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GingerHippo is one of Bradley "Rain Man" Batdorf's companies, located in St. Paul, MN. We offer a wide variety of services, with an in house full time staff of 28 people. From graphic design, SEO, marketing, website design, advertising, and everything in between, we have someone on staff to meet your needs.
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Thanks for the fast delivery. will definately order again


4.9 (27 Reviews)


5.0 April 11, 2019

Great link as promised!


5.0 April 08, 2019

Great job! Thx


5.0 April 06, 2019

Super, Thx


5.0 March 04, 2019

SEO on another level. Great service and perfect link to have in your BL profile. The product description itself deserves 5-stars!

GingerHippo’s Reply

Thank you, sir. I appreciate your business.


5.0 March 02, 2019

Excellent seller - thank you

GingerHippo’s Reply

Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate your business.


5.0 February 25, 2019

Great Job and on time again! Thanks for the nice work.

GingerHippo’s Reply

Thank you. I appreciate your business.


5.0 February 22, 2019

Awesome service!! You people are missing out if you aren't trying this!

GingerHippo’s Reply

Thank, Anthony!


5.0 February 22, 2019

Fast and as expected.

GingerHippo’s Reply

Thank you. I appreciate your kind words.


5.0 February 21, 2019

Love this link!!!

GingerHippo’s Reply

Thanks, Anthony. Always a pleasure.


5.0 February 21, 2019

Excellent job. This is a go to gig!

GingerHippo’s Reply

Thank you. I appreciate it.