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You’ve just launched your small business and since you’re running on a budget, you can’t afford the charges of a professional copywriter. Yes, copywriters charge exorbitant rates, and they deserve it. After all, your SEO strategies can only bring visitors to your web pages. It’s the content of the pages that will do the conversion.

That’s why copywriters charge based on the likely results of their writeups, while other writers charge for efforts. One reason why corporate giants will continue to edge out startups is their (corporate giants) ability to hire the best copywriters. So, instead of sitting down and figuring out how to raise funds to hire a copywriter, why don’t you take a copywriting shot?

After all, if you’re smart enough to start a company, you should be smart enough to follow the tips explained below.

1. Start with a research

Whatever your business is, you either render a service or sell a product. So, you definitely have competitors. Find out what users or buyers like about your competitors’ services or products. Also, find out what they don’t like about the products and services. This will give you the necessary openings to punch your competitors silly.

You still don’t get the idea? Weave the promotions of your products/services around what prospects don’t like in your competitors. For instance, if you’re trying to promote a blender, you could go to Amazon and check the customer reviews of competitor products. While promoting your product, you’ll explain how it’s devoid of the common issues with competitor products. You’ll also mention that it has each of the features users love about competitor products.

2. Craft a great headline

When people go online, they often face numerous prompts to view different types of content. This has made an average internet user very picky. That’s why your headline has to be very catchy. Otherwise, it will be passed too many times.

Of course, your product or service solves a particular problem or set of problems. You may include this solution in the content headline or email subject, and people with the problem will be attracted to view it. For example, if you’re introducing frozen waffles, your headline should be along these lines:

• Enjoy your delicious waffles in 2 minutes

• Great Waffles, zero preparations

• Waffles without mixing batter

These headlines will attract people who love waffles but do not have the time to prepare waffles from scratch. Here’s a pro tip. The first set of headlines that pop up in your mind aren’t always the best. Just write them down and keep brainstorming. In fact, you may have to write down up to 15 headlines before you get the one that will tip the scale.

3. Flaunt your knowledge

Educate and inform readers on what they need to know about your line of business. For instance, a good roofing company will explain the common types of roofs, the pros and cons of each, and their costs. Try and explain deeper than what you find on the websites of your competitors. Give them a reason to trust you. Readers will see you as an authority in the field. Consequently, your credibility will soar, and the sales figure will follow. This is a strategy to catch your prospects at their ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth).

When your prospects are impressed with your depth of knowledge about the industry in which you play, they are likely to contact you for more information, thereby becoming your leads. And that takes them a step closer to conversion.

At the same time, cut down on technical jargon. When your sales pitch is filled with too many technical terms, your readability score will be very low, and the content will be boring. Hence, ensure you simplify all technical terms. Remember, Bill Gates once said if you can’t simplify some terms or phrases, it means you don’t really understand them.

4. Sprinkle your call-to-action prompts all over

It is no longer enough to place your call-to-action prompt only at the bottom of your write-up. Not every reader will get to the end. So, the new trend is to place your calls to action somewhere in every two paragraphs. That way, readers can take the desired action at the very first urge. Sometimes, some readers may decide to click the provided link in the middle of the content but change their minds before they get to the end. Those are lost leads. To reduce the occurrence of such cases, place a clear call to action in several spots all over the written piece.

5. Add a sense of urgency

Some people procrastinate naturally. They tend to postpone things for just no reason. And they hardly revisit whatever they postpone. Such readers could defer taking action till further notice, and they may never take the action. This is why you need to tie certain benefits to taking actions promptly The kind of offer to put out there depends on your line of business and the action you want prospects to take. For instance, you could offer temporary discounts to the first 50 people to fill out your online form.


With these 5 copywriting tips for business owners, you should be able to generate a considerable number of leads and eventually convert a good percentage of them. Gradually, you will get better at copywriting. With time, your business should be able to yield enough profit to be able to hire a professional copywriter.

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