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I have developed over 500 marketing campaigns in more than a dozen industries. I’ve created systems to increase and monitor ROI, find and sell key accounts, and leverage new media like Facebook while still taking advantage of old tactics like direct mail to get new customers.

My clients get as much as 4x the closed sales from our programs compared to previous marketing activities, and their email open rates increase over 50%. With marketing and advertising that incorporates mobile web, email, social media, and direct mail, we capture the breadth of business your company needs to increase sales and produces uncommon return on investment.

I can help you focus on tracking marketing that works and leads to successful closed sales by leveraging my experience in building marketing campaigns. You access revenue-enhancing, attention-captivating concepts that I implement on your behalf. You also get rapid response with new leads will contact you on the first day of the marketing campaign.

I can implement social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and email marketing campaigns that reinforce your brand and create new customers. These campaigns are fueled by customized content that is published to blogs, Facebook,Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn, then delivered directly to your customers and prospects via email and direct mail.


Product Specialties: Key account and prospect identification, key account programs, new product releases, increasing sales, SEO, web design, local search, and social presence marketing.

Industry Specialties: consumer goods, green products, consumer electronics, outdoor industry, health clubs, personal training studios, and spa services
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