Automated Link Building Made Easy: Exploring the Power of Link Building Software


The realm of Search Engine Optimization has seen a massive transformation over the years. Many search engine optimization techniques have come and gone or have seen their effectiveness increase or decrease with time.

However, link building was and continues to dominate the factors contributing to achieving SEO success in terms of boosting website authority and search engine rankings.

The conventional approach to link building is expensive, time-consuming, and a humongous task by itself. This is why link-building automation has been making waves in the SEO industry, and rightly so.

Automatic link builder allows you to inflate your backlink profile while making it diverse, rich, and relevant at the same time. It not only saves you time but offers substantial savings in the long run, ensuring you're able to achieve your SEO goals faster.

In this article, we will dive deeper into the world of link building automation, helping you unveil its potential and use it to your advantage.

How Do I Create Powerful Backlinks To Boost My Traffic?

Cracking the formula to create powerful backlinks to your website can massively help you boost authority, rank higher on search engines, and be the authority you aim to be in your domain.

Let us briefly go through the ways to create powerful backlinks to your website to boost organic traffic.

Write Great Content!

Yes, as surprising as it may sound, writing great share-worthy content is the best way to generate backlinks and boost traffic.

Make sure the content you create is unique, data-driven, addresses readers' pain points, and is reader-friendly in general.

Build Broken Links

Find links that are broken in your target sector and create relevant content to replace the broken link.

Once the content is ready, contact the website owners/administrators with your proposal to replace the broken link with yours. It helps divert traffic to your website that otherwise was going nowhere due to broken links.

There are tools out there that help you find broken links, like Ahrefs Backlink Checker.

Write Guest Posts

More than 75 percent of SEO professionals trust guest blogging as a powerful strategy to build backlinks. Write high-quality guest posts for other authority websites in your niche in exchange for your links being placed on the post.

Contact website owners with your proposal to write for them, and they'll, in return, allow link insertion in the article. It not only helps you drive traffic but establishes you as an authority as you're given author credit at the end of your post.

As these high-authority websites already enjoy a ton of traffic, a part of it will be diverted back to yours through the guest post.

Brand Mentions – Look out for them!

Many times, your website/brand may be mentioned on the internet in blogs or articles. If you find any unlinked brand mentions online, reach out to the website owners and ask them to be linked.

This will help curious website visitors and readers to find you easily through the clickable hyperlink. Various tools such as Ahrefs Content Explorer and Buzzsumo help find your brand mentions.

You can also do it for free through Google Alert.

Link Exchanges

It is a relatively straightforward link building technique where you find websites related to your niche and ask them for a link exchange. This means they'll place your link to their website, and you'll insert their website's link into yours.

The idea is to find websites that are outside of direct competition but are related to your industry.


HARO, or Help A Reporter Out, is where many journalists and reporters reach out to find professionals to get expert comments and answers. Many leading websites, including the likes of Inc.Com, Forbes, etc., use HARO.

You need to sign up, choose a category you're an expert in, and wait for the opportunity to knock on your door. Keep an eye out for their daily emails and answer reporters' questions related to your field.

Of course, it won't lead to hundreds of backlinks, but the few links you generate through HARO will be well worth it due to the boost in authority and traffic it leads to.

Create Linkable Assets

Frequently create linkable assets such as infographics, guides, videos, how-to articles, tutorials, listicles, what-why posts, and content in similar lines that grab readers' attention.

Make sure the content you create is awesome, compelling readers to share it with others on their social media handles or their website.

When the content is shared and goes viral, it automatically creates not only tons of backlinks but also drives substantial organic traffic.

How To Do Automated Link Building?

Link building automation can be done through automatic link builder when you have a clear strategy, great content, and a good understanding of your target market in mind.

Automatic link builder software uses advanced technology to expedite and streamline the process of generating backlinks from reputed sources, accelerating the process of achieving higher search engine rankings, traffic, and visibility.

Here, we will discuss how to do automated link building step-by-step –

Define Your Strategy

Have a clear goal of the types of backlinks you want and your SEO objectives. The type of backlinks you can target may range from resource links to directory submissions and guest posts to reciprocal links.

Choose The Right Automatic Link Building Software

There are many linking software in the market, and it is imperative you do your due diligence and research to land on the one that aligns with your goals and requirements.

Research & Prospect

Use the automatic link-building software to identify potential link-building opportunities, and rest assured they're in plenty.

You have to program the linking software to look at the right places by analyzing competitor backlinks, identifying and shortlisting relevant websites, and checking their metrics like traffic, domain authority, and other parameters.

Outreach Automation

Automatic link-building software would help you automate outreach through its various features. It includes automating email outreach, personalizing communication, and even following up seamlessly.

Content Creation & Distribution

You can use an automatic link builder to distribute great content you create across a wide range of platforms with the aim of acquiring backlinks organically.

