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Hello and Welcome to your desired DMCA Takedown notice service!


Digital Millenium copyright act or DMCA is an internationally accepted law that protects your content from piracy and infringement over the internet.


Whether you are a content creator, a blogger, an E-commerce website owner,

or run any website, if your data or content is being stolen then I am here for you. I will draft a legal and professional DMCA notice and send it to the infringing website and also to its hosting provider in order to completely protect your data/content


I am a DMCA copyright professional and have served many clients worldwide. I am new to Fiverr but not new to this field. Hence rest assured, you are at the right place.


I will also draft and send a Counter DMCA Notice in case a DMCA notice has already been sent to you.

i have experience in these apps and links:

facebook,twitter, Instagram,youtube,ebay,amazon,shopify.spotify,google,only fan,bing,reddit,tiktok,discord, Pinterest,vimeo,snapchat, trademark all over the apps.

if any problem please just text i am always here for my clients.

thank you!

regards:Shakeel ahmad

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