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The content of a website or blog is the root of its authenticity and usefulness. Everything depends on the content you post and how effective it is. If your users are not getting what they are looking for, then they are definitely not going to come back again. So, the content of a website should be appropriate as per the user demands and niche.
I am personally a full-time blogger and know what a user wants in an article. And I am also aware of the search engine criteria for a good post to be placed on good page rank. I am here just because I want to grow my career in Freelancing and to have dealt with some great clients. You can mail me for any requirement on [email protected]. And if you want to see a demo about my writing, you can check my tech blog
All I want to say now is that, please don't fill your website with only words. Just put something that is loved by the search engine and users too.
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