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Why Do You Need Google Drive Stack Services?

These properties are not only powerful, but they also look great. You can show these to your clients.

They come 100% branded for you. We gather photos and logo from your client's website and fully optimize these images with GPS data, NAP, Keyword titles, and tags.

Google Drive stacks have three major uses:
Link building – Google is giving you a backlink to your website and providing a way for you to do it in a much safer way, when is the last time Google penalized its own properties?
Content Promotion – Using Google Stacks you can leverage the power of Google to quickly rank a document for a high traffic term in order to take advantage of current events.
Reputation Management – Because it's easier to rank the properties in Google Drive, you can use them to bury negative content about a business or person for a short period of time. You will need to get more positive news out to make the process permanent, however, a short-term fix is better than nothing if the situation is dire enough.

This service is a done-for-you solution to leveraging the power and authority Google has within its very own properties.
We build strong topical & keyword relevance, build massive amounts of backlinks, and even rank Google properties in the search engines for targeted keywords. To keep things extra safe, links and keywords are filtered through 13 Google properties.

Optimize Google Maps
If you have a GMB associated map we use that, if not, we make a custom map for your website and leverage Google Maps for link building.
Optimize Google Docs
We create a document piece based heavily on the content on your website, no it's not duplicate content, this creates thematic relevancy with your site.
Optimize Google Slides
Slides are created, again using the content on your site, we create the slides in a way that not only builds links, but you can show these off to people.
Optimize Google Site
This is where everything is tied together and the real power of the stack comes from. We've ranked these sites for launches or just provided another property for branding.

Q: What is the one thing Google loves more than anything?

We have found a way to get you links… DIRECTLY FROM GOOGLE!
This is the as powerful as Domain Authority Stacking can get!

Google Entity Stacking
? 100% Manual WHITEHAT Link Building
? Takes 4-5 hours to do by hand
? Google LOVES THIS – Because it is using its own entity!

Phase 1: Ranking Initiation
? Base Gig – Create 5 web2.0s with Domain Authority Stacking
? Unique 500 word spun articles on each web 2.0s
? Power-up each Web 2.0 to “supercharge” the links

Phase 2: Google Entity Optimization
? Create a Google Public Folder to Initiate Google Entity Stacking
? Done For You – Google Site Creation
? Create you a Public Google Doc with DAS + Backlink
? Create a 500-1000 word article
? Link out to your Website

Phase 3: Boost Me Now w/ Web 2.0 Entity Stacking
? Domain Authority Stacking – Silo everything on the Google Site
? 3 Google Property Boosting: Doc, Spreadsheet, Slideshow
What We Need From You:
? Money Site URL
? Main Keyword
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