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With over 3 years of designing graphics for corporate level firms with only one intention – turning those graphics into more profit for the business or sector. I am now more than confident that I have the special ability to design industry relevant & highly effective graphics within your business that can boost your sales metrics overnight.
The desire to create graphics does not derive from hunger, but passion and creativity. Graphic designers have a different level of attention to detail. Without being an absolute cringe ball, we can see things in your business that you probably will never be able to see – because the last thing you care about is the color of your logo, it looks good doesn’t it?
Having the awareness of the real impact graphics have on sales, and the gifted ability to spot a weakness in your design from a mile away. I am able to develop new concepts, designs and layouts based on our proprietary market research formula (97% accurate based on previous clients’ results) to help you penetrate your market with a new active presence!
It is not software that creates good graphics, it is good graphics designers.
And graphics that create results… That’s a whole other ball game which you can only learn about if you allow me to identify your design problems and consult you for free.
Due to my success in this field during recent years, I have been able to spend lavishly on my education and learning within graphics and marketing. Rest assured, this brain of mine is always kept up to date with the hottest graphic-conversion tactics that your competition most likely doesn’t know about.
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