boost organic posts
  • Run Facebook PPC ads
  • Facebook messenger ads

The paid Ads work best after you've implemented the free method discussed earlier. To carry out this strategy, you'll have to create a Facebook page to run your ads. To do this, you'll log in to your Facebook account and locate the Facebook ads manager as shown below.

That said, let's run through the three Facebook Ads strategies for your B2B lead generation.

Boost Organic Posts

Boost organic posts are posts you've posted on your timeline, and you want to make them visible to more people. To do this, here are the procedures to follow

  1. Go to your Facebook business page and locate the post you want to boost
  2. Pick the post
  3. You will see an option to select boost
  4. Fill in the details of your ad
  5. Smash the boost button, and you're done. Wow, give yourself a tap on the back!

An amazing part of boosting a Facebook post is that you don't go to the business manager or suite before you can boost a post on your page.

Run PPC Facebook ads

Pay Per Click or PPC Facebook ads display ads on a targeted news feed. These ads drive traffic to a target landing page or a WhatsApp group where you can collect the prospect information or data.

To run this ad successfully, you would need a skilled ads digital marketer to help you, and you can get them at legiit.

Facebook Messenger Ad

Facebook Ads Messenger is more or less like the pay-per-click; the only difference is that you'll have to specify where the ads appear.

Specifying Messenger means your ads will appear on Messenger for your targeted audience to see.

5. Instagram Outreach

With more than 1 billion users on the platform, you can derive great potential for B2B leads gen. Reports show that social media marketing has increased for B2B, and marketers are taking advantage of the platform.

So if you've not started engaging with your brand, you are leaving a lot on the ground.

The most proven B2B leads generation strategy for Instagram is achieved through these five methods.

1. Your Bio - your bio is your number one selling point when your prospect visits your page. More than 200 million Instagram businesses are visited daily; if your profile bio doesn't speak well or explain what you do, it will turn off your prospect.

2. Constantly use Instagram stories and reels - As the platform is created to aid in watching video amazing, you must post about your business daily. Show up daily to enable your audience to have a feeling of belonging

3. Create a linktr.ee page and add other contact details to your profile - When a prospect visits your Instagram profile, the first thing they'll look for is your contact details or a landing page to your website. When you do this right, you'll generate leads every day through this means.

4. Engage with your followers - Don't create a page and leave it; it will not help you in your B2B lead generation strategy. You must engage with your followers and ask them compelling questions that would trigger engagement. This way, you'll amass a large following that'll eventually become leads

5. Instagram lead generation Ads - this is more or less like Facebook ads; you can run Instagram ads where you explain your business to your prospect.

Video marketing has taken over since people hardly read; with a lot to be done daily, many things are dragging for the audience's attention, so you must use video in your B2B lead gen strategy.

6. VSLs

Video sales letters, often VSLs, are a great way to get amazing fast results for your B2B lead gen strategy. The process is almost the same with Instagram outreach; the only difference is that you can also use your video for your landing pages.

How this works is that,

  1. Get a script for your B2B business
  2. Create videos on the product or services you wish to market at the time
  3. Roll out your video on the respective channels in which you want to
  4. Rinse and repeat the process until you get what you want

7. YouTube

YouTube is the second most visited website globally; generating B2B leads for your business on the platform will help you gain more audience fast.

As discussed earlier with VSLs, video marketing has taken over the industry, so making good videos that will compel and grab your audience's attention via YouTube would enable you to generate more leads quickly.

8. SEO

You may have heard content is King; same with SEO. SEO will make you think that business is easy when done right.

However, a lot of people get themselves confused between B2B lead generation and B2C lead generation. The two are somewhat different, but the basis of creating an SEO strategy is almost the same.

That said, to carry out an SEO strategy for your B2B lead gen processes, here's what you need to do.

1. highlight and identify your ideal lead or prospect

Identifying your target audience is your first victory regarding SEO B2B lead gen strategy.

Identify your customer avatar, what's their pain, frustration, desires, and motivation. Doing this will let you know the content to put out that will attract them to your network.

2. Spying on your competitors

Identify what your competitors are doing and work on improving that will enable win with SEO.

A useful tool that will help you with your competitor's analysis is Similarweb. It is a free tool that provides insight into your competitor's analysis.

