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Website Content Writer and Content Marketing Specialist

I’m a professional website content writer and SEO, with an active history of building and optimising websites going back to the last century. Since then I’ve been involved with many aspects of Internet content writing and content marketing.

I now specialize in web content writing. Having built and SEO optimised over 300 websites since 1997 and written the content for all of them, I’m now almost solely concerned with the writing of website content for my clients, and in the practice of content marketing.

I'm a graduate in English Lit with a Masters in Modern Literature, so you can expect my writing standards to be very high, with no nasty surprises. And as a business owner for many years, I know about the importance of Return on Investment, keeping to time and budget constraints and, crucially, meeting deadlines.

I’m often contacted by website owners who want high quality content on their website or blog. They’ve seen the type of content that they’d like to have, but naturally they know that you can’t just copy and paste someone else’s work.

So that’s where I come in. I write fresh, unique website content that you’ll be proud to call your own, articles and blog posts that you’d love to have on your own website to make it shine, well optimised web pages that rank highly on the search engine results. Lots of happy clients can testify that I do not disappoint!

You can download a copy of my portfolio at as a PDF, which features all sorts of different subject matter and writing styles appropriate for the websites they were written for.

Sometimes business owners and managers are stuck for what content they should have on their site. They’re unsure what that content and subject matter should be. I get asked about this quite a lot, so I wrote my own guide called ‘Content Research For Your Website’ which you can download from as a PDF.

The guide also lets you into some insider knowledge about the kind of content that Google expects to see and the type of content that Google really loves. You can make use of this to ensure you have super-relevant content on your site which provides a boost to your site’s ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPS).

This is sometimes called on-page optimisation, and it’s one of the areas in which every good web content writer should excel.
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What People Say About This Seller


Looks very good, great writing skills.


5.0 (5 Reviews)


5.0 November 19, 2020

Great work by Gordo on a difficult rewrite in a specialist niche. We really appreciated his attention to detail, and the finished result is great and usable straight away. This is a refreshing experience :) I highly recommend.

contentrewriter’s Reply

I'm glad you liked the work. It did become a bit of a labour of love, as I was well aware that the subject matter was very serious to people at a critical point in their lives, so it had to be as good as I could make it.


5.0 October 23, 2020

Another good article. Thank you!

contentrewriter’s Reply

Thanks. Always a pleasure to work with a professional.


5.0 September 20, 2020

Great Spintax work, done as requested. Will Order Again!

contentrewriter’s Reply

Glad you like the result. I'd be glad to help again. Gordo


5.0 September 13, 2020

Looks very good, great writing skills.


5.0 August 14, 2020

Great Job Gordo !! Will be back next week for another order.. for the keyword phrase "Foundation Repair Houston Tx" - will get back next Wed Thanks G.

contentrewriter’s Reply

I'm really glad you liked the work, and thanks for the tip! I look forward to working with you again. Best, Gordo