AI Content: What's The Hype About?


If you indulge in any content marketing talk recently, the chances are that AI content and generators popped up.

The topic is the new craze, and everyone is jumping on the trend. However, like all new crazes, AI in content creation attracts divided opinions.  

To some marketers, AI is the future of digital marketing. “It’d revolutionize the industry and save us all time and money,” they say.  

But in reality, how much of all that is true? Is AI content creation fast? Most importantly, is it effective? Won't you spend more time editing the output of the so-called “smart machine”?  

Entrepreneurs and SEO gurus who used several AI content generators claim that the process is not as straightforward as claimed. Also, there is the fear that the "machines" would soon breed a future of monotonous and bland content that doesn't focus on end-users.

With such information, you would wonder if AI is truly the future. What is all the hype even about? Most importantly, should you join the bandwagon? If you do, what are the benefits? How can you avoid the downhill? This post will answer all your questions – and more. That said, here is a quick overview of what you can expect:

What Is AI Content?

AI content is pretty straightforward. It can be blog posts, creative copies, email subject lines, or even web content.

As long as what you’ve written is machine-assisted, it is “AI content.” But that’s not even the juice - the real deal is GPT-3. GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) is the backbone of virtually all AI writing. It is undoubtedly the most advanced autoregressive language model. Since the launch by OpenAI in 2020, no other NLP (Natural Language Processing) transformers have matched GPT-3.  

For specifics, GPT-3 has an incredible 175million parameters for machine and deep learning. With such combinations, the model can write and recombine texts like humans. Beyond all that, what makes GPT-3 stand out is its ability to combine existing content and AI algorithms perfectly. But how?

How Does GPT-3 Work?

Being an autoregressive language model, GPT-3 searches its parameters and existing content to write sentences.

It is constantly interacting with the pattern of your content to predict the next best word. In the process of all that, the model simultaneously improves its algorithm. However, know that GPT-3 can be somewhat limited for its dataset. The model uses the 2019 data. In other words, if you are using the tool to write about a recent development in 2021, chances are that the output will be irrelevant.

For example, if you’re writing about porcine intelligence for video games, your AI writer would hardly put out quality content. Because the discovery was made in 2021. In the same vein, an AI writing software will likely experience difficulty writing about the Clubhouse app. Because the Alpha Exploration group didn’t develop the social audio app until 2020.  

The dataset limitation aside, GPT-3 and its dependent AI writing software still write quality content. And if you think about the process, there are several benefits you can enjoy as an entrepreneur or a freelancer. What benefits? Before we delve into the benefits of using AI writing software, let’s show you an overview of what the tools can do:  

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What Can An AI Writing Software Do?

Note: this section only talks about the average proficiencies of typical AI writers. Some of them can perform more advanced functions than listed here. But we’ll get to that later. Generally, AI writers are adept at both short and long content. However, among the several content types, the tools are fast and more effective with blog content. Nevertheless, you can still use them for the following purposes:
  • Compiling a list of open-ended, engaging questions and answers
  • Crafting ad copies (particularly the pain-solution model) for your business
  • Expanding bullets into detailed paragraphs  (a specialty of Jasper ai)
  • Generating blog topic ideas
  • Restructuring the outline of your content with headings
  • Rewriting sentences and tweaking the tone of delivery
  • Writing attention-grabbing introductions
  • Writing listicles
Note: regardless of your content type, AI content generators can assist your writer in achieving up to 5000words per day.

What Are The Benefits Of Generating Your Content With AI?

It Saves Time

If you're a writer, you'd know how long it takes to research a topic and begin writing. Despite all the time you might have spent, you still have to actually write, recombine, proofread, and edit your content.  

After all that, you’d still check for the plagiarism and readability score – and re-edit. In the end, you'd have spent roughly 2-3 hours on a 500-word article – that's even for easy topics. What if you’re writing something entirely new? Oh wait, some niche (especially medical and legal) requires external links to authority websites – regardless of your expertise.  

Now, that’s another work by itself. Funnily enough, what we have analyzed is only for a 500-word post.

