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Are you prepared to use email marketing to take your business to new heights? Do you require a proficient professional in email marketing? Do you need a freelancer who can reply quickly, fulfills commitments, and provides you with regular updates? Do you need a freelancer who is dedicated to seeing your project through to completion? Are you seeking a dedicated and motivated Klaviyo email marketing specialist to elevate your business's email campaigns? Then You are in the right place My name is Samuel Manuwa and I am a Direct Response copywriter for brands that sells via email. I speak English fluently and working at your time zone will never be an issue for me. As a newcomer to the world of Klaviyo, I bring fresh enthusiasm, a hunger for learning, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results. I can support your email marketing efforts in the following ways:  ✔️Developing Email Marketing Strategies;  ✔️Managing Email List, Tags, and Segments;  ✔️Creating email templates, newsletters, landing pages, and forms ✔️Developing Email Copies & CTAs that are compelling and convert ✔️Creating email automations ✔️Enhancing email deliverability: opens, clicks, and conversions ✔️ integrating your website and other apps with your email marketing channel It would be a pleasure to collaborate with you to use email marketing to expand your company. Contact me right now to find out more about how I can support you in achieving your marketing objectives.

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