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How To Promote Digital Marketing Agency On Social Media


Social media platforms have been taking over the digital world by storm for the past decade. Today, brands of all shapes and sizes as well as businesses use social media marketing to reach more clients worldwide. If you want to run a successful digital marketing agency, social media marketing might be the way to go.

You never know where your target audience is hanging out. Today, many users like to pick their favorite social media and hang out there.  

They build real communities that can garner very large numbers. Now, it is harder than ever to manage business operations and most importantly time for any growing business. That is why many brands realize the need of engaging with their target audience via social media channels.  

Having to already manage different marketing channels, oftentimes an internal social media marketing campaign might not be enough to capture attention of new followers.

The solution? Hire a social media marketing agency. Digital marketing services are getting very advanced using a multitude of tools, analytics software to get the maximum benefits of targeting your dream customers. An exceptional social media marketing agency will have the necessary experience, and proven track record to help you get more clients and exposure. This article is designed to help you decide whether your business is in need of social media marketing services.

Why Should You Spend More Time Promoting Your Agency On Social Media?

If you ever wondered if you marketing agency needs social media marketing services - the short answer is yes!  

Today, social media holds more power than ever. Social media presence of certain celebrities bears more influence than the largest news networks. Joe Rogan runs his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience and has amassed millions of people listening to him every day. He has more influence than any major news network.  

Now, that's powerful! Big brands are competing against each other more than ever before.  

As competition is fierce, there are thousands of social media digital marketing agencies available.  

However, you don't need to go the agency route. There are now more skilled freelancers offering social media management services. Social media services can range from running a social media account, content marketing, community management, search engine optimization, curating user generated content, and all kinds of other marketing methods. If you are still on the edge whether you need social media marketing services, we've outlined some key points to consider before taking the leap.

  • social media expands your reach on the Internet,
  • increasing your agency's exposure on different social media platforms generates potential customers,
  • staying active in your existing social channels helps nurture good relationships with your current clients,
  • it is a great way of understanding your target audience.

Today, there are a multitude of social media tools that can help you create your ideal social media strategy.  

Due to the fact that there are so many tools and techniques available for different goals and purposes, it is not so straightforward to organize your social media marketing efforts. Running social media accounts or hiring a random social media agency requires some points to consider beforehand. In order to fully take advantage of social media it is a good idea to learn how to promote your agency on different social media platforms so that you can get more potential customers and more clients.

What Is The Best Social Media Strategy For Your Agency?

1. Locate Your Target Audience

Once you've identified who your dream client is, you need to find out what his favorite social media channel is.  

The good? You don't need to dominate every single social media platform to run a successful social media campaign.  

The fact is that you need to be active inside your client's preferred social media groups. Groups are very powerful as they are very targeted and can give you very valuable insights. The bad. You need a social media marketing plan to last a long time. In order to attract new clients you need to create engaging content that will be both interesting and helpful. If you take this approach your social media efforts will be rewarded and you will better navigate in the social media world in the long run. Let's look at some of the most popular social media platforms:


  • Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. You can post text and video content.
  • With roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users it is worth mastering social media to capitalize on the largest traffic source in the world. That's a lot of potential clients!
  • Even though other social media networks are rapidly growing, Facebook still stands as the most powerful tool for building brand awareness.
  • Established search engine.
  • Good for paid advertising. Note: big brands with big budgets tend to dominate certain niches
  • Facebook groups are very effective at connecting with people and building strong communities.
  • If you connect your Facebook Page with the Facebook Business Manager you can run ads, access user analytics and get detailed information on your community of loyal fans and supporters.


  • LinkedIn is similar to Facebook in many ways. In essence, you can think of it as Facebook for business.
  • It is targeted mostly towards business owners as well as job seekers. It's unique nature makes it easy to connect employers with potential employees.
  • Many businesses hire freelancers directly on LinkedIn.
  • Perfect for professionals looking to network and build their brand awareness
  • Builds credibility by showcasing achievements (great way to find real talent on social media). If you plan your marketing campaign right, it can be a great tool to generate leads.


Instagram is a visually dominant platform.

  • Great for influencer marketing. If you want a quick win for your business, hire someone who already has a large following. Once they share your content to their audience your business will be seen by many people instantly. This can be a very powerful and cheap way of getting traffic.
  • Today, Instagram offers more tools for creators and businesses alike.
  • It is very interactive due to Reels and shopping tools. This is perfect if you want to get creative with your content on this social media platform. The possibilities are endless for any digital marketer.
  • Great for creatives who produce high quality content. Both image and video.
  • To see sustained audience growth make sure your content is entertaining and helpful. To get a deeper connection with your audience on Instagram, ensure that your content is fun and valuable.


