What Is Etsy SEO: Everything You Need to Know


Etsy is an online shop that caters to people who like vintage items and homemade goods. And while you may not think it, sellers on the platform are highly competitive.

If you're considering building an Etsy store, you'll have to take measures to stand out. You need to use search engine optimization or SEO.

In this post, you'll learn everything you need to know about Etsy SEO. You'll find out what it is, why it's essential, and the factors that affect it.

Getting through this article will give you a better sense of what you need to do to outrank your competitors in search listings.

Understanding Etsy SEO

Before anything else, you need to understand what SEO for Etsy is all about.

In simple terms, SEO refers to tactics used by online marketers to rank higher on search engines like Google. These include internal and external strategies designed to outrank competitors for valuable keywords.

If you sell sneakers online, you'll use SEO to be the number one search result for keywords like "buy sneakers". At the very least, you want to be on the first page of search results to get site traffic.

Etsy search engine optimization uses the same approach. The only difference is that it's more localized. Instead of competing with every online seller, you're just focusing on Etsy sellers.

Google and Etsy share the same goals. Both platforms want to deliver amazing value to their users. Value comes from showing users the things they're looking for.

For Google, that's mostly information. For Etsy, that would be products their users want.

But while they're the same in that sense, they do have differences. Etsy is different from Google in terms of the algorithm it uses. That means you have to design your Etsy SEO strategy with the platform in mind.

Giving yourself the time to dive into the specifics of Etsy's algorithm will give you an advantage over other Etsy listings.

Below are just some of the factors that can affect listings on the site.

Factors That Affect Etsy SEO

How you present your product offerings will improve your Etsy performance. Here are some Etsy SEO tips to help you rank for relevant search terms.

Keywords and tags

Inserting the right keywords throughout your listing will boost your chances of appearing in Etsy search results. This includes your shop title, tags, and product descriptions.

To get the right keywords, you'll need to perform keyword research.

Keywords are words or phrases that relate to your business. These are the terms users write in the search bar to look for the products they're looking for. So if you're selling neon signs, you'll want to rank for terms like "wall decor".

But some keywords are better than others. And there are just so many words and phrases that you can use in your listing before it looks inorganic.

That's what makes keyword research so important. It will give you enough data to decide which keywords to prioritize.

There are many ways to research keywords. Some methods, however, will require you to subscribe to third-party apps. While marketing professionals will recommend that you use these apps, it's not ideal for people who are just starting.

What you can do is head on over to Etsy and type a word or phrase that best describes your product. As you type, you'll see Etsy come up with search term suggestions. Etsy recommends these terms because other users have used them to find products.

List down these recommendations. They're great keywords to use in your listing. Try different terms to get more suggestions. 

You can even try finding long-tail keywords which are phrases that are three words or longer. These phrases are often more specific and detailed than main keywords. Going back to the earlier example, your long-tail keyword could be "custom red neon sign".

You should also note that Etsy lets an Etsy seller add product tags. Use this chance to enter as many relevant keywords as possible.

Listing quality

When a listing gets a lot of clicks for a search, it gives Etsy the impression that your product is the search result you want to see. That means you'll have to make an effort to make all your listings worth clicking on.

You can do that by having high-quality photos along with great titles and descriptions.

Etsy will let you and other Etsy sellers upload a certain number of photos and a video. How you use these to your advantage will be up to you.

A video gives potential customers a better idea of what a product looks like. But if shot poorly, it could make your Etsy shop seem amateurish.

Photos are the safer option. If you have the resources, have a professional take your product pictures. Or you could do it yourself if you have the skills and equipment. Brush up on product photography. There are plenty of free online tutorials on this subject.

Product descriptions are just as important. It's one of the first things people look at to confirm if they found the right item.

Your titles and descriptions should include keywords you'd like to prioritize. You'll also want to keep them as short. Go straight to the point. Make sure the most important points are in the beginning.

You should also highlight your unique selling points. Talk about what makes your product special.

Sales and reviews

Sales and reviews do impact Etsy shops. The more sales an Etsy shop gets, the more likely it'll rank on search results. You can say the same for shops that get positive reviews.

That means you'll have to go out of your way to increase your chances of landing both.

Responding to customer queries is a good start. This shows that you're committed to customer satisfaction. If customers leave bad reviews, talk to them. Make sure they know you're listening.

You also need to squeeze in as much information about your business as you can. For example, Etsy shop owners should look at their respective About sections to see if the information there are still accurate.


Etsy gives sellers a boost by promoting their new listings so that each one could gain some traction. The same is true for new Etsy shops.

But this only lasts a few days at most. After that, their listings will find their place on the platform based on their performance. 

So in Etsy's case, first impressions will dictate where you find yourself on Etsy's search results.

This is something you'll have to keep in mind if you want your online business to succeed.

Examples of Successful Etsy SEO Shops

Here are other Etsy shop owners that do a good job of optimizing their stores.

PhibOfficial 60

One look at PhibOfficial and you know right away what it's all about. This Etsy store specializes in cutesy art products like posters, charms, and stickers.

Every Etsy listing on the shop uses visually stunning images. Nobody will fault you for wanting to scroll on all the way to the end.

It also helps that this Etsy store has an average rating of 4.8 stars which is really good.


Gusgusgems has over 3,000 sales on the platform which is absolutely impressive. If you check out its description, you'll notice that the seller lays out all of the gemstones that she carries. It also states all the products she sells.

That's great for SEO.

The seller wisely shot all her products against a white background. This not only helps users appreciate the gemstones better but also makes the shop look consistent.


SoftFrameDesigns is all about bed frames and sleep covers. Its Etsy shop stands out because visitors are immediately greeted by a rotating set of product images. This gives users a quick look at what this brand has to offer.

Even better, featured items in the store use video to convey how easy it is to set up all their bed frames.


If you're on Etsy to find reusable period pads, totes, and hair accessories, you'll likely end up on the France Etsy store.

What makes this Etsy store great is the way the seller communicates with customers. The owner does her best to reply to comments made on her product listings.

And her replies feel so natural. You can tell that she really cares for her customers. This kind of engagement will help boost her online store on Etsy search results.


PickleMeEverything is exactly what you think — an Etsy store selling pickled products. Not only is the store name catchy, but it also includes the keyword "pickle". So the store will almost certainly pop up if a user types that in the Etsy search bar.

It helps that there's an Etsy badge that lets people know that the store has a history of shipping items on time.


Optimizing your Etsy listings is the best thing you can do to get a leg up over the competition.

The best way of doing that would be by knowing what keywords to add to your landing page copy. Add words or phrases that would let Etsy know what products you're offering.

However, you want to make sure that you don't overdo it. If your listings look spammy, it may just have the opposite effect.

If you want to take your Etsy store off the ground right now, then build and implement your Etsy SEO strategy today.

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