10 Powerful Writing Tools to Make Your Content More Engaging


If you're a freelance writer, it's important to have the right tools in your arsenal to help you get the job done effectively and efficiently. Following is the list of 10 powerful writing tools that I compiled. These content writing tools will make your content more engaging in addition to improving its readability. These are helpful to make the content easy to read, more engaging & more clickable.

Why you should use writing tools?

As an experienced writer knows, writing is not always easy. In fact, it can often be quite challenging to produce engaging and well-written content, especially if you're working within the confines of SEO guidelines. This is where writing tools come in handy. By utilizing various writing tools, you can help to ensure that your content is both engaging and SEO friendly. There are a variety of writing tools available, each of which can be extremely helpful in different situations. 

For example:

  • if you're having trouble coming up with ideas for your content, certain tools help you generate ideas for your blog.
  • If you need help staying organized, a tool like an editorial calendar can keep you on track.
  • writing tools are essential for producing engaging, SEO-friendly content.
  • With the help of writing tools, you can easily target your audience and get your message across clearly and concisely.
  • Writing tools can help you to generate catchy headlines.
  • With the help of writing tools, it is easy to come out of writers-block.
  • Focus modes of many tools help you stay on the topic without diverting your attention to different tabs on the screen.

Top Writing Tools every writer should use

1.  Google Docs

Google Docs is a versatile, all-in-one word processing and spreadsheet application that's perfect for writers who need to collaborate with others on their work. 

How Google Docs is helpful for Writers

  • Google Docs is an online word processor that allows you to create and format documents without downloading or installing any software.
  • You can access Google Docs from anywhere with an internet connection, which makes it ideal for writing on the go.
  • You can share documents easily and give comments directly into the document.
  • Google Docs has features that can be useful for writers, such as built-in templates, easy ways to insert images and charts, and the ability to track changes.
  • With Google Docs, you can take advantage of all the other Google apps, such as Google Sheets for data tracking or Google Calendar for project management.

Is Google Docs free? Google Docs is absolutely free to use. If you have a Gmail account, you can access Google Docs for free.

   2.  Grammarly

Grammarly is a must-have tool for any writer, whether you're a professional or just getting started. It's an AI-powered grammar checker that will help you improve your writing and catch errors that you might miss otherwise. How Grammarly is helpful for Writers 

 Here are just a few of the benefits of using Grammarly:

  • Grammarly can help you avoid common grammatical mistakes.
  • It helps you spot potential errors in your writing.
  • Grammarly corrects your spelling and punctuation.
  • Grammarly is an invaluable tool for any writer, whether they are just starting or are seasoned professionals.

Is Grammarly free?  Grammarly has both free and premium versions. The free version offers basic grammar and spells checking, while the premium version offers more advanced features, such as plagiarism detection and Grammarly Insights (which provides detailed feedback on your writing).

   3.  FocusWriter

FocusWriter is a simple, distraction-free writing application that allows you to focus on your work and get the job done. It's perfect for when you need to block out all distractions and write. 

How FocusWriter is helpful for Writers

  • It features a clean, uncluttered interface that lets you get down to business.
  • FocusWriter allows the writer to set the timers, break down your work into sessions, and track your progress.
  • FocusWriter's clean interface and lack of features help you focus on your work by eliminating distractions.
  • It allows you to break down your work into manageable sessions, which can be helpful if you are working on a large project or have a lot of writing to do.

Is FocusWriter free?  Yes, FocusWriter is a free application. You can download it from the Focus Writer website .

   4. Hemingway Editor

One of the great writing tools you want to use is Hemingway Editor. The Hemingway Editor is a great tool for writers who want to make their writing clearer and more concise. It highlights long, complex sentences and common errors so you can fix them before you hit publish. 

How Hemingway Editor is helpful for Writers

  • It helps to make your writing clearer and easier to read.
  • It highlights common errors that writers make
  • It gives you suggestions on how to improve your writing.
  • It makes your writing more concise and impactful.

Is Hemingway Editor free?  Yes, Hemingway Editor is free to use. Go to hemingwayapp.com, and click on the "Write" button. You can then start writing or copy and paste your text into the editor.

   5.  Headline Analyzer Chrome Extension

Headline Analyzer from Coschedule is a must-have for any freelance writer who writes headlines for their articles or blog posts. It will help you analyze your headlines and give you suggestions on how to improve them. 

