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How to Sell SEO: A Guide to Selling SEO Services


'Does your current job suck?'

'Want to fire your boss and consistently earn $10K monthly?'

'Work from home and earn a 6-figure income monthly.'

'Learn and sell SEO to get these benefits.'

I bet you have encountered any or all of these statements before or their variations. But if you have attempted to 'fire your boss' and sell SEO, you would realize it is quite a difficult path to walk.

The truth is selling SEO is easier than most people believe. It's basically as simple as selling anything else. However, whether you are making sales or not depends on what kind of SEO agency owner you are.

If you are an SEO Agency owner and don't know much about SEO, selling SEO services will be tough. The more you know, the more stress-free it will be for you.

To market your service or product effectively, you must first understand it. However, this does not imply that you must be a subject matter expert on the issue.

With the right techniques and offer positioning, you can build your SEO agency and sell SEO services as much as you can offer.

If you are wondering how to sell SEO services to local businesses or bigger companies, this post is for you.

In this post, I'll go over all you need to know to utilize your SEO skills, how to work on your SEO proposal, and sales pitch to attract more clients.

What To Sell As an SEO Agency

The initial step is to decide what services you will provide. SEO may be divided into numerous service offerings, some of which are more technical than others. Let's discuss some services SEO agencies commonly sell.

Managed SEO:

A managed SEO company comprises a team of SEO experts with the knowledge and track record of moving clients to the top of search results; whether a small SEO campaign for a local business or an extensive, highly competitive national campaign.

If you decide to proffer this service, you and your team will be in charge of time-consuming and labor-intensive on-site optimization, in-depth SEO, link building, copywriting, and technical SEO.

You can include the following services in a managed SEO campaign.

* Research and analysis: This service component is critical in giving new clients a good web presence. Your research will act as a road map or template for all subsequent tasks.

* Competition Research: This involves studying your client's competitors' web presence. Your research will show the significant strengths and shortcomings of your competitors' web presence.

You'll see which keywords create the most traffic (and profit! ), which keywords your competitors rank for, and where the biggest keyword opportunities are.

* Keyword Research: This entails reviewing the keyword list you created during the competition research. This is also an excellent time to design a website plan. With keyword research, you'll know which pages your client's site needs and which keywords to target. This will save a significant amount of time in the long term.

Guest Posts:

A guest post service is a viable SEO strategy that uses white hat link development techniques. This service benefits your client (the guest bloggers) and your website hosting the guest post. In other words, a guest post service is a two-way street that helps you create relationships with other thought leaders in your sector while exposing your clients to new audiences.

Many people new to content creation believe that only the website owner should upload articles and other materials on the blog. However, this is short-sighted.

You may post more diverse, high-quality material by investing in guest posts. And this is critical for attracting visitors and providing value to them.

Furthermore, posting information from experts on a specific field gives your page more authority and acceptability from the public.

Link Insertions:

The process of inserting your website's relevant link into the current content of another website is known as link insertion.

Link insertions are a tactic in which your link is added to an existing page. This is similar to broken link building, resource link building, or doing outreach to be added to roundup posts. Links insertions are a highly underrated strategy that allows your clients to get insanely strong links in existing content articles for cheap.

To improve the reader's experience, the link insertion backlink strategy often comprises outreach to authoritative and relevant websites. A backlink from another website to your client's page delivers more material and information to the reader of the parent topic as a result of link placement.

Here are different types of link insertions.

* Internal Link

Internal links are a technique of creating URLs that connect one website to another. Links on one page transfer you to another, either inside the same website or the same domain. In simple terms, Internal links are hyperlinks that point to another page on the same website.

* External Resources

External Links are links that connect a webpage to other websites, and they are the kind that can boost the authority of your site.

Link insertion is not a new way of link building, but it is also not out of date.

It takes time and requires close monitoring, but it is ideal for protecting your client's business. It opens new possibilities and is something your customer cannot refuse.

The entire process of link insertion is placing your client's link on reputable and related websites.

Content Creation:

If you are thinking of selling SEO services to your clients, you should consider providing content for them.

Content is everything you generate that doesn't contain an overt sales message.

While each client is unique, the underlying principle is that every search engine seeks to provide consumers with the most relevant material to their query as feasible.

Contents factor in search engine rankings. Search engines rank content based on its freshness and relevance.

Here are the types of content you can provide:

* Video

* Podcasts

* Social Media:

Social media is one of the numerous types of content marketing that is quite different from the other types of content. Social media marketing aims to encourage people to look and respond directly.  Identifying the content and channel that truly connects with your social media followers may take time and effort, but it is worth it.