Imagine how many hours you’d spend on an ultimate guide of 5000words or an eBook of about 18,000words! Weeks or even months? And say you are not a writer, maybe an entrepreneur, how about the time you’d spend choosing the right talent for your job? Do you even know where to search? You see, all those processes take a big chunk of the time you don’t even have.  

Unfortunately, that could delay your schedule, business, sales, and estimated revenue. But with an AI writer, you can reduce the processes by almost 60%. For starters, the writing software can put out quality, well-researched, long-form content within a matter of minutes.  

For example, what would have taken you or your hired copywriter a week would only take an AI 25 minutes.

It Saves Money Too

Spoiler alert: we are not saying AI writers are free. We've seen several of them claiming to be zero dollars.  

But we can tell you that's only a marketing trick. Plus, such tools can't even be effective at writing quality content. Like time, AI writers can significantly reduce your budget on content. How so? For example, if you had employed a writer, chances are that you’ll be paying an average of 10cents per word. With such a bill, you might seek freelancers.  

The latter is relatively affordable at 3cents per word (for the quality service providers). So, let's say you're going with freelance writers. You'll be paying roughly $30 per 1000word. And if you're targeting 50,000words per month, that will cost you around $1500. That's cheap, eh? Well, AI writers are cheaper! Using Conversion AI (arguably the best of the lot) as an example, you can get the same 50,000word content for $59. Mind you, that’s even for the “premium” offer.

Now, compare $59 to $1500. Imagine the savings! Well, you might argue that you still need a human writer to vet the output of your software.

Agreed! But how much will that cost you? At most, say editing will cost you $750 monthly – the quote could even be lesser. Now, the total cost for the 50,000word output will roughly be $800 compared to $1500. And that is about 47% savings. Isn't that incredible? Related reading: How To Start A Business Without Money

It Reduces The Chances Of Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is undoubtedly the most significant bane of productivity in content writing. And mind you, it happens to all writers.  

Mostly, it is down to burnout, but the block can also surface when the subject matter of your content is rigid and requires excessive research. Now, you could employ a team of freelance writers to overcome the writer’s blocks. But that doesn’t exactly save you money. So, what should you do? AI writers can still help. They reduce the workload on writers by researching the somewhat rigid subject matter.  

And these tools don’t stop there; they still jumpstart content ideas and structures. How? AI writers can research topics ideas for your human copywriters. After that, these tools will break down the topic into straightforward and attention-grabbing headings. Automatically, that much information would reduce writer's block. And for most parts, AI writers also write the majority of the content.  

Depending on your preferred tool, AI can write 150words at once, modeling your (or your writers') input. The best part: AI assistants can help you attain topical authority for your niche. They will study the posts you've created and suggest new topics and keywords that can complement your efforts. And since the "topics" will come out like a report, you will even know which one to prioritize first.

Bottom line: there will be zero writer's block with AI writers. Plus, you'll enjoy enhanced productivity, and you can use the energy for the more creative and demanding parts of your business.

It Assists Your SEO Efforts

Ultimately, you need content to push traffic to your website, business, or products.

So, it makes sense that you consider your audience and write around their pain points: keywords. Keyword aside, the structure of your content is equally critical for it to rank on SERPs. If you search a term on Google, the first page results often have identical layouts. That’s your cue! Now, an SEO writer could model your post after a tested and proven content structure.  

But, it won't be perfect. We're humans, and each of us has our own style. But with an AI assistant, you wouldn’t worry about deviation.  

The machine will write according to what already ranks on SERPs – and it will take into account the word count, headings, and tone. Now, all that might not make sense to you. However, this is what you might not know: Search engine bots comfortably crawl and index websites with well-structured content. In other words, you'll attract traffic to your business ASAP.  

Note: attracting traffic is not the same as conversion. You need more than SEO to convert your audience. For starters, your reputation management should be top-notch. Most importantly, your funnels (landing page) should be direct and compelling. Pro tip: AI content is best suited for niche content. It simplifies the niche keyword process and fast-tracks the time to attain topical authority.

It Writes In Multiple Languages

You might not necessarily need to produce content in a different language to yours. However, it is crucial to extend your services to other countries.

