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Hi There,

My name is Kamrul Hasan; a 21-years-old, Digital Marketing Expert. Last five years I have been working as a Digital Marketing Strategist, where I worked with over 20 businesses and ranked them higher and boost their sales funnel. I have 8+ years of proven experience. Contract with me to know more.

As a digital marketing expert, I have a strong background in:

Digital Marketing Strategy & branding. have a proven record of high-level digital marketing knowledge and results, especially in internet marketing & SEM, the durable link building to improve search engine ranking.
? Social media Marketing (SMM)
? SEO, Amazon & PPC Keyword Research For Company, Niche & Authority Site
? Company Branding, Strategy & Digital Product Development.

? e-Commerce / Product Site Marketing, Product Site Ranking
? Viral Marketing, Lead Generation.
? Web Research, Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

? Web Development using WordPress & WP Theme Customization.
? Shopify Expert
? SEM, Social Media, and Email Marketing Campaigns.

? Reach out to customers. Can work from anywhere in the Continental USA
? Generating Leads Using Online & Offline
? Deep experience with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Technical SEO

? Great with copywriting (mainly focused on Ads & Landing pages).
? Ability to learn new skills and industries.
? Proven track record of planning and executing (with positive results) various marketing campaigns.

? Self-starter that can focus on implementing and performing day in and day out

I am a hands-on type, I can do a lot of stuff alone, I can learn from mistakes, and can work efficiently without nagging.

I have the following qualities:
? Strong leadership and teamwork skills
? Managerial, business-minded, a great decisionmaker
? Highly intelligent, strategic, and awesome
? Self-directed and able to make right judgment calls
? Adaptable and versatile (I can wear many hats)
? An innovative, determined, creative, organized, efficient, loyal and positive person

Moving forward, I can dedicate 40 hours/week to your company up to 36 months at least, and my daily hours are negotiable. I am very excited to assist you in making your company/project successful.

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