3. Create a strategy for your content rollout

Not every piece of content will be compelling to your prospect; you'll take your time to create a content strategy that will hold your audience by the hands. Unleashing what prospects are searching for will increase your B2B lead gen.

On the side, you can use several free keyword research tools to do this, but most times, subscribing to the paid version will do more good than harm.

4. Carry out content or website audit

Executing a website or content audit for your B2B lead gen strategy is vital to getting organic traffic. This will enable you to identify content that'll perform and remove any content that no longer aligns with your business and audience.

9. Optimize your website for all devices

You've done SEO for your website and content; next, you must make your website mobile responsive.

Reports show that people that buy one thing or the other do a little research with their phones before purchasing.

And B2B businesses who have optimized their website for mobile responsiveness usually gain more leads and customer loyalty faster than their competitors who are still struggling to figure out what to do.

If you're doing this, you're 50% ahead of your competitors, kudos to you.

10. Record and Analyze your website data

Recording and analyzing your website data would let you know if your B2B lead gen strategy is working. A good practice of recording and comparing your website's data gives an insight into where to channel your B2B lead gen efforts.

To achieve awesome results with this strategy,

  1. Record the data of your respective page visit such as home, contact us, our services, and more
  2. Check for the search terms that brought your prospect to your site and improve your content with that term
  3. Rinse and repeat the process

And you can read this article to understand more of the data to analyze from your website.

11. Offer free ebooks and course training for email and personal data

Here's a bit different from what you've read in Facebook groups and Messenger B2B lead gen strategy.

This time you'll create a pop-up on your websites, blogs, and landing pages where you can share valuable content and offer a free ebook, course training, and at the same time, free consultation for those who landed on your site through organic means like SEO and the otherwise.

This method often works for many B2B lead generation strategies for blogs and case studies.

12. Study your target Audience

Study your target audience to know their pain, challenges, vision, and purpose for portraying certain behavior.

As B2B lead gen strategy evolves with new technological innovations, brands must be smart enough to know what's trending, where your prospect hangs out, and why they're going there. This is mostly referred to as a customer avatar.

Identifying this behavior will help you channel your B2B lead gen strategy to amass these prospects.

13. Chat Bot & AI autoresponder

Integrating chatbots into your website and landing pages will help you generate more B2B leads and close more sales. The website with chatbot and AI autoresponder does better than the one without.

As business and team leaders are so preoccupied with too many activities, integrating chatbots will help reduce stress and gain more leads.

Although this can be boring sometimes, the bots will only give you what the program within its disposition is. But for good, the chatbots and AI have been designed with the relevant question being asked by prospects.

By this, having an AI integrated into your sites, blog, or landing pages give you a step ahead of your competitors.

13. A/B test your website pages

Important pages of your website are home, service, and contact pages. These website pages should be A/B tested to align to your business name, location, and industry to garner more B2B lead gen and buying process.

Making little changes to things like heading and colors and repositioning some bars can increase your lead generation and sales.

That is not all; it can also bring more eyes to your site, eventually becoming B2B leads to your business. Let's look at how tweaking and applying a good CTA can help you generate more B2B leads and sales.

15. Tweak your landing pages with perfect CTA

You've A/B tested your website; now it's time to tweak your landing page for more B2B leads. Your landing page should include.

  1. A compelling handline and subtitle
  2. A video sales letter
  3. Call to Action CTA
  4. address SEO best practices
  5. a well-optimized signup form
  6. a customer value-focused content and benefits
  7. and inculcating customer testimonial

These strategies will deliver your offer in a compelling manner that will attract and increase your conversion rate.

Things to also keep in mind are colors, text size, and fonts that make your landing page attractive and compelling to your prospects.

16. Enable social sharing of your post

Social media has made B2B businesses evolve with outstanding results to show. Many enterprises have skyrocketed their sales and revenue and generated huge B2B leads through social sharing of their content.

Enabling social sharing of your content and posts will put your B2B business in the eyeball of a new audience; this will, in turn, convert them into recurring customers.

17. Share your reviews

You may have bought or registered something online or offline because of past reviews. That's the power of reviews; it skyrockets your sales and helps you quickly gain more B2B leads.

Blogs reviews are somewhat important to new or old B2B businesses. Words of mouth and people's engagement with a product's results help to generate more B2B leads.

Jumping over to Google and you typed legiit on the search bar, you'd see this on the first page from the picture below.

