9 Coaching and Consulting Service Ideas To Offer on Legiit


If you’re reading this, we will assume that you’re familiar with what Legiit is all about and will not go into it. However, we will assume that you are already offering a service on Legiit but are looking to offer something more like coaching or consulting.

When launching your service on Legiit, always make sure that it has a quality cover photo and a description that lays out what you are offering. If English isn’t your first language, or you don’t have the design skills needed to create an attractive cover design, you can buy services from the By Us and For Us  Legiit section, which will help you get set up.

Let’s jump into the 9 ideas to find which one will probably work best for you.

1. Marketing Consultant

Many, if not everyone on Legiit, is running a business. Business owners, in general, can always do with some improvement to their marketing strategies. Many business owners are also new to the world of online marketing and advertising, which is why they need a seasoned vet to help them.

As a marketing consultant, your job is to ensure that the business owner runs a successful marketing campaign. You will have to go over their current campaign, the results from that campaign, and come up with a winning formula.

You will ideally have a few years of experience with online marketing and marketing in general, in addition to possibly a degree. Think about why a business would want to hire you as their marketing consultant and position yourself accordingly on the platform.

2. An SEO Coach

9 Coaching and Consulting Service Ideas To Offer on Legiit

Many people on the Legiit platform offer SEO services, and then they want to learn SEO. Most people reading this already know what SEO is and how knowing SEO can help them make money.

Many business owners also want to learn SEO because it helps them do their own SEO. I recently helped a client in the construction industry optimize their site to get way more orders than they could handle. Interestingly, all I did was coach the owner, and he handled the rest.

Depending on your experience in the industry, you can choose to coach business owners or people in specific segments of the market like Local SEO, SEO for businesses in the construction industry, lead generation SEO, etc.

3. SEO Consultant

Now, this is a service that many business owners who want to do their own SEO will be interested in. You position this service as a way to help business owners understand what will work for their website based on an audit.

Your audit should also weed out potential issues and how the business owner can address them, like 401 redirects or pages that aren’t being indexed.

You can do a live audit, figure out what’s going right and wrong for the client, then chart out what steps they would have to take to improve their rankings.

The service can be billed on an hourly basis. You can consult with them (business owners) via Skype, Zoom, etc.

4. Pivot to Design Consulting

9 Coaching and Consulting Service Ideas To Offer on Legiit

So, how well does this design reflect what my business does versus this one? If you can answer questions like these and have an eye for great design, then becoming a design consultant is for you.

We admit that design consultancy isn’t mainstream. You will not find many designers who offer consultancy services, but that’s where the market is not as competitive as perhaps offering logo design services.

Many people on Legiit are fantastic designers, but besides being an awesome designer, you also need to have good communication skills and not be shy to jump on a video call. Design consultants need to field various questions from business owners, ranging from choosing the right business colors to logo design and website design aesthetics.

If you have been in the design industry for long enough to help businesses make sure that their logo, website, colors, etc., accurately reflect what they do, you can help many people.

5. Become A Writing Coach

Writing coach legiit

Many writers don’t offer coaching services because not every great writer wants to teach necessarily. As a writing coach, you need to provide students with one-on-one feedback and assignments that help hone their skills.

Writing coaches generally have years of writing experience. However, you can tailor the coaching to what you specialize in. For instance, coaching people to draft a killer landing page, website content, or even creative writing.

When introducing your service as a writing coach on Legiit, you should be very clear about what the service will offer. For instance, what type of coaching you will offer, what the student can expect to learn, and how that will help them.

It is also essential to remember that coaching a person to write perhaps something like a novel or even a script can take weeks. So, you’ll want to break up the service you offer into modules and have classes within each.

6. PPC Consultation

Many businesses run Pay-Per-Click advertising across Google, Facebook, and other platforms. However, many times business owners or the person managing the campaign can’t figure out why conversions are low or their ads aren’t getting enough clicks, amongst other issues.

PPC consultants generally have a great deal of experience running PPC ads. If you are one of those people, then it’s possible that you can help many of these businesses owners maximize their Return On Investment (ROI).

If you specialize in, for instance, Google AdWords, you can offer to consult with businesses that want to maximize their returns from AdWords.

7. Conversion Rate Optimization Consultation

Why isn’t your client’s landing page converting as well? Sometimes all the clicks in the world and targeting the right keywords don’t necessarily translate to conversions.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) consultants understand the mechanics of conversions and have lots of experience optimizing pages and websites. CRO consultants are usually called in when a business owner suspects their pages aren’t converting as well as they should.

As a consultant, it is your job to evaluate the entire campaign, i.e., where traffic is coming from and what exactly visitors are doing on the page. Sometimes the fix can be as simple as removing distractions; other times, it may require redoing the landing page.

However, the life of a CRO consultant can be tough because clients expect to see results, but results aren’t always immediately evident. That’s where setting up your service with realistic expectations comes in.

Ensure that people who hire you understand what your service will entail and what you can’t do for them.

8. Social Media Consultant

Many people on Legiit offer social media services but don’t work as consultants. If you have the experience and can help people maximize their social media campaigns or presence, then consider transitioning into becoming a consultant.

We admit that social media consultants are in a relatively new era in this industry. However, a consultant with experience can help businesses figure out how they can maximize exposure on social media.

Many businesses also sell via their social media pages, so it is essential that they have a clever consultant position their business accordingly and run the right type of advertising.

When offering social media consultancy, you can focus on specific areas like building a following, growing a group, maximizing traffic, etc.

We can’t stress this enough but, make sure that you give business owners a reason to hire you by clearly highlighting what you will do for them.

9. A PR Consultant

PR consultants are generally responsible for helping a business improve its public image. Often they are tasked with pitching press releases, writing press releases, building campaigns, and working with influencers.

It isn’t unusual for a consultant to start by interviewing employees and present clients. Once the consultant has enough data, they can draft a PR campaign strategy that helps achieve the company’s goals.

The precise goal for each company is always going to vary, but PR consultants are responsible for formulating a strategy for each type of business.

Generally, anyone who has been offering PR services in the past has experience with reputation management and can help businesses market a positive image will do well.

However, as a consultant, it is your job to figure out why previous campaigns didn’t yield the desired result. You might also be consulted on multiple occasions.

A Word About Pricing

Many people reading this are going to think: “How do we price our consultation service?”

Honestly, we can’t tell you what your service is worth or even what your time is worth. Think about what value a potential client gets?

If you are coaching someone, think about how much value that coaching offers to the person? If you price the service too high, it might risk turning away potential buyers. If you price it too low, you’re giving the impression that yours is a low-quality service.

Our recommendation is to start by putting a dollar value on your time. See how that works out, and then go from there.

Final Word

Consulting and coaching are often two sides of the same coin. Many service providers can use consultation as a gateway service to everything else they offer.

If you’ve never offered a consulting service before, Legiit gives you an excellent opportunity to start and gain experience while helping other people in the process.

The one thing you should have to become a successful consultant is excellent communication and be a master of your trait. Make sure to let everyone know when your service goes live every Monday!

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