Monitor & Analyze

One of the benefits of link-building automation through automatic link-building software is it allows you to track the progress of your link-building campaigns.

You can use linking software analytics, analyze traffic and authority, track gained backlinks and your search engine rankings, and more.

Having discussed how to go about link-building automation, let us go through some of the most popular link-building automation tools in the market today.

What Are The Top Ten Link Building Automation Tools?

The popularity of link-building automation tools has been gaining momentum in recent years as the competition continues to go wild in just about every sector.

From analyzing competition to identifying linking opportunities and reaching website owners to finding relevant websites manually, it can consume a big chunk of your precious time.

Automatic link-building software can help streamline the entire process of acquiring backlinks at scale, saving you an enormous amount of time, money, and effort in the process.

Backlink Gap

This tool helps you analyze your competition's backlink profile so you can identify potential backlinking opportunities you're missing out on.

Once you know the websites linking to your competition's website and not yours, reach out with a targeted link building campaign to secure backlinks.

Semrush Link Building Tool

When you want to build backlinks at scale, the Link Building Tool by Semrush is probably one of the better options.

You can identify linking opportunities based on your focus keywords and competition. Once that's done, set up an email campaign to reach out and monitor results through the in-built reporting system.


It is a highly useful platform that lets you set up, manage, and track your link-building and outreach campaigns – all in one place.


This linking software allows you to scale and automate your outreach efforts while identifying linking opportunities simultaneously.

From scraping contact details of link-building prospects to consolidating a list of prospects, relevant websites, and more, it can boost your link-building automation efforts drastically.


It is a must-have powerful link-building outreach platform with tons of pre-built campaigns ready to go for you.

Some of the many ways it assists with link-building automation include Skyscraper Technique, Guest Posts, Resource Pages, Product Review links, and more. Choose the template you want, and the linking software will guide you through the rest.

Raven Tools

Raven Tools does not only qualify as an automatic link builder but offers a vast array of other features, including website auditing, reporting, link tracking, link analysis, and more.

It is popular for its two unique and useful features, including Backlink Explorer and Link Manager.

Collectively, these two features allow you to analyze the backlink profile of any domain and help find, organize, and store link-building opportunities.


Link building hasn't escaped the grip of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that has been slowly taking over every aspect of SEO, and rightly so. Postaga is a powerful AI-powered outreach platform used by link builders these days.

As a data-driven link-building tool, it can analyze your website and recommend link-building campaigns that can generate productive results for you.


Whether you're a freelancer link builder or an agency trying to boost your link-building efforts, Pitchbox can help make your link-building journey more productive.

This tool has over 20 different ways to identify link-building opportunities and prospects, allowing you to kick-start your link-building campaign on the right note.


It is a simple linking software with useful and straightforward features. Linkody ensures you've all the tools you need to start, track, and monitor your link-building campaign.

It also informs you when you gain or lose a backlink, helping you modify your link building strategy in real time.

Moreover, you can also analyze competition and your website's backlink profile, check do-follow/nofollow status, and more.


Last but definitely not least comes one of the most powerful and popular link-building software used by a large number of SEO professionals worldwide - Ahrefs.

It has all the features an SEO may need to build and track links and everything in between.

From rank tracking to technical SEO site audit and from keyword research tools to Content Explorer, it has everything you need to create and implement an effective link-building campaign.

Now that we have gone through the top 10 link-building automation tools, let us briefly enumerate the best link-building software solutions available today.

What Are 16 Link Building Software Solutions For 2024?

As already discussed, link building involves a lot of work, and doing so manually without any tools at your disposal can be a herculean task. Moreover, it would slow down your SEO progress, giving your competitors a leeway to pass you by with ease.

In other words, you need to leverage the power of link building automation provided by robust automatic link building software and tools such as follows –


2. Ahrefs


4. Respona

5. SE Ranking

6. Majestic SEO

7. Mailshake

8. BuzzStream


10. MOZ

11. Google Disavow Links Tool

12. SEMrush

13. Google Alerts

14. Check My Links (Chrome Browser Add-On – Install it on Chrome Store)

15. Linkody

16. Monitor Backlinks

You might only need some of these tools to create an effective link-building campaign, but you do need to pick and choose the ones you like and make it a part of your ongoing link-building strategy.

Final Thoughts

Using automatic link-building software doesn't mean your job is done because you'll still need to put in the effort to create a link-building campaign that outperforms your competitors.

Linking software makes your link-building campaigns more effective and the entire process more seamless, ensuring higher ROI and better results overall.

For professionals and website owners looking to streamline their link-building campaigns, tapping into the potential of link-building automation through these tools is a no-brainer.

As the SEO world continues to evolve and the technology integrates at every level, not leveraging these automatic link building software will mostly result in feeling like spinning wheels endlessly!

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