Why? You might not know this, but people relate more to things that meet their cultural backgrounds – and language is one of them.  

Taking the extra effort alone shows your audience that you care. That aside, when you write content in your target audience's tongue, your offers become personalized. Hence, your conversion rates will increase. That said, the traditional way out was to hire several writers who are native speakers of your target audience. But that will be expensive. Also, you could try Google Translate.  

Unfortunately, it is not as effective. Plus, it will hurt your conversion rate instead of boosting it. So, what should you do? The best offer is choosing an AI assistant. With one, you can produce your content in several languages and in the highest quality. Pro tip: you don’t necessarily have to translate all your content. Instead, you can leave out your blog posts and focus on web content and ads.

Even if you need a native speaker to vet the article, it will still be affordable. However, there is one condition to enjoy all the listed benefits: you can’t jump at all AI content generators. While they might be incredibly cheap, we'd advise you to stick to the tested and proven heavyweights.

What Are The AI Content Generators You Can Trust? The Top 5

Conversion AI

Popularly known as Jarvis, Conversion AI is arguably the best writing software. It is unmatched for features, quality, speed, and templates. Starting with templates, Jarvis has at least 50. Here are the top options:

  • Blog content: Jarvis can write your blog posts in their entirety. It will generate the idea, topic, structure, introduction, body, and conclusion. For a 1500word post, this AI assistant only needs 15mins maximum.
  • Marketing copy: unlike other AI writers that focus on the pain-agitation-solution model, Jarvis combines three models for its approach. It uses the AIDA, PAS, and BAB frameworks to create robust and compelling copies.
  • Email and pitching: Jarvis cold emailing is unmatched in the industry. It will generate the subject, write the body and personalize everything to suit the style of the receiver.
Furthermore, Jarvis can write in at least 25 languages. Overall, the strength of Jarvis is its many market-leading features. Another one of such is the SurferSEO integration.

AI Writer

Though not as fast as Jarvis, AI Writer can save you 33% time on content creation. And it is cheaper too.

Its basic plan is at least $10 cheaper than Jarvis. More importantly, you can ask for custom plans. In our opinion, AI Writer is perfect if you haven't the time for research.  

It can spin an already existing article and pass the Copyscape test with a 94.47% score. This tool can do all work automatically. In that regard, it is the best. However, know that AI Writer will request a topic or keyword before writing. Also, AI Writer didn’t specify the word count you’ll get. Instead, it explains its plan with the number of articles. Unfortunately, that can be confusing.


Unlike Conversion AI and AI Writer, Wordtune offers something different and specific. The forte of this tool is content rephrasing.

In the process, it can make your articles more compelling and engaging. So, if that is what you need, then Wordtune is your best option. The best part: Wordtune has a free trial option. Though limited, the free plan can rewrite your articles. And it will last for about 20days. Besides free trial and content rephrasing, Wordtune has other offers such as:

  • Multi-language word finder
  • Real-time, thesaurus suggestions
  • Smart paste
  • Chrome add-on


Like Wordtune, Articoolo offers streamlined AI assistance. It is particularly suited for writing on WordPress.  

The AI tool even has a WP plugin to ease your content creation process. But like AI Writer, Articoolo requires your topic or keyword first before writing. In addition to content writing, this tool is equally adept at rewriting. In particular, Articoolo can rewrite published articles on WP without error. Its turnaround time is equally fast like other AI writers. And it has an image search feature.

About pricing, Articoolo is also cheaper than Jarvis. You can get its basic plan for $19. Unfortunately, there is no specification on the allotted word count.


In our opinion, Writesonic is the only other AI assistant that comes close to Jarvis. It generates blog posts and web copies. But we have to say that its strength shifts more towards marketing. That is why it is the best AI writing tool for marketers. Furthermore, Writesonic has multilingual support for about 24 languages – just one shy of Jarvis'. Most importantly, it has a simple UI with fewer distractions.  

Lastly, the owner's claim that Writesonic can create content in 2seconds. We beg to differ – it can take longer depending on your content type (BTW, it can write about 40types). Ads are fast, but landing pages take a bit longer. Regardless, Writesonic writes faster than humans. Pro tip: Writesonic, like Wordtune, has a free trial too.

