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About srigokulkrishnan
I Design , Develop and Brand companies @
Research & Development on "World smartest productivity suite for Startups". @
Specialties : Startups, Strategy, Business development, Web Development, UI / UX , Branding , Mentoring young creative minds on Entrepreneurship, Branding, Design and Web Dev.

Where am I today?

I am a Full-Stack Developer with a deep passion for:
>> Startups
>> Problem-solving
>> Creating User-Centric design
>> Compelling Visual Storytelling

I am driven by curiosity, empathy, and my desire to develop simple, intuitive, and beautiful experiences. You can count on me when it comes to managing a team of designers, cultivating a data-centric design culture, stepping out of the building and getting to know the user.
In other words - I am the go-to guy for a Product maker (or a Product manager) to get everything from user research to prototypes.
English - fluent Hindi - fluent Tamil - native_or_bilingual
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