* Blog posts:

Like other content marketing, blog posts are most effective when utilized solely for good. Instead of writing about how your client's newest product would impact people's lives, you could write on themes linked to their products or services. 

* Infographics:

Although you can't use an infographic for everything, nor should you, selecting the appropriate infographic in your written content can elevate your content. Successful infographics are straightforward, effective, and meaningful. You can use infographics to supplement written articles or as solo material for both blogging platforms and social media - just keep it short and compelling, with plenty of data points.

Technical SEO Maintenance:

SEO strategies are never a one-and-done campaign. They are constant and need to be maintained often if you want your client's site to be found by organic search traffic and if you want to outperform your competitors.

So, in this case, a Technical maintenance service defines the ongoing and routine process of maintaining and increasing your clients' rankings in search results by improving their website's SEO.

It can include weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks that range from updating content to fixing broken site links.

The focus is ensuring that the content accurately represents your client's website to compete with others who also retain SEO agencies to keep their business on top.

Technical search engine optimization refers to the strategies involved in designing and optimizing a website so that search engines can readily crawl, index, and render it.

With technical SEO, you can fish out dynamically generated websites, which create numerous web pages from databases, and are commonly misconfigured. These sites may generate several pages or URLs with essentially the same content.

Anything that delays Google's Web discovery or crawling is unwanted.

As a result, Technical SEO Maintenance is a must for everyone with a website!


A press release (also known as a news release or media release) is a brief document that provides newsworthy information in a journalistic style.

It covers the who, when, where, how, what, and why of a news item or statement to garner extra media attention.

Press releases are also called primary sources, which means they are the sources of information.

You may not have considered the following advantages of publishing a press release for your client's business:

* It is cost effective

* It provides immediate exposure to a pre-existing audience

* It leads to an increase in website visitors

* It brings a potential sales increase

* It has significant SEO advantages

* It establishes a working partnership with a public relations business

* It gives your client brand validity and aids in establishing of new marketing channels.

Finding Your Niche

To sell SEO services, it is best to find a minor part of the SEO market with specific needs and focus on providing their needs. 

Finding a niche involves focusing on a smaller audience, making the most of your individuality, focusing on your ideal customers, and helping them with specific services or products that will benefit them better than a generic option.

It is important to note that a niche can evolve.

Once you find your niche, you'll have a small share of the market that you can dominate. The more detailed the niche, the easier it will be to dominate the market.

Let's look at the following steps to finding a niche.

Step 1: Begin with a Category

To locate your niche, you must first define the category in which you are operating and then narrow it down. Ideally, you want to select a niche that is neither too broad but also not so specific that you miss opportunities.

Step 2: Narrow your Audience

Why target a smaller rather than a larger audience? The truth is that when you try to compete across several categories, your attention to detail is restricted, and your audience is diverse - this makes it tough to suit your audience's wants and challenging to stand out.

On the other hand, by determining the type of audience you want to reach, you may have a far more significant influence.

This is partly because the more defined your niche is, the less competition you will encounter, making it simpler to stand out. 

However, knowing your specialty allows you to recognize your audience's problems and how your product may benefit them! 

To narrow your audience, you have to answer these questions:

* Who are your ideal customers?

* Will you be selling SEO services to just local businesses?

* Where will your prospective clients be located?

* What kind of lifestyles do your prospective clients have?

You will realize who your prime customers are by answering the questions above. For example, you may discover that your ideal customers are real estate companies or that you can offer SEO content for SaaS companies.

If you already have an audience, you may conduct some user research to learn more about them.

If you're just starting, you might need to apply creativity and/or common sense to figure out who you want to target. That will have to do if you are just getting started (especially if you don't have the time or money to conduct extensive research), but it's no substitute for real facts.

Step 3: What's your Specialty?

A niche isn't only about your audience or potential customers — you also need to consider what you are great at.

Knowing your service(s) to find and narrow down your niche is essential.

Most likely, because of past experiences, your service may already have some unique features from competitors. You can confirm this by answering these questions:

* Does your service differ from competing services?

* Does it offer additional packages that your competitors aren't offering?

* If your business is already up and running, using past experiences and positive reviews or working through your network to develop user research is best.

This way, you'll know if your niche service provides more value to your customers than a generic service.

Step 4: Find your Niche

Now that you've thought about your category, audience, and service, it's time to bring it all together. You've probably gathered more information than you need to define your specialization.

Choose one or two elements that jump out to you, whether they are aspects of your service or your target audience.

You are free to compare as many choices as you wish! Remember, your objective is to create a niche that isn't too broad but not so narrow that you lose out on opportunities.

