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I am a goal oriented, pro-active, self-motivated, and energetic young professional with over 5 years of experience in IT business, field administratio... I am a goal oriented, pro-active, self-motivated, and energetic young professional with over 5 years of experience in IT business, field administration, Freelance writing, Content Management, Ghost Writing, Global Current Affairs, and People management.

I have written for many online and offline newspapers and Magazine (blog) platforms. I also have expert knowledge of video game blogging, video game writer and promoter, and B2B SaaS copywriting.

I niche in different industries, all of which I have worked with. I have written on blockchain/cryptocurrency technology, business, meterverse, product management, online casino, eCommerce, copywriting, adult content industries, e.t.c.

For me, my client's satisfaction is, and will always be my priority.

My analytical, strategic skills as well as a wide knowledge in various subject matters makes me stand above my peers in the field of content writing, thereby making me fit into any topic with ease.

I intend to develop a career in a purpose driven organization by first adding value through my individual commitments, hard work, integrity and result oriented services to the competitive advantage and growth of the organization.


- Blog Content and Article Writing
- Blogging.
- System Maintenance.
- Strategic Analysis.
- People management.
- Business Development.
- Project Management.
- Excellent mediation Skills.


• Microsoft Word & Google Doc
• Adobe Creative Suite
• Adobe Acrobat
• Microsoft Excel
• Blog Design and fast typing
• SEO Management.
• Video Game Business
• Social Media Optimization (SMO)
• Strategic Planning.


- Systematically completed and delivered (article and web content) services by remotely completing client’s job promptly, a habit that has given me strong recommendation among clients and colleagues.

- Written and published excellent SEO optimized articles for News Blogs, Online & offline Magazine companies, as well as online news platforms as a ghost writer.

- During the course of my writing career I have written and delivered over 1000 blog articles, Educational Research projects, Product Reviews, News Articles, and Web Contents over the years.

- Receive calls from customers, collect, document and forward every complain to the appropriate department for prompted resolve.

- Have worked hand-in-hand with colleagues as a supervisor, and sales Rep to create the best sells strategy, an idea that increased our sales ledger as a team.


? Higher National Diploma (HND)
? Ordinary National Diploma (OND)
? Cert .Project Management
? Cert. Risk Management.
? Cert. in Desktop Publishing.
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