What Exactly Is Copywriting? A Legiit Definition


Today's guest post is by   Kazi Azmir, who gives us a deeper insight behind what copywriting actually is.  

What Exactly Is Copywriting? A Legiit Definition

What exactly is copywriting?

That's a terrific question, and we'll address it right now.

Are you fresh in the copywriting world?

Hello and welcome aboard!

Whether you're thinking about copywriting for your own business or copywriting entry level jobs, or as a side hustle for additional cash.

What Exactly Is Copywriting? A Legiit Definition will address all of your copywriting how to start and related questions.

Let's begin the journey of copywriting def(definition of copywriting), shall we...

Table of content:

  • What Is Copywriting?
  • Who are Copywriters?
  • Why Use Copywriters?
  • But! What’s The Difference Between Copywriting and Content Writing?
  • Conclusion

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the process of creating convincing marketing and promotional materials that entice people to take action, such as making a purchase, clicking on a link, or donating to a cause.

Written promotions that are published in print or online can be included in this category.

They can also include spoken information, such as scripts for videos or ads. The text in these materials is referred to as "copy," which is why the term "copywriting" was created.

Copywriting includes promotions for local restaurants, catalogs, fundraising letters from charitable groups, and sales letters for various products and services.

However, the world of copywriting extends far beyond printed materials—it includes email newsletters and other emails from businesses or organizations, Facebook advertising that appear as you read through your newsfeed, text on landing pages for various products and services, and much more!

I'd recommend you look at an example before you ask what is a copywriting!

Take a look at a recent copywriting sample I have created for my copywriting exercises:

This one was made for my personal project of the New York S. Storage Landing Page.

You can notice a catchy headline.

Finally, there's a clear call to action.

The method I used in this copy was the PAS method. Problem Agitate Solution (PAS) is an acronym for Problem Agitate Solution.

This is where the copy is in three steps.

  • The first step is to discuss the customer's problems.
  • We discuss their agitation in the second phase.
  • Finally, we have talked about the solution we can offer them.

This strategy is effective because it taps into the customer's deepest emotions. Why are they so eager to purchase? And what makes you think they'll buy from you?

Who are Copywriters?

You've probably been exposed to copywriters' work if you've seen or heard a radio or television commercial, visited a website, or read a newspaper ad.

Professional writers who produce the content, or copy, used in marketing and promotional materials are known as copywriters. They may write for print, online, or both publications.

Copywriters generally collaborate with creative directors and advertising art directors to create effective and appealing marketing campaigns.

They frequently write for the general public, but they may also write for business clients or other organizations.

Sales letters, catalogs, Web pages, and direct mail campaigns are examples of their work. While copywriters work in a variety of businesses, they are most commonly found at advertising firms and publishing houses.

If you're anything like me, you've undoubtedly read a lot of promotional materials in your life and noticed that a lot of them are written by people who aren't particularly good at writing.

Copywriters can help with this. We not only know how to write well and communicate our message clearly and simply, but we also know how to research our target and personalize our messages to their tone and voice.

We can also translate complicated concepts into simple words, which is no minor task!

Understanding the language that makes customers want to buy, the psychology behind it all, and how to make sure your messaging is on-point for whatever product or service you're trying to market is all part of copywriting.

But one thing is certain: if it weren't for copywriters, we'd all be bored out of our brains.

Why Use Copywriters?

Hiring a copywriter is one of the best things you can do to secure the success of your company.

Copywriters are required by businesses.

You need a copywriter whether your company is online, offline or both. Copywriting is critical for any organization, regardless of the type of product or service it provides.

Successful businesses rely heavily on copywriting.

Without copywriters, businesses would be unable to get their messages across to new customers, or to keep existing customers engaged by sharing their marketing messages. Websites, non-profits, service providers, and brick-and-mortar stores are all covered.

Copywriters are needed and employed by all of them.

You may want to write your material as a business owner, and that's perfectly OK! But why not delegate some of the jobs to experts who can improve your content?

Businesses must now be online to expand their markets.

Your website is where people go to learn more about you, whether you're a small retailer seeking to attract new customers from the neighborhood or an international non-profit organization attempting to reach supporters all over the world.

You want the information on your website to accomplish three goals:

  • Provide visitors with the information they need.
  • Whether it's donating money or buying something, make it easy for them to take the next step.
  • Make them feel welcome to return.

That’s where copywriters come in. Copywriting is more than just producing text; it's also writing text that helps your company achieve its objectives.

A professional copywriter will assist you in determining what types of messaging resonate with your target market and ensuring that your online presence attracts those customers.

Check out this example of a sales page copy of Perfect Bee:

I know you already know that, who wrote the copy of the sales page. A copywriter.

But do we know who wrote the script of their course lessons?

The answer is also, A copywriter.

That’s what copywriter does.

Copywriting is also useful in a variety of other fields. for example:

  • Medical supply and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Copywriting for food, meaning companies that produce food.
  • Organizations that are not for profit.
  • Car mechanics and hair salons are examples of local service providers.
  • Coaches that specialize in fitness, personal development, and other areas.
  • Dentists, doctors, and other medical professionals.
  • Copywriting for creatives. Such as graphic designers.
  • Self-help authors and speakers. Many others.

But! What’s The Difference Between Copywriting and Content Writing?

It might be difficult to distinguish between the terms "copywriting" and "content writing." After all, they're just words, aren't they?

These two names refer to two quite different forms of writing. Copywriting, in general, refers to writing marketing and promotional materials such as flyers, ad copy, email campaigns, and so on, whereas content writing refers to producing informational or editorial pages on websites such as blog posts, article pages, or product pages.

Copywriters are hired by businesses to create marketing messages that capture the attention of their target audience and compel them to act.

Copywriters collaborate with designers and marketers to build landing pages for website visitors who want to learn more about a specific product or service.

They develop promotional materials such as advertisements and brochures to entice people to buy something or attend an event.

When it comes to SEO content production, content writers undertake the majority of the heavy labor. In other words, they compose the majority of the material you see on the internet, like as blog entries on company websites, articles on news websites, and product descriptions on e-commerce websites.

Their general objective is to enlighten or entertain readers.


Writing good copy is vital if you want to make people want something or do something. Even if you're informing them about a product or service they already want, it's critical to put your best foot forward with the words that go with your visual assets.

The words you use will decide whether someone purchases your goods, subscribes to your email, or clicks on your ad, so choose wisely!

Copywriting may be a rewarding, engaging, and lucrative profession. However, it is not the only technique to do the task.

Numerous websites provide copywriting services, such as Legiit.com, and you can always employ a freelancer to write your copy for you.

Legiit is a great place to start if you need a professional writer to help you with your sales pages, product descriptions, taglines, social media posts, case studies, or blog pieces.

The site includes thousands of writers like me in dozens of areas, all of whom are guaranteed to bring you the results you seek. Whatever type of copy you require, there is bound to be someone on Legiit who is up to the task!

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