A digital marketing strategy begins by attracting people. Bringing the right audience to your digital channels is key to success in attracting people.

The main method of attracting potential customers. Nevertheless, this scenario has improved with the development of the internet.

Today, organic traffic can be generated without spending a penny on advertisements or buying email lists.

I'm going to show you how your business can benefits from organic traffics.

* What is Organic Traffic?

* An overview of the benefits of investing in organic traffic.

* Strategies used for organic traffic

* Basic tips to boost your organic traffic.

What is Organic Traffic?

Visitors who land on your website or blog post from unpaid sources are organic traffic. You can get organic traffic here from search engines like Google, Bin or Yahoo.

Benefits Of Investing in Organic Traffic.

The topic of organic traffic has become the main concern of companies investing in digital marketing, as we said earlier.


Organic benefits creates so much cost reduction in content strategy.


Organic strategy has no expiration date and creates relevance and credibility.

A blog post can generate millions of leads or sales, and can't be compared to the cost of investing in a paid traffic.

Relationship Building

Organic traffic can create close relationship, it builds users confidence and work with customer, through their buying stage.  

Strategies used for organic traffic

If you are really convinced that organic strategies works for your brand. Then you should set down strategies ok how to be visited organically.

Its explained below.

Content marketing

Content Marketing is what keeps digital marketing going.

This can happen by creating contents that suits your persona.

* Publish quality contents for your blogs and website regularly.

* Leverage social media optimally.

* Use a good keywords in your contents.

Email Marketing

Leverage on your email list if you have, it can drive traffic to your content.

email marketing is one of the best channel to create leads for your traffic.

It helps to develop the interest of your loyal audience with helpful and education contents.


Search Engine Optimization which is also known as (SEO) is the optimization of search engine, making your website easier to be ranked high by google.

It's an excellent strategy for organic traffic.

It requires learning, discipline. Depending on how your site looks.

But remember a site well ranked by google is an effective tool to generate organic traffic.

Basic tips to boost your organic traffic.

Aside having strategies focused on acquiring organic traffic to your website or blog post. The basic tips helps and are also essential for its success.

Check below the basic tips you need to follow to boost your website or blog post organic traffic.

1. Create a buyer persona

Remember those who will consume your products are people.

Think about your ideal customer, think about their needs and wants.

2. Create a free offer

Create a free offer that's of great relevance.

No one reject any free offer especially when it comes with Value

It can be inform of e-book, slideshow, videos.

3. Be very deliberate about promoting your content

Promote great and same content in different traffic sources, leverage social media. Invest your time promoting your content, the more you do, the more people will see.

Organic traffic requires effort, time research in producing contents that are of great value. But always master SEO techniques and the work load will be reduced.

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