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Welcome to Leads Jungle!

We know how time consuming it when it comes to finding leads for your SEO Business.
The process of finding leads can be simply painful… and that’s why we have created a proper solution to push your SEO biz to get more leads in an affordable way.

It would take you many hours just to find few legit leads and trust me, I know how boring that stuff is, too.

So here I am, trying to lessen your burden. ;)

Today, am selling a bunch of leads ready for COLD EMAILING with different niches from different locations.

To understand our service let’s explain our process.


We have a team of a Virtual Assistants that searches for Leads in the USA with a help of different scrappers.

The time to collect data for 1 city is around 2 hours of software time + 4 hours of manual work….
Yes: Manual work!
Don’t get me wrong…
Scrappers are great but they are not 100% accurate, that’s why we use human brain cells to improve the results ;)

The details they collect includes the Company Name, Owner’s Name, Email, Phone Number, Website URL SEO data, Google Verified yes/no, SSL, Mobile site data, Online reputation management, Social media data and stats, Website Speed and a lot more

Out process works thanks to a team of manual workers that who works on cleaning the list, this means we guarantee each file has the right person to contact, with the right email…. yes, we check each record manually one by one to fix and prevent errors.

Once the leads are cleaned, they are exported in a spreadsheet ready for cold emailing.
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