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Have you ever created an offer that
flopped or did not do as well as
you were expecting?

A bad offer will never be successful but
adding quality business promotion to a
great offer will increase the chance of
success by a considerable margin.

It is adding the additional energy
it requires in becoming successful.

If you are promoting your brand or
specific offer, there are many ways
to do that.

One of my favorites is to borrow
the branding and credibility of
other major brands, by associating
with their established power
brand. A brand that is already
well-known and respected
by the general public.

I am talking here about getting
featured in major news and
media sites, many of which have
many millions of web site
visitors per month.

Sites with domain authority scores
of 90+ that have built in
trust in Google's eyes.

It is very difficult to reach these
visitors in other ways, so associating
with that credibility can produce
excellent results.

Tracking the success of such a campaign
through ranked keywords or brand
mentions in Google can be very

One thing we should all be doing is
tracking the effectiveness any
promotion that we do.

If you produce content for your
blog or website that targets
specific keywords, the success
of that promotion should
be measured.

It is something we
need to know.

Are your digital marketing actions
working and building steady growth
over time?

An important tool to have in
your arsenal is a
Google Keyword Rank Checker.

Many people are not aware
that they can begin tracking
their profitable keywords from
within their own websites.

You can own your own keyword rank
tracker and add additional keywords
to track at any time without any
extra cost.

You will own your own data and
save a small fortune compared
to some of the third-party
charges you will otherwise
be paying.

A nice simple solution that removes
all the complexity and cost is an ideal
solution for many business owners.

Some people hesitate because they
do not know how to find profitable
keywords or where to start.

My Google Keyword Rank Checker
comes with a detailed overview
that will help you to discover
the 'hidden gem' keywords
for your business.

One profitable keyword, that people
are already search for and which
you can target, can be profitable
to your business for many
years to come.

Not knowing how to do this is
no doubt costing you bucket
loads of lost income and profits.

Make sure you take a look at my
'Want to Own Your
Keyword Rank Tracker?'
and you too can be tracking
your targeted keywords
from within your own website.

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