Marketing Services Examples


For any business to survive, it needs marketing.

But not all businesses can afford to invest in marketing full-time because of the huge cost involved in running a marketing department.

But thanks to service marketing, startups can now build their brands and promote their services cost-effectively.

In this article, we have provided the different marketing services examples businesses should take advantage of.

Types Of Marketing Services

Creative Marketing Services

Creative marketing services include a service marketing strategy that helps brands build their identities and promote their business.

Creative marketing services include;

* Business names

* Logos

* Business cards

* Letterhead

* Ad copies

These creative brand items can be used to promote sales and brand identity.

Business logos, letterheads, flyers, and ad copies are essential in today's competitive market.

With the right logo or ad, copy businesses can effectively send messages to the right audience.

Creative services agencies that offer different marketing services conduct a lot of research to develop compelling and attractive content that will promote any brand they are working for.

For example, suppose your business needs a sales flier.

A creative service marketing provider will consider your requirements and research to come up with a catchy flier that contains your requirements.

A creative service provider will ensure that the sales copy includes all the necessary information to drive sales, such as,

* A popping headline

* Call to action

* Compelling information

* Contact details

* Images

The same goes for logo design. Before a logo design is made, the graphic designer considers the information provided by the brand.

Performance Marketing Services

Performance marketing service involves various marketing strategies used to acquire and retain customers.

This type of service marketing is used to trigger customers to perform measurable actions.

For example, running an and achieving an exceptional increase in sales.

Performance service providers create advertising campaigns and measure the campaign's effectiveness.

The performance service provider uses various instruments, such as, SEO, affiliate marketing, Facebook ads, etc., to ensure that the campaign goal is achieved.

Performance marketing includes different features like

* Measurability

* Optimization

* Modality

* Networking

These complex features require specialized expertise, which only professionals can offer, meaning you'll need to hire a professional to carry out this service for your business.

Designing Services

Designing services involves creating websites, apps, or other forms of content to help a brand establish its online presence.

A website is advantageous as it offers your customers a place to get reliable information about your business anytime, anywhere, even during non-working hours.

With a functional website, your business can easily showcase itself, and you can establish your image and allow your audience to know who you are and what you stand for.

Designing a business website or app is not easy and requires special tools and skills only professional digital designers possess.

These services are usually provided by design service providers such as

* Web developers

* App developers

But most businesses cannot afford an in-house developer, so they outsource this task to freelancers to do the job cost-effectively.

Now before a brand's website is developed, the web developer considers the following

* Domain and host

* Back-end services

* Design/effective color scheme

* Site purpose

* Site objective


* Website security

* Compatibility

* Usability/Functionality

* Navigation

* Branding

* Call to action

These factors above ensure that the website developed meets the client's requirements.

Another digital product that can also help drive sales and promote a brand identity is a brand app.

In today's world, businesses use apps to increase their brand awareness and develop long-term relationships with their customers, and you can do that too.

Whether you own a stationery shop, a restaurant, or any business, increasing sales and satisfying your customers is your ultimate goal, and with an efficient app, you can achieve this.

A brand app will give you the advantage of competing with bigger businesses.

For example, if you own a restaurant, you could have an app where people can order food online from the comfort of their homes.

With this feature included in your app, you will be able to provide the same sales experiences big businesses provide.

Now imagine all the benefits you get if your brand owns an app. Wouldn't that be amazing?

But you're considering the cost, right? That's where freelance designing platforms like Legiit come in.

With reputable platforms like Legiit, small business owners can also afford to market their brand at a cost-effective price.  

Service marketing agency like Legiit offers different designing services, such as app and website development, that will help you promote your brand and also help you reach a wider audience.

Digital Marketing Services

Every business that wants to make sales must learn how to target and personalize its advertising campaigns to reach potential buying customers.

Now performing these tasks requires time, skills, and training, which only experts digital marketers can provide.

Imagine assigning one of your staff with zero knowledge about digital marketing to create a content marketing ad that will drive sales because you are trying to cut costs.

You will notice that the staff won't be able to create a compelling copy that will make customers purchase your product or service because they lack the expertise in digital marketing.

So how do you go about this? No need to fret because there is a solution. Many digital marketing service providers are online today, and you can hire freelancers to produce content for your business.

A digital marketer will provide the following;

* Design copies that will entice potential customers to buy from you.

* Help build long-term relationships between your brand and your audience.

* And also track measurable results by using online web analytics tools.

* Attend customer messages and ensure a smooth transaction.

* Provide other valuable services to ensure your brand has a reputable image.

A freelance digital marketer uses different effective methods to ensure that your digital marketing goals are achieved, and they include

* Affiliate marketing

* Email marketing

* Search engine optimization

* Pay-per-click

* Influencer marketing

* Social media marketing

Opting for digital marketing services will help you

* Target the right audience

* Build your brand recognition

* Increase the visibility

* Boost revenue

* And provide measurable results

There are a lot of advantages of service marketing, and it's up to you to choose which digital marketing method you want to use to reach your target audience to enjoy these benefits.

