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I'm a distinguished Data Scientist/Analyst with a comprehensive background in Health & Business Operations Management, hold an MBA in Operations Management, complemented by a robust portfolio of hard skills essential for data science and analytics roles. His technical expertise is broad and deep, encompassing several key areas:

Python for Data Sciences: I'm proficient in Python, a critical programming language for data analysis, machine learning, and data visualization, I can  manipulate and analyze complex datasets efficiently.

Power BI & DAX: I'm skilled in using Power BI for business analytics, creating interactive reports and dashboards. His knowledge of Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) I can  perform advanced data manipulation and analysis within Power BI.

Tableau: I'm an expert in Tableau, a leading data visualization tool, I can create compelling and insightful visual analytics, helping stakeholders understand data and make informed decisions.

SQL & Data Modeling: I'm proficient in SQL, the standard language for relational database management and data manipulation, and with strong foundation in data modeling concepts, essential for designing and implementing database structures.

Advanced Excel: I possess advanced skills in Excel, including complex formulas, pivot tables, and macros, facilitating sophisticated data analysis and reporting.

ML with Scikit Learn: I'm an expert of machine learning with Scikit Learn. I can implement predictive models and analyze data trends, providing valuable insights for strategic planning.

Elliot's hard skills are complemented by his certifications from prestigious platforms, including DataCamp, Udacity, Coursera, and WorldQuant University, in areas such as data science with Python, data analytics, and applied data science. These skills, combined with his hands-on experience in data analysis, machine learning, and statistical modeling, make him an exceptional candidate for roles requiring deep analytical capabilities and technical proficiency in data science and analytics.

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