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When you use links in your SEO campaigns, you want to see results.

You want to use top quality links that move your site up in search.

There are a lot of different strategies and opinions out there on what works and what doesn't (indeed some of you are likely going to disagree with me here, despite the evidence).

Do-follow vs. No-follow, PBN, Guest Post, HARO, Niche Edit etc... even as an SEO its hard to know what to use and who to trust, and if you are a business owner and not an expert... forget about it.

That's what Legiit is here for, to help you grow your business, and do the hard work for you, whether you are a marketer, business owner, or anyone else with a website or online business.

So when we get great results we share them with you so you can get similar results.

That's why I am writing you today, and why we have chosen this week's Legiit Featured Service Of The Week!

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I first used this service in November of last year on a private client site to test it out, and was impressed with the quality and results.

So I decided to give it my ultimate show of trust... and link to Legiit itself with it.

I expected to get a good link again but I was FLOORED by the result I managed to get from it.

We actually jumped from #8-#9 for the term "buy pbn links" a competitive SEO term with a lot of big players in the industry trying to rank for it (including me with my own site hahah).

I bought the link on 11/25/2022 and it was delivered on 12/14/2022.

I noticed the ranking increase on 1/17/2023 as shown here.

You can see the metrics of the domain the link is on below if you are interested in that.

The site was a genuine site with regular content and not just built for the purpose of building links.

I don't know what more of an endorsement/proof I can give... if I was confident enough to link directly to Legiit with it, and I got a massive jump for a competitive term in the SEO space... then you can certainly use it for your own sites and (of course if your on page and anchor choice are done properly) get good results too.

(Oh and it likely goes without saying that this is a Legiit Checked service too.) 

> Click To Claim Your SERP Moving Links < 

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Chris M. Walker 

CEO Legiit

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