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Bitrixa Limited is a UK based company registered with Company House under Companies Act 2006 (Company No. 11188018).

Having dedicated manpower of 75+ highly experienced experts and a network of 250+ highly acclaimed professionals in different technologies from AROUND THE GLOBE, we promise to give you a better experience and unmatched quality.

We aspire to become the largest technology service provider on Legiit. So, you do not need to run door to door seeking expertise in different technologies. Fair price, Timely & Quality Delivery, great communication are our unique Identifiers. Bitrixa is 'ONE-STOP-DESTINATION' for all your "DIGITAL" needs.

We build Trust with our clients by providing a 100% Money Back Guarantee for all our services and hourlies (gigs).

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Creation of DFX File

Creation of DFX File

What People Say About This Seller


Incredible value! I will be back again! Thanks!


5.0 (3 Reviews)


5.0 February 14, 2022

Huge List... Worth the price.

Bitrixa’s Reply

Thank you very much!!!


5.0 December 28, 2021

GREAT work, done exactly to spec for what I asked for and on time, even delivered on a holiday, really appreciate this!


5.0 August 25, 2021

Incredible value! I will be back again! Thanks!

Bitrixa’s Reply

Thank you very much! As promised, I will send you the download link to the Canada Database as well!