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I’m a full-time graphic designer, Civil and Environmental Engineer by profession.

I help start-up businesses and well-known brands to...
I’m a full-time graphic designer, Civil and Environmental Engineer by profession.

I help start-up businesses and well-known brands to connect with target customers through creating marketing materials that resonate with their brand such as:
• Social Media Graphics Design
• Flyers
• YouTube thumbnail design
• Pitch Sales Deck
• Logo Design
• 2D Animation Explainer
• Photo Editing
• Other PS and AI-related works

As a professional graphic designer for years, I have a keen eye for details, and I thoroughly understand what makes marketing collaterals to be more appealing to your target clients.
I am continuously working long term basis with Legiit, J.Louis Technology, Zerp, OSYS, Vibrantek Solutions.

Why Work with Me?

I’m highly skilled utilizing the following software:
- Adobe Illustrator
-Adobe Photoshop
-Adobe XD
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YouTube Thumbnail Design

Thumbnails for youtubers

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Legiit Service Thumbnails (Cover) design

Service covers for your legiit services

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Logo Designs To Rank Your Business

Minimalist logo Simple 3D logo Simple versatile logo

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Social Media Post Bundle Packages

Social media posts for a whole month

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Custom Among Us Character Design

2D Among Us Character Design

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Graphic Design-Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant for graphic designs

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Professional business card design

Print-ready business cards

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Legiit Infographic service description

Design a full service description with infographics and imag...

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Realistic photo Manipulations

Photo Manipulation with Photoshop

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Funko Pop Design

Funko Pop Design with a custom box image

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Convert an article a blog post into a video/PPT u...

I will convert a word article blogpost or scrip into a vid...

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Business Starter Packages (Graphic)

All In one graphic designs for your buisness

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Virtual Assistant-MS Office and Canva

Virtual assistance for your office works

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Design character mascot or cartoon logo for your ...

Character Mascots Cartoon Mascots Gaming Mascots and Portrai...

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PowerPoint Presentation Design

Professional PowerPoint presentation design for any purpose

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Social Media Cover Designs

Fb YouTube Instagram Tumblr Flicker LinkedIn Pinterest...

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Canva Flyer Design

Flyer poster or brochure design using Canva

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Typography & Hippie Tshirt Design

Custome typography and Hippie Tshirt designs

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NFT-Microworld Concept Design

Series of microworld designs for NFTs

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Photo Editing with effects and Manipulations

3D look for your FB photo or any other photo with effects an...

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Instagram Story Highlight Icons

Instagram Story Highlight cover Icons

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