Managed vs. Low-Mid Ticket Campaign Components

Now that you have found your niche, it is time to ask yourself how you will provide your SEO services to your clients.

Will you offer managed SEO campaigns or single services like guest posts and single articles?

Let's dive into it.

A managed SEO campaign involves you looking after all aspects of your clients' SEO strategies, including both on-page and technical elements.

In an effectively managed SEO campaign, you are the SEO expert and all your SEO work must be 100% tailored to your customers' needs.

Usually, the technical audit you run will enable you and your team to utilize the proper techniques to create campaigns that deliver real results.

Offering managed SEO services means you start each client's campaign by reviewing their specified business goals, target audience, industry niche, and market landscape.

You will need to formulate a plan for your customers depending on their brand and industry space.

Each managed campaign includes keyword research, competitor research, off-site link building, research and analysis, on-page content optimization, technical SEO, and automated reporting to help your clients track your progress.

Ultimately, your clients should get comprehensive plans that dominate the competition and drive high-converting traffic to their websites.

You may decide to offer the opposite of a managed SEO service. You may offer your services singularly, including on-page and off-page optimizations, like keyword targeting, link building, content writing, and more.

You can even go a step ahead and further define your niche. For example, if you want to offer a content writing service, you may offer your services as a guest post and/or an article writing service.

This way, you are providing flexible SEO services that suit your client's needs, budgets, and standards.

So, instead of doing everything as in the case of a managed SEO, you are only offering singular service(s) based on your abilities.

If you want to start selling SEO services, you can start with lower ticket services to generate leads.

Lower ticket items are the cheapest services you have to offer. These low-cost services are liable to attract impulse buys and leads.

Lower-ticket services have a bit of a drawback; you will only make a small profit from that lead, which means you will have to sell many more of the service or other services to achieve your goals.

This may mean more frustration for you and a much smaller chance to grow and scale your business ultimately.

If you go the opposite way and offer high-ticket campaigns, you can only attract clients who can afford your service.

Remember that while defining your niche and carving out your space, you want to find a niche that is not too broad but not so narrow that you're missing out on opportunities. Having a high-ticket service will not cater to your prospective client who cannot afford your service.

As a solution, you can offer Low-Mid ticket campaigns. Your low-ticket campaigns help you get more people into your sales funnel.

You get your SEO clients hooked with these impulse buys and pressure-free purchases. With your low-ticket campaigns, you give them a taste of the full-fat version, and then you can upsell them and move them to the mid-ticket sales funnel.

How To Sell SEO

If you are about to start selling SEO services, it is easier to focus on the following:

1. Get Clients Through Acquisition

The goal of customer acquisition is to establish a logical, repeatable strategy for attracting SEO clients to your service. While you can wait for clients to come to you, this does not ensure that you can expand or even retain profitability over time.

A solid customer acquisition strategy follows these steps 

* Acquire leads

* Nurture them until they are sales-ready

* Turn them into customers

Customer acquisition involves getting a prospective client to buy your services. It could be someone who has requested more information about your service or a referral. What's important is the potential client has expressed interest in your SEO service. 

Acquisition works hand in hand with your marketing and sales efforts. For example, your marketing tactic is to run Facebook ads to get more SEO clients. However, acquisition begins after potential clients click through to your page or subscribe to receive your emails.

Acquisition walks hand in hand with your SEO sales plan

What is SEO Sales Strategy?

An SEO sales plan is all about directing your SEO efforts toward increasing leads and sales. It's an inbound marketing method that allows you to target potential consumers and searchers seeking the items or services your company provides.

With inbound marketing, you attract your potential customers in your niche by proving that you have valuable content and services tailored to them.

Simply put? Marketing generates awareness; acquisition brings income.

2. One Service Offer

As I explained earlier, you may provide your SEO services as a Managed SEO service or as a single SEO service.

With a Managed SEO service, you (and your team of professionals) are entirely in charge of every part of your client's SEO strategy. This means you are taking care of all aspects of their SEO to achieve their business goals by building and implementing a personalized plan

3. Target Potential Customers

The idea here is to find a possibly excellent client who may also benefit from your SEO service based on your prospecting. Use as many marketing channels as you can use as websites, email, ads, etc., to attract them.

However, remember that they have no prior experience with your business, so you may have to offer them incentives like a free SEO audit to lure them in (you can use of a free SEO audit tool).

Suppose your SEO service is targeted at SaaS companies. In that case, you have to get your sales pitch ready, explaining how you will increase the organic traffic for the company's website by earning top rankings on the SERPs for a list of relevant keywords.

The simple answer to how to sell SEO is to sell SEO on the phone. Selling over the phone gets a bad reputation, but it's actually the easiest way to sell SEO.

