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I've been working in Unity since before I graduated and enjoy working and designing systems and games within Unity and C#. I've been known to go beyond the requirements and to be very thorough when working. If you've got an idea or just rounding out a few components, I can help you!

-I have been working with Unity & C# since 2017. I'm always keeping myself up-to-date with the latest version and techniques in the engine and C#.

- I have professional experience developing products from just a few sentences. I also don't get attached to my work. If it doesn't work or is wrong, I'll go back and fix it the way you like it.

- You can either regularly communicate with me or you may leave me to my work, I don't mind either way as I can accommodate your schedule. While I will attempt to fix any issues I encounter, I will always keep you informed of the issue and possible resolutions.

- P.S. I'm also experienced in other programming languages, web development, and a few other game engines. your project may not be a game, but maybe I can still help.
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