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Online since 1995
Helping business & individuals make money online since 2008
Native English speaker
Working experience in direct response that brings life to email copy, product descriptions, web content and copy
With email you can connect with your prospect and customers - anytime and anywhere
Email marketing has a 40:1 ROI
This means for every $1 spent on email marketing, you can expect $40 in return
What makes this work so well? Email copy that hits them in the emotion and then tells them what do to next.
The money is in the follow-up
The best follow-up is by email.
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What People Say About This Seller


Great email copy delivered earlier than expected! Highly recommend!


5.0 (8 Reviews)


5.0 March 16, 2023

Great email copy delivered earlier than expected! Highly recommend!


5.0 October 31, 2022

The Black Friday Marketing Strategy plan is just what I needed. Charlie has helped me get my mind straight in this area. His check list is well worth reading, it comes complete with Ideas to put into action today. What with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, I realise that time is running out for me to reach the early adopters. You know the ones that want get ready for the biggest sales day (week) of the year, worldwide. My advice, if it's worth anything at all, is to grab and get into this fabulous service before it's Christmas! (Less the 8 weeks away). Thanks for the fast service and delivery of content that is a gold nugget in disguise. Cheers Brian Killeen


5.0 October 27, 2022

Great guide well written, recommended!


5.0 June 14, 2021

Delivered early and had great communication. I will use the services again!

SearchMarketPro’s Reply

It was fun to write these and great working with you.


5.0 June 21, 2020

Such a great experience working with Charlene. When I received the finished emails it took me a few reads to process it all - it's so much better than I have been using. I can't wait to start using them! Thank you so much, I'm already planning a follow up order.

SearchMarketPro’s Reply

It was a pleasure writing these for you and I anticipate you having great success with them.


5.0 May 31, 2020

Charlene is very knowledgable and an expert in this field. I asked a ton of questions and she has shared her knowledge with me related to it. I highly recommend this service and will surely buy again. Very Very Happy with the service.

SearchMarketPro’s Reply

It was my pleasure to answer your questions and I'm pleased to know you're happy with the emails. I wish you much success in your campaign!


5.0 May 29, 2020

I needed quick content and she was able to provide it in under 5 hours. Very professional and great writer.

SearchMarketPro’s Reply

I'm glad I was available and am glad you like it! I wish you much success with your plans for it!


5.0 May 03, 2020

Just excellent work! Will absolutely be using Charlene again.