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CRO Best Practices


As a business owner, striving to excel is a top priority. But the truth is, your conversation rate is the driving force behind the success of your business. It is vital in determining how effective your sales efforts and marketing are, including determining your bottom line. Therefore, you must pay attention to CRO and how to improve CRO.

Where to start?

There are many factors to consider in CRO, but tackling them at once might be difficult. Therefore, this article contains the 15 best CRO activities to make you excel in your business.

Without any further ado, check them out below!

Definition of Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization, shortened as CRO, is a process you follow to enhance specific actions on your website. These actions aid in optimizing the conversion of visitors to leads which is essential in improving your webpage performance.

Importance of CRO for Business

1. CRO lowers customer acquisition costs by getting more value from retained users and visitors.

2. CRO increases revenue generation due to an optimized conversion rate.

3. CRO usually optimizes the user experience.

15 CRO Best Practices

1. Analyse Your Current Conversion Rate And User Experience

Understanding your current conversion rate and user experience is crucial in increasing your website lead generation. When you know the current conversion rate and understand the needs of your visitors, customers, and users explicitly, providing them with services above their needs or to their satisfaction will make them stick to your website.

Essential tools to aid in understanding current conversion rate and user experience and how to improve them include website heat map tools, funnel tools, customer satisfaction tools, form analysis tools, and others. All these tools have unique tasks they handle.

For Example, funnel tools handle CRO analysis accurately by determining the number of visitors that drove off from the sale funnel.

Sometimes, increasing the conversion rate might be difficult even after using all practices and tools accurately for one reason or another. In this case, you need the service of a CRO strategist who has learned CRO tactics to generate high conversion rates.

2. Use AB Testing to Experiment With Different Elements of Your Website or Product

Various testing methods, such as AB and multivariate tests, are essential in making data-driven decisions.

AB testing can also be called split testing. The main aim of AB testing is the comparison of different elements on two websites. AB testing can be excellently used for CTAs, copy, images, and headlines. This type of testing is also used in producing incredible on-page results.

3. Don't Worry About Opinions

In most instances, what works for another person successfully might not work for you. Therefore, an essential tool you can use to improve your website lead generation is excellent cro activities and knowing the needs of your users.

When you understand your users' behavior, you can create buyer personas that correspond to various visitors to meet the needs of specific audiences.

4. Copying Doesn't Necessarily Work

Copying what other websites do to generate more leads might not yield the same results for you. This is because there are different types of businesses, and every business works differently.

The excellent decision you can make is to have a good CRO framework to help understand and segment your users towards purchasing products and services to suit their demands best.

5. Make Your Calls to Action Compelling And Prominent

Having a compelling and prominent call to action will give you high lead generation and will make decision-making easier and faster for your users.

Examples of how to make a compelling and prominent call to action are by using simple click-on buttons, putting sign-up forms at the end of pages, or using a blog sticker with a call to action at the end. Examples of call-to-action messages include; joining the club and signing up now.

6. Improve The Overall User Experience of Your Website or Product

Since customers are essential in improving a website or product performance, it is vital to make changes to products and websites and optimize customer-centric strategies. Examples of how to improve customer experience are;

1. Providing good navigation on the website.

2. Ensuring there is clear communication on the website.

3. The marketing funnel should address four elements from the customer's point of view.

4. Avoid asking for unnecessary personal information from users.

5. Always include a search bar on your website to make navigation easy for your users.

7. Build Trust And Credibility With Your Customers

Building trust and credibility with potential customers is crucial to excelling in every type of business. You will enjoy many benefits when your customers trust you. Such benefits might include the following;

1. Easy referral to friends, family, and other customers. Customers that don't trust you will not engage in any business with you. 

2. Spending more money on purchases.

3. Providing positive online reviews.

When customers don't see you as credible, they won't take your advice or recommendations.