How Headline Analyzer is helpful for Writers

  • Headline Analyzer can help you create clickable.
  • Using Headline Analyzer, you can create headlines that are more likely to be shared.
  • This will make your headlines more effective & interesting.
  • It suggests you put powerful words & emotional touch into your Heading.

Is Headline Analyzer free?  Headline Analyzer is a free tool that anyone can use. The chrome extension is also available for free. You can download Headline Analyzer for free from the Google Chrome store. Try Headline Analyzer today!

   6.  Yoast Plugin

The Yoast Plugin is a must-have for any writers who write SEO-friendly content. It helps you optimize your articles for the search engines. You can also check the Yoast score in Yoast real-time checker. 

How Yoast Plugin is helpful for Writers

  • It helps them optimize their content for the search engines.
  • Yoast Plugin guides how to improve the readability of your content.
  • It helps to format the content for the web, making it more user-friendly.
  • It helps you write more effective title tags and meta descriptions for better SEO.
  • Yoast Plugin real-time checker analysis your content and help you to make it more SEO friendly.

Is Yoast Plugin free?  It is available in both free and premium versions in the form of a WordPress Plugin . The  real-time content analysis with yoast  is free & you can analyze your content at  https://yoast.com/research/real-time-content-analysis/

   7. Wordcounter

Wordcounter is a simple yet powerful tool that can help you track your word count and improve your writing. It's great for when you need to stay on target with your word count goals. It ensures that they are using the correct number of words. 

How Wordcounter is helpful for Writers

  • It helps writers to track their word usage.
  • It makes sure the maximum number of words is used.
  • It assists writers to improve their writing style.
  • It improves the vocabulary & its correct use across the write-up.
  • It helps writers to avoid using wordy phrases.

Is Wordcounter free?  It is a free word processing tool. There are no hidden costs or fees associated with using wordcounter. Once you have downloaded wordcounter, you can install it on your computer and start using it immediately.

   8. Wordtune

Wordtune is one of the best writing tools for writers who want to improve their writing skills. It provides you with feedback on your writing and helps you identify areas where you can improve. Wordtune AI improves your writing by suggesting better words and phrases. 

How Wordtune is helpful for Writers

  • Wordtune helps you to find the right word for your needs.
  • It provides rephrasing, synonyms, and related words.
  • Wordtune rewrites sentences to make your message more effective.

Is Wordtune free?  Yes, Wordtune is a free online tool. It does not require any registration or sign-up. Wordtune AI is also available in the chrome extension and WordPress plugin.

   9. Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a great tool for writers who want to create content that is informative and engaging. It allows you to research popular topics and questions. With this information, you can create content that your audience will love. 

How Answer the Public is helpful for Writers

  • It can give writers a better understanding of what people are interested in and what they might want to know.
  • Answer the Public helps writers generate ideas for new articles or blog posts.
  • By seeing what questions people are asking, writers can generate ideas for new content that will be informative and interesting to their audience.
  • It is a valuable tool for any writer who wants to create content that resonates with their audience.

Is Answer the Public free?  Yes, Answer the Public is a free research tool. There is no need to sign up for an account or provide any payment information. Enter a topic or keyword and it will generate a list of related questions.

10. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is the right tool to make sure your content reaches the right people. It allows you to see how popular your content is and who is sharing it. This way, you can ensure that your work reaches the relevant audience. 

How Buzzsumo is helpful for Writers

  • Buzzsumo allows writers to see what content is popular in their niche.
  • It helps you see what content is being shared the most on social media.
  • It helps writers measure their success by seeing how their content performs compared to similar content.
  • Buzzsumo is helpful for writers to find new ideas for content by seeing what topics are most viral on social media.

Is Buzzsumo free?  There is a free version of Buzzsumo with limited features. The paid versions start at $99 per month. The free plan allows you to track up to 5 topics, 3,000 mentions, and 100 results per search.

Final Thoughts

By utilizing these helpful writing tools, you'll be able to improve your writing, catch errors, and optimize your content for the search engines. So don't wait any longer. 

For SEO content, you need certain parameters to optimize your content for better crawlability by search engines. 

Start using these writing tools today and see how they can help you take your writing to the next level. These tools help you improve your vocabulary, correct your grammar errors, give feedback and suggestions, and provide a writing experience that'll make you fall in love with writing! Creating engaging, well-researched blog posts or product descriptions can be a daunting task - especially if you're not a writer.

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