11 Blog Post Ideas For Local Websites



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11 Blog Post Ideas For Local Websites

If your website is your main source of marketing, you would want to drive more and more traffic towards it. A strong web-presence, a constant communication with existing and new customers is the key to a good marketing strategy. 

While having an optimized website and landing page is good, it is not enough. It is important that you keep reminding your customers about your presence. This creates a brand awareness and drives more traffic home. Blogging is considered to be the most effective at building brand awareness. It’s an inexpensive way of creating new customers while keeping the old ones engaged.

Most businesses know the importance of a regular blog posts but they fall short when it comes to creating original content. If you are a small or a big business trying to find ideas about your new blog post, here are 11 ideas: 

Writing About Common Myths in the Industry

No matter the type of industry you are, there are always some myths surrounding it. Your customers pr probable customers will be interested to know what these myths are. You can share the post on your social media sites which can increase more traffic to your website and increase brand awareness. Such articles are more likely to be shared as well. People might even talk about it on platforms such as twitter or Facebook. 

How To Guides

If you have google you will know there is nothing that you wouldn’t find a guide on. If you can provide a guide on something related to product or service, you are sure to drive organic traffic to your website. These people also have a high potential of availing your services. A well-researched, instructional blog with proper pictures is way more effective than a big ol’ book of instructions on ‘how to’. 

Beginner’s Guide

Imagine who is likely to look up something on the internet? Someone who knows nothing about a topic or someone who has advanced knowledge on the particular topic. Obviously, it’s someone who knows nothing or very little and want to learn about it. A beginners guide is a less overwhelming way of introducing a newbie to a topic. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

People always have questions, answering frequently asked questions make great blog contents. When people have questions on certain niche they look for it online. If you can drive this traffic to your website you can increase brand awareness and get more potential customers to your website. FAQs are often a great way to communicate with potential customers, since people tend to ask more questions when get few answered. 

Jobs or Career in the Industry

When you post about how to get jobs and talk about the intricacies of your employees work ethics, it increases your customers confidence in you. Not all your customers would want a job in your industry or your company specifically, but people are curious and they want to know. Talking about employees education background, skills and abilities shows your customers your authenticity and creates good brand reputation. 

Event Announcements

Businesses often hosts events such as seminars, sales, webinars, festivals, celebrations etc. Posting about such events, telling your customers about it shows you value them. It is an entertaining content in general, but it can also create awareness about the event and make more people be a part of it. For Example, If you are hosting Black Friday Sale, you can inform your customers about the event, they may share the blog and bring it more people to your website.

Top 10 Lists

We love a well-organised list. Weather it’s ‘Top 10 ways to decorate your house’ or ‘Top 10 ways to cook chicken’ if you see a list that interests you you would want to read it. Lists make great blog posts due to their packed information with simplicity.

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Upgrades in Industry

Businesses are always upgrading no matter the industry. Whether it’s a new clothing style or new user interface for an app. When you write about the upgrades in your industry or your company in particular it creates an interest in your customer and makes them when to know about it. Humans have love new things and any new thing makes them what to try it out or at least know what it is. 

Customer Interviews

Customers interviews are an entertaining way of marketing your content. Not only does it provides a good blog post content but makes your customer relate to the content. The questions asked in the interview instigate your existing customers to read the blog, see if their opinion match with the interviewee, they might even comment and communicate with you on such blogs. 

Customer Stories

Share a customer’s story on your blog post. It is much similar to the previous topic much this one will dive deeper into the emotion or story of a certain incident instead of answering multiple questions. Make this story convincing, interesting and genuine. This is also a great way for your customers to relate to your content, read and share it.  

Share your Secrets

When we talk about sharing secrets, it’s not really giving out important business information, it’s more about transparency. Tell them about things that can make them trust you more. For example, if you are a makeup company, telling them about your ingredients and where they come from can put many of your customers at ease if they feel raw material is unethically sourced. 

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