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Hello, My Name is Thomas Kuck. I am 27 Years old and I was born and raised in Long Island New York. I Grew up with a brother who was in marketing for about 6 years before I started getting into the whole SEO and Digital Branding. About 6 years ago I had landed my first client and he is still with me today with one of the biggest Entertainment Companies in Central Florida. And now years later I have clients all over the states. When it comes to SEO and DIgital Branding it's Not just me throwing Backlinks to your page. I understand the full Value of SEO and Digital Branding that's the difference between me and other guys or companies. I have no reasons to tell someone I can Help them get to the next level if I can't do it Don't make any Sence to me. We all have to grow and I know my value and how much my work is worth especially all the work I do is manually and here from AMERICA.
Thank You For Reading,
Best Regards.
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