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Digital Marketing 101

If you want to explode your sales on Legiit, or anywhere else, you first need to make sure that basic digital marketing principles are in place.

In this post I am going to give you some general guidelines that you must have in place to succeed with any online business.

Some General Digital Advertising/Marketing Guidelines:

  • A bad offer won’t sell consistently no matter how good the marketing

  • Your opinion doesn’t matter. Just because you like a specific element, doesn’t mean people will respond to it, this applies to…

  • Headlines/Titles: If it isn’t something that entices someone to click they won’t click and therefore won’t buy. This isn’t a traffic problem its a marketing problem.

  • Ad copy and Creative: Again if someone isn’t enticed to click by your copy (the text of the ad) or your creative (the video or image of the ad) they won’t click no matter how well written you think it is, or how well designed the thumbnail is.

  • Sales Copy (the text on the page): If this isn’t persuasive, and speaks directly to someone about their problem and how your offer can fix it you won’t get consistent sales.

  • Your Offer: (What you actually sell) None of the other stuff on this list will matter if you don’t have an offer people want… again you have to set your ego aside here and let the data tell you what works and what doesn’t (kind of the point of the first linked blog post) no matter how good you think what you have for sale is, if other people disagree it doesn’t matter.

    It has to be an offer that solves a problem for someone. 

    Essentially you have to have an offer that reduces the pain of not paying for it to the point that it is lower than the pain caused by the problem it solves. Nothing else matters if you don’t get this right.
That’s a very general outline of how marketing works… you can’t shortcut these things even if you want to. No amount of traffic will matter if you don’t get these elements right and constantly work to improve them.

Now some Legiit specific things… again these are not mine, or anyone else’s opinion, these are data supported facts. Disagreeing with them won’t change them. That’s not how facts work.

  • Profile pictures are a must. There are NO high selling services anywhere on the platform that sell well that don’t have a profile picture. Zero. Taken a step further profile pictures with a person in them convert up to 50% better in some cases.

  • Thumbnails. Thumbnails with a person in them looking at the camera convert the best. With some text describing what is done being another important conversion element, provided all spelling and grammar is correct.

  • Titles/Headlines. There isn’t enough conclusive data to state 100% one thing converts best… but the 2 biggest winners are a very easy to understand title describing what the service does and a more marketing/clickbait type title… one thing that DOES NOT work is starting your service with “I will do X” this has been shown over the course of a year to be the case. 

    This makes sense… Legiit isn’t Fiverr, we have a more sophisticated clientele that demands a higher quality service in every element.

  • Community participation. Again this isn’t Fiverr. Throwing up some random service and hiding behind your keyboard isn’t likely to build a business for you.

    People that have been active, have built a reputation for themselves and have engendered trust form the community have the best track record of sales. 

    You aren’t entitled to a sale of any kind, so you have to earn people’s trust.

    This is one of the advantages Legiit has over other sites, and if you aren’t succeeding that is most likely the reason why.

There are other factors but those are the absolute basics that you will fail without.

Please print this out and paste it above your work area. You will not succeed in digital marketing if you don’t understand and implement these principles, whether it is on Legiit or elsewhere.

I genuinely, deeply want to see you all succeed.


Chris M. Walker


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