  • Twitter is unique for it being the shortest content social media platform. Based on short "tweets" and links it operates in a slightly different manner. Short, straight to the point, messages are the key to a winning Twitter social media campaign.
  • It's universal. At least compared to all other major social media networks. Almost anyone can set up a Twitter profile and tag anyone they desire and spark a thread


  • YouTube is the no. 1 platform when it comes to video content.
  • Great for individuals skilled in video shooting, editing, production, animation and so forth.
  • Even if you don't know anything about video production you can utilize your knowledge to help others while hiring a third party to execute the video production for you.
  • Some popular videos include: educational in nature, how to build a business, freelancing, consulting, dating, coaching, etc..
  • Make short snippets of your videos and distribute them across your other social media channels curated accordingly.

2. Market Your Digital Marketing Agency on Social Media

Since we've covered all major social media channels we can now explore how to actually promote your company on social media.  

The world of digital marketing is moving forward at great speeds. There are many popular and effective marketing channels such as pay-per-click advertising (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate marketing, content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, influencer marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, etc.  

As many believe "content is king". We believe so too. In order to capture attention you need to evoke instant interest in your content, services or helpful tips. And people naturally love content. Hence, your content creation strategy needs to be fresh, up to date and, most importantly, relevant! In many cases it's a good idea to be very specific with your offer or service.  

Going super niche has proved the way to go for many successful businesses that went from a small startup garage to a global company. A well-thought out social media marketing campaign includes extensive customer research to identify the key pain points. Then you are well positioned to create a series of helpful content, guides, and tips to engage with your potential clients and create real value. All social media posts should be specific and talk about a certain subject. Successful agencies focus on creating long-term content plan to sustain the growth of your social media network. Your potential clients are looking to be a part of a community of winners. This requires community management. A skilled social media marketing agency will have a community manager on board to handle your social media network for current clients as well as potential clients To ensure your agency marketing strategy stays on track, you need to use the right tools. Some essential   tools for agencies  include:

  • Social Media Scheduling Tools - These tools allow you to create and schedule your content in advance so that you can set a schedule you're happy with and focus on responding to incoming engagements and/or spend more time on client work.
  • Social Media Listening Tools - These tools show data about social media followers as well as those who are actively discussing your brand and who your most engaged users are. You can also gather additional information such as impression volume, hashtags used around your brand, and general sentiment about your agency.
  • Social Media Analytics - These tools help measure the success of social media campaigns with data such as audience growth, message volume, response rates, etc.
To keep matters simple, you can opt to use an all-in-one social media management tool (for example,   Sendible , among others) that has all of the three solutions in one - scheduling, monitoring, and reporting.

3. Become A Leader In Your Industry

Your Facebook page can easily be viewed by millions of people. But your prospects may never become clients. How can social media help increase brand awareness? Plan upcoming podcast interviews or speak at industry conferences. You will increase brand recognition and sales through social media and increase your business marketing efforts.

It brings additional confidence to your agency. You are being recognized by industry experts. Your social media gains trust and recognition. Potential clients start rolling in. Alternatively you can register with the Social Agency Scout to help your brand find you. Your positive feedback will help to boost your agency's reputation and make your agency a leading company.

4. Build A Case Study

Nothing is as exciting as seeing your digital marketing agency's numbers go up. Prospects must understand the process before signing on to a new company. By creating a case study you celebrate your past successes and show expertise with real results. You can go with the following: "We increased Instagram engagement on X clients website by 201% and drove 100 clicks daily on the site." Be cautious though. Your case studies need to be real and authentic. Social media is the great equalizer. If you do not live up to your standards it will show up sooner than you think. It backfires on you at the worst time and causes more losses than you expect. Keep it real. You need real results and most social media platforms will be able to verify whatever you are doing.

5. Specialize In One Field

The more painful the problem the more people will pay to fix it. And this is where you come in.  

One of the proven tactics of social media is starting small and specializing in one particular area. Get really good at fixing one painful problem.  

Become known for it. Social media will reward you for it. A social media agency will identify the most critical pain points and create a social media marketing campaign with. Successful agencies are often those that focus on a single market.  

Instead of trying to do everything and offering half-baked strategies, they settle on providing one service and make sure they do the best job that they can. This also simplifies the whole process of promoting their business on social media because they no longer need to consider all the potential clients or their pain points - there are one or two clear results they can bring to clients, and they can get creative at showing what's possible.

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