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You are an expert with years of experience and have created this course that can help save people from the trial and error you had to go through to get to where you are in life or your career.

Your course is a must-have for anyone who wants to enter the industry, maybe do business or even start doing SEO.

  • But the next question is, do you have an audience?
  • How do you go about marketing your professional course?
  • Will anyone even be interested in learning what you’re teaching?

That’s where our team in Legiit’s team will create an account and upload your course to one of the world's largest and fastest-growing marketplaces. Not only that, but our done for your course creation service ensures that your course is put in front of thousands of people, many of whom are entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelancers eager to learn.

Your course content could potentially help establish you as an authority, a guru of sorts, that can be helpful in more ways than one.

If anything, this is the easiest way to sell your course, which means you’ll make money and be helping people learn something new. This is where our digital course creation services at Legiit stands out.

Virtual Courses Have Always Been Popular – At Least The Good Ones

Most people may probably not know this, but virtual learning was a thing before the internet was invented. Universities and colleges provided correspondence programs, also called distance learning programs, that went beyond the classroom.

Though admittedly, these were limited, they were available via television, phone and even radio. These courses weren't providing specialized knowledge, and there was no specific course platform.

But then we got the internet, which led to a boom in online classes and learning. Anyone with knowledge and a course idea could create one.

Institutions of higher education across the world started to allow students to learn at any time and possibly from any place, so as long as they had a computer and decent internet speeds.

Today, students worldwide can enrol in online programs and even graduate with a degree almost entirely online. You can earn a bachelor’s, right up to a doctorate. 

Even though online courses are generally associated with an educational institution, their popularity has grown beyond just institutions or at least traditional ones over the years.

As technology continues to advance, new ideas are making it to the business world, and there is a spike in eCommerce sales. Add to that the global pandemic, and there has been a sharp rise in online learning via online classes and downloadable courses.

Many people have switched to providing SEO, social media marketing, and design services after learning how to do it online during the pandemic. The pandemic, for some people, offered a unique opportunity for people to switch gears and do something different, with courses being conducive to this effort.

Online courses allow for all that knowledge to be stored and accessed when needed similiar to how a website is hosted on a hosting platform.

Are You Ready To Scale?

Maybe you already have a course. If so, are you ready to scale? Our online course creation teams work with people like yourself who are ready to scale and possibly leverage the power of our platform to pull in thousands of potential customers and counting.

Legiit’s done-for-you online course creation service is for you if you are:

  • A consultant that has created a course or a project manager who wants to share a few insights.
  • A coach who has a history of helping people and how has a course topic that's helpful
  • A service-based entrepreneur with a high-quality course that wants to teach others to be successful earning a passive income.
  • An author that wants to teach how to write, get published or frame ideas in words.

An online course is one of the best ways to reach hundreds, if not potentially thousands of people, helping them learn something which they otherwise would not have been able to learn.

An interesting course, that's professionally created helps establish you as a thought leader.

Selling courses are also an excellent side hustle for anybody. Once your course is published on our platform, there is nothing else for you to do. People buy the course, and you get paid for each sale. Furthermore, you don't even need to be tech savvy for it to work.

Why Create A Course?

Creating a course can take time; it requires effort, especially for those who aren’t comfortable in front of a camera and may require equipment like a good microphone. However, as mentioned earlier, people are turning to online courses to learn in stead of one-on-one coaching.

Today, the online course industry, also called e-courses, is worth millions of dollars. The industry is skyrocketing as we speak because most people find learning by watching a video online to be the most convenient.

Also, most courses aren’t boring for the eager learner, who can skip through what they already know or don’t want to learn.

However, here are a few more reasons we encourage experts to create courses:

Establish yourself as an expert – Whether you design websites, do SEO, or provide business coaching, the only way you will be trusted is to prove you can deliver results. Courses are one of the best ways to establish yourself as an expert in an industry. You’re exposed to people who want to enter the industry or are already in it, and that gives you a leg up over everyone else who does not have a course.

You can make a bundle of cash – I don't know if you're noticed this but courses aren’t’ cheap. It would be worth checking out what some of the most established names in your industry are charging for their courses. Now think, if your course was as good, wouldn’t that mean you make as much money with the right marketing and sales strategy in place (wink-wink…Legiit).

Courses can help you improve – You may have noticed that teaching a friend, family member or class something forces you to look at that subject differently. You’d often need to research things you think you knew, which makes you better at the subject. The same goes when you’re creating a course. It forces you to research and dig into things you otherwise would assume. This can make you better at design, SEO, marketing, Google Analytics, creating a sales page, you name it. 

Courses can help you brand – When used correctly and published on a platform like Legiit, your course can help to propel branding efforts. Whether you want to establish a personal or a business’s brand, we’ve got case studies to prove that courses can help greatly.

The 3 Steps To Creating A Killer Course

Creating a course becomes easier when you know what steps to follow. Here are three steps you need to take from creation to final publishing. The Legiit team handles step no. 3!

Plan it

The first step to creating your course is to choose a topic and plan the course. To start with, you will want to take a minute to take stock of the content you may have created over the years. That content can be articles, eBooks etc. Then extrapolate your expertise down on paper or Microsoft Word, outlining what the course should cover. Think about what you want to teach and how you’ll teach it.

Make The Course

At this point, you’ll convert all that raw material into a structured and visually appealing presentation, focusing on your audience’s needs. You will want to think about whom the course is geared towards and then start from there. If the course is geared towards beginners, you’ll want to start with a few foundational concepts and then gradually build upon them. This will ensure that people have a good learning experience.

Finally, Launch It

At this point, you will want to prime your audience, telling them about your course. This is arguably the part that can make or break your launch. Fortunately, Legiit’s team handles the process of creating your account and uploading your course. We also take it upon yourselves to tell everyone in our community about your course. However, you are free to market the course independently too.

Why Launch Your Course on Legiit?

Legiit provides course creators a unique opportunity to reach hundreds if not thousands of people on the platform and in the Legiit Facebook group. But we’ve already established this early on. Here are a few more reasons why you’d want to choose Legiit:

People are learning and earning on the platform – Legiit’s community consists of people who are actively learning and earning on the platform. This makes it perfect if your course teaches a skill that can be translated into an earning opportunity.

  • Legiit is a growing community – We like to think that Legiit is more than just a marketplace; we are a community of people from across the world. This is unlike any other platform that exclusively sells courses or markets courses. At Legiit, people learn and can use that skill to start earning almost right away.
  • There is no need to spend money on promoting your course – You don’t need to spend on PPC, Facebook or YouTube ads to promote your course. Once on the platform, Freelancer Monday on our Facebook group is free and gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself and the course.
  • It is done for you – The best part is our team will handle creating your account, uploading your course and getting you going. This is unlike what any other platform offers, and we are doing it for free!

Start Reaching More People Today

Our done-for-you course creation ensures that your course is seen and purchased by people who can take the most advantage of it.

This is a rare opportunity for prolific course creators or someone who wants to share their experience via a detailed course on something they have lots of knowledge about.

Our members value courses by experienced professionals that teach skills that can be put to good use. At Legiit, we will ensure that your course reaches the most peopled and potentially changes the lives of people from across the world.  

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