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Fine tuning a piece of content that is both responsive to audiences as well as search engines is a tough gig. It takes a good wording craft to fine tune the vocabulary, word count, while also being a story teller. Are you in need of a piece of content that speaks to both worlds? Then you're in luck!

My work is 100% original, written by a native US English speaker. I've been writing and working with words for many years as a teacher, instructor, mentor, editor, language instructor and am a graduate trained librarian. My SEO game is just one of the ways I monetize and work with words. From small business landing pages, directories, affiliate marketing, deep dive private research, and more I've seen a lot of content in my days. I'm excited to bring these skills to you and your projects. My understanding of facts and information also means that the writing is textured with fact based research from authoritative pieces.

No topic is off limits. I thrive on a good intellectual challenge and the ability to learn something new. It's what drives me to write and be inspired about your needs.

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