But it is limited to only 10 credits. Note: regardless of your preferred AI content generator, you'll still check the output. The chances are that you'd make a few additions and subtractions. But what if you don't have the time? As stated earlier, you can always hire a writer to help you. However, we'll advise you to work with someone who already has experience working with AI writing tools.

Hiring A Writer To Manage Your AI Content Generators – Where And Who?

Finding writers who use AI content generators can be hectic. Many of them believe the tools threaten their jobs – however, that is not true. Other writers might feel they are better than Jarvis and co. – each with their convictions. But do you know what’s funny? Several writers already use AI assistants such as Grammarly and SurferSEO. But they wouldn’t bulge for Jarvis – LOL. Nevertheless, we can show you the experts improving their output and quality with AI content generators. We even have some here on Legiit. In particular, we have a category specifically for AI content creation.  

Nevertheless, we will advise you to first reach out to any seller if they understand your preferred tool. That way, you’d save your time and money. That said, here are our recommendations:

Facebook Ads

Jarvcopywriting is the best out there if you’re looking for a writer who understands how to use AI tools for different frameworks of marketing copies. We know that because we used the seller. And, he turned in a quality copy within 20 minutes. Beyond the quality delivery, we love how the seller laid out his service description. He clearly stated who he can help and what he needs from you.  

That way, you can both avoid complications or misunderstandings. Most importantly, the pricing is fair for the offer. The seller sends 3 different copies on delivery. And you can choose whichever suits you – or use it all. Note: from the seller's name, it's pretty clear he uses Jarvis. If you don't use or fancy Jarvis, you might want to shoot him a message first before you place an order on his service.

Product Description

We’ll still stick to Jarvcopywriting for AI-assisted product descriptions. Like all his services, rest assured that you’ll get quality posts. But if you have doubts, you can check the sample on the service description . Besides, the seller took the time to provide answers ahead of any reservations you might have.

General Content Writing

The chances are that you have needs beyond copies and product descriptions. In that case, you’d probably be looking for someone who can handle virtually all AI content types. Amitlrajdev is who you seek! The best part: Amit is well-versed in all phases of digital marketing. He is a virtual assistant with a fair share of experience in website customization, eCommerce management, and customer service.  

So rest assured that you're getting a professional with vast experience to handle all your content needs. About Amit’s specific offer, check his service page here. Another worthy mention: Unique SEO Optimized Articles. This seller will use SurferSEO to optimize your content. That said, we have more tips to help you get more stuff done regarding AI content. Check them out below!

Tips To Help You Improve The Quality Of Your AI Content

Choose The Right AI Writing Tool

The best way to get quality AI content is to set the RIGHT foundation. That foundation is choosing the best tool to start. But it can get tricky because "best" is relative. So, to get your “best,” decide why you need the AI content to start. That knowledge will help you narrow down your list of tools.

Work With The Best Talents

Regardless of your AI assistant, we established that you'll need someone to vet the content. So, if you're choosing the right tool, you also need the right talent. The latter is even more important because they ultimately decide the quality of your content. Further reading: How To Outsource Your Entire Business On Legiit

Train Your Talents

Depending on how many freelancers you’re using, training isn’t expensive. And don’t say your hires are experts already; they can still learn. So, check the resource page of your niche leaders and your AI assistant, and see areas you can improve in your team.

Be Flexible

We understand that you might be the boss of your business. Even at that, listen to the suggestions of your talents. The chances are that they know more about AI content than you do. Moreover, a bottom-up approach is the best way to grow in any business.

Read The Content Too

Indeed, you're busy and can't even manage an 8-hour sleep per day. Still, find time to occasionally check what your AI tool and writers are writing.  

Do you like the quality? Is there any way you can improve it? In the end, no one will understand your business goals and values more than you. And BTW, try to get some sleep if you don't already. Your health is just as important as your content, SEO efforts, and sales.


Indeed, AI content is an incredible development for digital marketing. In a trained hand, it can improve your sales. However, don’t use it on your money sites until you’ve mastered how to navigate the features. We hope that helps!

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