That's what reviews do; it lets your prospects believe that your products or services solve their problem.

18. Collaborate with industry experts in your niche

You'd agree that if an industry expert in your niche calls you to collaborate with you for a new product launch, you'd probably grab the offer before thinking about it.

This will not only help your B2B lead generation easier, but it will also give more trust from the expert audience, thereby generating more prospects for your brand.

Keep an eye on evergreen models you can apply to your brand in collaboration as you're working. Collaborating with an expert is not enough; you must be open with your sales while collaborating.

19. Be open with your sales team.

If your B2B business succeeds, you must be open with your sales team. They're the driving force of your business, and it requires that you're constantly kept on notice before and after a sales process.

The sales team are the eyes of your business; they understand the customer avatar and should be treated with care with a possible incentive for hard work.

Apart from treating them well and being open-minded, you can also engage with the feeling that they co-own the business with you. This will make them put more effort into marketing which will invariably lead to more B2B leads and conversion.

As you do this, you can learn to introduce an affiliate program to enable you to generate more B2B leads.

20. Create an affiliate program for your products and services

Without affiliate programs, many businesses wouldn't see the light. Industry experts who find a product interesting and offer solutions will promote that product or service for affiliate rewards.

B2B businesses and agencies usually have higher conversion rates due to affiliate programs. Integrating affiliate rewards for your products and service will boost your sales, increase revenue, and help you generate B2B leads for your business.

Think about this, can you by yourself create content for an entire agency without hiring some experts to help with some key important aspects?

I believe your answer was NO.

Instead, if you do this by yourself, it will take more time than when you outsource to an expert. This also applies to affiliates; it enables you to spread your wings to a new and evergreen audience.

21. Create engaging content with search intent

This article you're reading is created with search intent, there are keywords you'll type on search engines, and you will see it on SERPs.

Creating engaging long-form content with the search intent will help you gain more leads while retaining your audience. You've read this article to this point because you find it engaging, taking you from one point to the next.

That's precisely what engaging content with search intent does for your B2B lead generation strategy. It enables you to attract quality leads that will continue to be loyal and buy your product and services whenever they're rolled out.

That said, you've just discovered the 21 B2B lead generation strategy that will skyrocket your sales and also help you generate more leads; now, let's look at some of the questions you've wanted to ask.

B2B lead generation strategies: Frequently Asked Questions

The report shows that about 42% of 1000 companies interviewed acknowledged that discerning a B2B lead generation plan can be daunting. Luckily for you, we've just shown you some strategies, and there are questions you must answer before embarking on B2B lead generation.

What is B2B lead generation?

Without mentioning customer information, there has never been a better B2B lead generation definition. Simply put, B2B lead generation is a business-to-business process that enables businesses to collect potential customer information for possible sales and retargeting purposes.

It differs from B2C, where businesses sell directly to customers and end users.

What strategies would you use to generate leads for a B2B business?

Generating leads for a B2B business could take several proven B2B lead generation strategies. The most effective ones usually cost your time and money to get the prospect that is high leads.

So choosing a strategy that works best for you will depend on your budget, the kind of leads you want to generate, and the product or service your industry or business offers.

LegiitLeads, LinkedIn Outreach, and Facebook Ads are proven strategies you can imbibe to generate more leads for your B2B business.

What are 4 efficient lead generation strategies for B2B marketers?

Identifying efficient lead generation strategies for B2B marketers will begin with your marketing budget. Four proven and efficient lead generation strategies for B2B marketers include and are not limited to

  • LegiitLeads
  • LinkedIn Outreach
  • Instagram Outreach and
  • YouTube

What strategies do you use to generate leads?

Lead generation does not involve a streamlined pattern; there are diverse ways to generate leads. Depending on your goal, there are several ways to do this, including creating better ad campaigns, posting valuable content that'll compel your prospect, and testing your marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

You've found 21 B2B lead generation strategies, equipped with industry-leading tools for lead generation, and also seen the processes involved.

What are you waiting for?

It's time to generate leads and become a known brand within your jurisdiction.

Don't read and ignore; take action, and you'll see every effort bring results.

What else?


Okay, do you want engaging content like this?

If yes, I'm your best plug for short and long-form engaging content for your website, blogs, and landing pages.

Thank you.

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