Marketing Services Examples


Whether you own a small or big business, SEO is vital for the growth of your online presence because it will help drive traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

This simply means that more people will see and visit your website, meaning you'll be able to effectively build your brand awareness and make more income.

But before you can optimize your website to drive traffic, you need to know how search engines work.

This skill requires lots of training and expertise, but you do not have to do the work yourself. You can hire a freelance SEO specialist.

A freelance SEO specialist will analyze your website and your competitors' websites and develop solutions that will make you stand out.

Hiring an SEO specialist is the best way to make your website visible, optimized, and up-to-date.

An SEO specialist will provide the following.

* Help you conduct keyword research and select necessary keywords that will make you rank on SERPs.

* Perform audits on your website to identify areas that are doing well and areas that need improvement.

* Because an SEO specialist understands the importance of backlinks, they'll help you create quality content that other websites want to link to.

Now you've known the benefit of having an SEO specialist on your team, to hire a qualified SEO specialist, simply go to Legiit.  

Legiit is a leading platform that connects businesses with talent that offers digital services like SEO, PPC, content writing, etc.  

With Legiit you can get more stuff done at an affordable rate on time.


Do you know that with PPC, you can easily reach your target audience and convert them to buying customers?

PPC is one of the most effective tools of search engine marketing.

It is a type of advertising that requires advertisers to pay only when someone clicks the link of their ad.

Many small businesses underestimate the need for PPC, thereby limiting their growth.

As a business owner, here's why you should invest in PPC.

* It's cost-effective; with PPC, you can set your ads to people who are likely to buy from you.

* PPC will increase the quality of your website.

* With PPC ads, your website will be placed on the front page of search engine results. This means that your brand will become more visible.

* PPC will help get higher measurable ROI.

With PPC, you can track and measure your ad campaign; you'll be able to tell who clicks on your ad and who buys from you.  

For example, if you launched an ad campaign for your makeup products, you can see the total number of people that clicked on your ad and the ones that bought your products.

For every brand looking to build brand recognition and increase sales, you need to invest in PPC.

Getting a qualified PPC specialist that can run your PPC ad and deliver excellent results at an affordable price can be quite difficult.

But thanks to service marketing platforms like Legiit; you can easily hire qualified PPC specialists without stress.

FB Ads

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world.

As the most used social media app, marketers use it to reach millions of potential customers daily to increase sales and build brand recognition.

You could use Facebook ads to your advantage too. It doesn't matter whether you own a small or big business.

If you decide to run Facebook ads, it will help put your business in the limelight, boost your traffic, and direct the audience to your website if done properly.

Social Media Management

Having a social media presence helps your business reach a wider audience, build trust and connect with potential customers.  

But managing different social media platforms to complete this task can be stressful, requiring a professional.

Hiring a freelance social media manager might be the perfect solution to effectively building and managing your social media presence.

A social media manager will produce compelling content and a calendar to ensure that your business always has new content across all platforms.

They also monitor your social media platform for any threat and advise you on security measures to take.

What Is Service In Marketing?

According to Philip Kotler, service marketing is any benefit or performance rendered by one party to another with some intangibility.

Service in marketing involves different digital services offered to actualize marketing goals.

Digital marketing agencies usually provide these services, and each service offered by these marketing agencies has its service marketing characteristics.

From the service marketing definition by Philip Kotler, individuals, agencies and businesses can generate revenue by offering services online without having a physical office.

To learn more about service marketing, simply download Philip Kotler's services marketing PDF.

Marketing Services Examples

What Are The Five Examples Of Marketing

* Branding

* Direct marketing

* Advertising

* Social media marketing

* Content marketing

What Are The Types Of Service Marketing?

* Creative marketing services

* Performance marketing service

* Design marketing service

* Digital marketing service

What Do You Mean By Marketing Service?

Marketing service is a strategy brands use to increase their awareness and use. This includes the use of PPC, SEO, etc., to increase brand recognition and sales.

What Is Good Marketing Service?

Good service marketing includes effective forms of marketing such as social media marketing advertising, email marketing, content marketing, and branding to achieve business marketing goals.

Usually, service providers apply the 7ps of service marketing to ensure the effectiveness of their marketing campaign.

Final thoughts

Service marketing has gradually become one of the best ways to promote your business at a cost-effective price.

Service marketing is the best solution if you want to promote your business at an affordable price.

Ready to promote your business and achieve your business marketing goals? Then head over to Legiit.

Legiit is a reputable platform where you can find different marketing services providers ready to work hand in hand with you to build and promote your brand.

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