Examples of practices that would make you build trust and credibility are

1. Having versatile knowledge in your field.

2. Being passionate about what you do.

3. Compiling customers and online reviews.

4. Providing outstanding customer care services.

5. Being transparent and honest in all dealings.

8. Use Social Proof Such as Customer Reviews And Testimonials

Social proofs such as testimonials and customer reviews are amongst the most common components of advanced landing pages designed to aid in fostering user-brand trust.

As much as most landing pages will advise you to use certain services, they do not result in higher conversation rates without certified customer reviews and testimonials.

9. Make Your Website Product Easy to Use And Navigate

If navigation on your website is complex and not easy to use, visitors will leave your website to your competitors out of frustration.

Therefore, having excellent website usability is essential in making visitors enjoy using and staying on your website. Practices that make a website easy to use and navigate are;

1. Logical division of content into sections on your web page for easy understanding.

2. Avoid broken links on your webpage; you can achieve this by using link checkers on your website.

3. Include site search to make lost losers navigate easily

4. Use whitespace to avoid clutter and allow users to have a rest location when visiting your webpage.

5. Make your actual content visible. For example, if you want to sell a product, highlight the product and all the product details on your home page.

10. Use Clear And Concise Language on Your Website or Product

Whenever you want to make a unique cro planner to boost your website and products, make sure the use of concise and clear is included.

Make sure you write content to show respect and consideration for your audience, which will help you build better relationships with customers and visitors. Examples of strategies that are used to attain clear and concise language are;

1. Using simple words or phrases over complex ones.

2. Use excellent visual tools, white space, and typography.

3. Writing short, uncomplicated sentences.

4. Use headings, subheadings, and tables to make navigation easier.

11. Track everything

Keeping records of all activities on your webpage will make you notice the areas that need improvement and make the improvement process easy.

For example, tracking activities will make you understand how well to serve your customers and the areas you are slacking.

Additionally, tracking will make you know your market well, your market wants, and how to present a suitable solution.

You can use tools such as dareboost and KeyCDN to help analyze website performance which will lead you to detect areas that need improvement.

12. Make Sure Your Website or Product is Mobile Friendly

Due to the advance in technology, a mobile-friendly website or product is essential in boosting the ranking of web pages and products.

This is because mobile-friendly services are easily accessible, more attractive, have increased conversion rates, and are easy to navigate.

Additionally, mobile-friendly websites and products have higher SEO (search engine optimization) because of the higher appearance in search engine results. Tools like the giftofspeed and pagespeed are essential in providing a mobile-friendly experience.

13. Optimize Your Website or Product for Search Engines

Optimizing products or websites for search engines is a unique strategy followed to ensure your website ranks higher on search engines.

You can optimize your website by adding images, relevant keywords, internal and external links, and managing keyword density. ManageEngine applications manager and Dotcom are tools that will help you optimize your search engines.

14. Use Retargeting And Remarketing Strategies

Retargeting and remarketing strategies target and engage audiences already interested in your brand.

Retargeting and remarketing are what business owners use to bring back customers and users to their websites.

Retargeting uses digital ads to reconnect with visitors interacting on your webpage. In contrast, remarketing uses email to re-engage visitors who had previously taken action on your website.

15. Test Everything

Testing involves redesigning, adding, and rearranging elements on your website to maximize conversions.

Different CRO tests might focus on various aspects, such as optimizing your design, copy, or CTA's placement and length of headlines. Examples of CTA's tests include blog CTA redesign, content offer forms, etc.


Striving hard to excel in business is a top priority for every business owner. Conversion rate is the driving force behind every successful business.

Therefore, as an ideal business owner, adopting some of the best CRO activities and practices listed in this article is vital in generating high leads, optimizing user experience, and increasing revenue generation.

Tools like ManageEngine applications manager, giftofspeed, and Dotcom will help you significantly optimize your page speed.

Also, as a business owner, retargeting and remarketing strategies, using mobile-friendly websites and products, and using social proofs are among the CRO best practices you can adopt to generate high leads.

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