Here is a Step by Step process to sell your SEO services over the phone

Step 1: Do your homework on your prospective client. This way, you'll be able to discuss what they are working on or what is a priority to them.

Step 2: Do a free SEO audit. This will help you discover and review issues and opportunities. You'll most likely find problems and solutions in technical aspects like website structure, link profile, etc.

If you run the second step for your existing clients, you might not have to report your findings to them. But if this is a prospective client, you'll have to ensure what you find is within your niche to handle.

Step 3: You'll want to ensure this client's business is a good fit for you. If it is, determine where to start.

Step 4: If they are a good fit, it is time to communicate with them and tell them how you will help their business and find opportunities in their specific market through SEO.

Step 5: Deliver your SEO proposal that outlines the cost and scope of work.

Step 6: If all goes smoothly, you begin a new journey with the client and focus on their satisfaction.

How To Get Calls With Prospects

To sustain your own SEO business, you need sales and more sales. To get more sales means you are getting more calls with prospects.

Thus, an effective lead generation strategy is vital for your business, whether you aim to sell or resell SEO services.

To maintain your SEO sales, you must go out of your way to find people who need your services.

So, where do you find potential clients?

The answer is Legiit Leads.

Legiit Leads is an innovative lead-generation platform that finds you targeted leads in minutes from any specified location/industry of your choosing.

Since its extensive search option focuses on local demographics, Legiit leads provide SEO agencies and businesses with a better understanding of their target market.

Legiit leads can help your SEO business in the following ways:

* It enables you to expand your market and reach your potential clients

* It generates more business opportunities

* It reduces your dependency on cold calling and cold emailing

* It helps you scale your business

* If you are a reseller, it connects you with professional SEO providers

* It enables you to maximize your business profitability

How To Sell SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Is SEO Still Profitable?

Yes, SEO is still profitable. Selling SEO can be a great way to make a decent living. Generating money from running an SEO agency may not be the fastest path to riches, but it is a great way to make money online.

Furthermore, there is no limit to how much money you can earn using your skills to build, fix, rank, and monetize websites. 

Whether you decide to sell or resell,  you need SEO skills to scale your business; and the sky is just the beginning.

Once you have the necessary skills, you can start ranking your client's sites to make money or explore other ways to make money with SEO.

As a seller or reseller, your SEO sales will keep rising, especially if you are great at what you do.

How much is SEO worth?

In 2022 SEO professionals in the US can earn as much as $180,000 yearly and more. However, there are many job titles within SEO, so it is hard to determine how much SEO is worth.

If you are, however, selling or reselling SEO services, how high you make depends entirely on your skills and ability to scale. 

How do you Pitch SEO?

If you want to sell SEO services to get new clients, you must give it your all.

Here are some tips to help your SEO pitch.

1. Understand local SEO

2. Understand your client. Do your homework on the potential client.

3. Customize your services to accommodate the client's needs

4. Educate your potential clients on how you intend to provide value

5. Be honest and genuine. This involves being consistent and transparent with your communication.

6. Follow up with them after you have pitched to your client.

Can SEO Generate Sales?

Every business depends on sales to survive, and in today's world, boosting sales necessitates a strong digital presence.

You must have a solid search engine optimization plan to obtain a share of those sales.

SEO is crucial to the success of any modern business, not only because it can increase online exposure and reach. But also because it can help you boost sales by driving more traffic to your site, giving you more opportunities to convert leads into customers, and providing you with the tools you need to increase sales.

Final Thoughts

Reselling or selling SEO services can be pretty easy if you know what to do and where to look. Legiit is a perfect place to look because it is a platform that can benefit both sellers and resellers.

As a skilled SEO provider, you can put your services up on the platform to attract leads and potential customers.

And as a reseller, you will find many seasoned professionals you can trust and resell their services to your clients. Here are a few professionals you can get in these fields.

Best Guest Post Services

Guest posts are an excellent service for your clients seeking strategies to improve the ranking of their web pages in Google and attract more traffic to their websites.

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If you are a seller and are confident of the quality of your guest posts, sign up today and get your share of the market.

Best Managed SEO services

An SEO agency is a great and legitimate way to make a living. However, it can also be stressful, especially if you do all the SEO work yourself.

So, get a seasoned professional who can do the work for you. All you need to do is order one of the best-managed SEO services out there, and you are in safe hands.

Best SEO content services

If you need the written word, you need content writing services from Legiit!

Whether you are a seller or reseller of articles, blog posts, copywriting, press release writing, or proofreading, Legiit is your best bet. It is the perfect place to find talented writers and showcase your fine writing abilities.

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