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I started off this series for Legiit last month with a guide on the best guest post services on the platform, in it I cover my ROI based link building philosophy, link velocity, vetting, content creation and a lot more! If you haven’t already read that post, then make sure you do before reading this one.

In this post, I’m not only going to be showing you the best services you can use for link insertions (aka niche edits) on Legiit but also how to stay safe in a turbulent algorithmic landscape whilst utilizing them as one of the most efficient and effective forms of link building.

What Are Niche Edits/Link Insertions?

Niche edits, often referred to as link insertions, are backlinks that are inserted into an existing piece of content already on a website, usually one that is relevant to the backlink itself. The reason they’re so effective is that you can get backlinks on pages that already exist, which makes it far easier to vet than other link types you have to build and wait to see how they turn out.  

As well as the fact that they often come with additional signals, and are seen as:

The Anti-Orphan Link Type

As I discussed in last month's post on guest posting, orphan links can be massively detrimental because Google can very easily devalue pages that don’t have any other additional signals to help pass “link juice” to your site.

The beauty of niche edits is that the entire purpose of utilizing them is to get links on pages that already have signals, Google trusts, it gets traffic, and you don’t need to do the additional work of building to power up a guest post such as tier 2 link building or utilizing **************.

Whilst you don’t necessarily need all those additional signals to make a good niche edit backlink, the more quality signals they have, the more likely it is to pass a strong signal onto your page and site.

How Effective Are Niche Edits?

There’s no denying that recent algorithm updates have affected the effectiveness of this once all powerful link type, but anyone claiming that they’re dead has simply got incorrect data or an agenda they’re trying to serve.

With that being said, gone are the days of using 100% niche edits to rank sites, and my test sites that are doing exactly that saw massive drops in rankings from the December 2022 updates. Instead, you need to be utilizing them as part of an overall campaign and not as your primary link type, though we’ll get into that later on.

The most effective niche edits are:

  • Direct relevancy matches (The page is about the same topic as yours)
  • Pages that rank (Already #1? Google obviously likes the page)
  •  Adding your link improves the page (Fixing broken links or adding better content)

At the end of the day though, the most effective links are the ones that give you the best return for the least amount of spend, and that’s why testing and trialing different link types, services and strategies will serve you better than going all out with one.

Are Niche Edits Safe?

There are always obvious risks when it comes to link building and backlinks, and the fact that Google has a comparative cache means that just randomly inserting dozens or even hundreds of links will likely end up burning your site.

If you build link insertions sparingly, as part of an overall strategy, from quality domains and pages, then you should be able to safely improve rankings and grow organic traffic.

The 5 BEST Niche Edit Services

There are countless link insertion listings on Legiit, and many of them are reselling from some of the same sellers I’m showcasing in this list.

So now that you have an understanding of how to utilize niche edits in your campaigns to the most effectiveness let’s go on to my recommendations for the services you should be using on Legiit.

Note: Whilst I have given you the best services here and my reasonings for these recommendations, niche edits has a catch that’s in the name, “niche” means some providers will just have better inventory for your specific niche than others, so it’s always worthwhile shopping around and asking for samples.

Indexsy - Real Link Insertions

The Indexsy Niche Edit Service

Based out of Canada, Indexsy has a custom database of tens of thousands of sites. It will guarantee you a quality link on a real site from under $60 a link that the company's founder, Jacky, uses on their own internal content site portfolio.

You know if the links are good enough for their own investment fund, that they’re going to be delivering quality to you and we’ve always gotten great customer service from the Indexsy team.

I’ve worked directly with Jacky for many years now, and I know he’s always aiming to improve his service by consulting with the best in the industry, attending events around the world and has a perfect feedback score on Legiit to boot.

SERPWolf - One-Off Link Insertions

The SERPWolf Niche Edit Service

I’ve known the guys behind SERPWolf for what feels like forever at this point, and they’ve consistently offered affordably priced niche edits that you can buy at any time, one-off or for as many as you like.

Based in the UK, they have a large outreach and customer support team in Shropshire. They only offer real sites, and I know this because I’ve actually gotten their outreach emails to some of my own niche sites and blogs.

If you’re looking to get good links at a reasonable price, SERPWolf has a pretty unbeatable offer.

Chris - SuperstarSEO Niche Edit Links

The SuperstarSEO Niche Edit Service

Disclaimer: Chris is the owner of Legiit, and whilst I will stick by his services being quality and great value for money, there is still an inevitably obvious incentive to put his services on the list, so do with that information as you will and make sure you’re contacting sellers before committing to large orders.

