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Hi, my name is Logan, but you can call me Hutch!

I am a freelancer from Atlanta. I graduated top of my class from Georgia State University, the top research university in Georgia. My senior year of college I began exploring different styles of writing, and have ghostwritten many blog posts. Writing and researching are my passions. I currently work in a psychology lab where I write, research and help develop studies.

However, my skills are not limited to academia! On the surface, writing academic papers and writing internet content look very different. Looking closer though you see they are also very similar. Both styles require organization, thorough research, and the ability to explain ideas to a target audience.

I see my writing (ghostwritten or otherwise) as a reflection of myself. I wouldn't go to dinner half dressed, the same way I don't give my clients half-assed content. Blog posts are my specialty, and I strive to provide quality content, on time, every time.

Currently, I am focused on crafting excellent blog posts for my clients. But, my skill set is always growing. I invest my free time improving and learning new styles of writing. If I'm not writing, I am researching, and if I'm not researching I must be asleep! I enjoy learning about unfamiliar topics, and the best way to learn about these topics is by writing about them.

Along with my blog, I am also in the beginning stages of writing an e-book. My writing focuses on helping others learn faster. My degree in psychology gives me unique insights into human behavior and cognition which inspired me to create a system of writing that produces quality content more quickly than most freelancers.

My other passions are fitness and martial arts. As a certified personal trainer, Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt, and former high school wrestling coach I enjoy writing content that is related to all things fitness. I see writing as analogous to working out. If you don't remain consistent, you will become stagnant. So I make sure to write at least 3000 words a day, just as I make sure to work out at least five times a week.

My personal goal is to apply my knowledge of cognition and fitness to write articles that inspire people to take control of their own lives. If you need content on any aspect of self-improvement, from personal finance to the newest consumer technology, I am your man!

If you have any questions feel free to message me and we can discuss how I can translate your ideas into engaging, high-quality content!
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