They have already got a vetted database of sites to make sure that you’re getting niche edits on quality pages from sites that Google trusts. His pricing is simple, allows you to test before committing to major buys and has a 15% discount if you buy 3 or more!

You also know that your money is safe, you’ll get the best customer service in the industry, and if you buy enough, you might even get Chris to give you a hand personally on your campaign.

Straight Up Search - Vetted Niche Edits

The Straight Up Search Niche Edit Service

Another British service, Straight Up Search has the best offering for minimum metrics and vetting on this list, but you’ll be paying a slightly higher premium for them too.

They vet the links beforehand from their database of over 10,000 sites to make sure you get active, relevant sites that will push the needle every time.

Search Combat - Wholesale Link Insertions

The Search Combat Niche Edit Service

Looking to get a lot of links for as little spend as possible? Then this is the service for you! Search Combat likely have the biggest database on this list, and offer massive discounts the more links you commit to.

I’ve also known this Aussie crew for many moons now, and they’ve consistently expanded their offering whilst maintaining a great level of customer service and response rate.

Honorable Mentions

Whilst the above list should be more than enough to get your link juice fix, if you still want more, then here are some additional honorable mentions to help satisfy your ever growing need for links on edited pages!

Link Delta - Quality Controlled Niche Edits

The Link Delta Niche Edit Service

A long term follower of mine, Angello has continually improved his service, team and agencies services to the point where he has some of the highest level of links on the platform, it’s just they are by far the most expensive too.

You will be getting bang for your buck though, and if you’re looking to just get THE best niche edits every time, then this service is the one for you to throw your budget behind.

SEO Booster - High DR Niche Edits

The SEO Booster Niche Edit Service

Another consultancy client of mine, the one and only African vendor on the list, SEO Booster offer high metric links at a fraction of the price you would usually pay for.

You’ll be able to get regular discounts, and it’s one of the few services that will supply any language you’re trying to rank for.

Link Fire SEO - Cheap Niche Edits

The Link Fire SEO Niche Edit Service

Whilst I’m not the biggest fan of utilizing Moz’s domain authority as a primary metric for backlinks anymore, this service does offer great prices for the packs of links they offer.

Whilst it’s a bit hit and miss on quality, there’s definitely some gold within, and for under $30/link, it’s the cheapest offer on this list.

Vetting The Links

I already gave you a list in my last guest posting post, and all of those requirements still stand for niche edits:

We just want to put even more of an emphasis on the page level relevancy and recent hits.

Don’t Use Link Insertions As Your Primary Link Source

It’s gotten too easy for Google to detect dodgy link insertions, and we don’t want to be sending a lot of triggers at the algorithmic level by building a majority of niche edits in our link campaigns.

Instead, we want to try and use them sparingly and efficiently on pages that we know will have the highest ROI as it’s one of the, if not the strongest link type in SEO.

As I said in last month's post, that doesn’t necessarily always mean your money page though, as you will often get a lot more split link equity (The number of pages affected by the backlink) on a supporting piece of content instead

Penguin, SpamBrain & Google Algo Updates

As I already mentioned, Google’s cache is comparative and it’s algorithm updates against links have been getting better periodically for many years now.

It all really started in 2012 with the first penguin update and peaked at the end of 2022 with SpamBrain mass devaluing a lot of links that were formerly holding up some sites' rankings entirely.

Whilst Google’s documentation is very dramatic and alarmist, it can’t actually detect sites that are paying and or selling links -

In fact, many of my own sites that had the most spam links (Especially in my foreign portfolio) saw more growth than my sites with more “white hat” link profiles would.

Bringing It Altogether

The main takeaway you should be getting from this post, and my series of posts on Legiit, is you need to be building an overall campaign. Don’t rely on one link type, one service, one supplier or even one niche, make sure you’re opening your horizons and planning everything based on your analysis first.

Testing will always lead to the best results, and having some spare time and cash on your side will give you a massive advantage over most of your competitors in the SERPs.

Final Thoughts

Whilst this link type is definitely not as strong as it used to be, it’s still one of the most effective in the entire SEO industry and utilizing them as part of your overall strategy will see a very high return on investment if done correctly.

Google will likely continue to target this link type over the next several years. Still, as long as you stick to the principles I already mentioned in this post, you should continue to see steady growth based on as little spend as possible, as you could end up paying the same for just the content of a guest post than you could for the entire link of a niche edit.

And if you still need extra information, you can always reach out to one of the service providers I listed in this post to see if they can help you with your campaign needs.

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