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Hi !
I am Deb Dulal Sarker Professional PHOTO RETOUCHING / EDITING Service Provider. I have 08 years experience in PHOTO EDITING work using Adobe Photoshop.

*********| My services Includes |********

Clipping Path / Deep Etching / Cut out Image,
Background Remove to Transparent / White,
360 Image Editing,
Shadow Making / Mirror Effect,
Background Remove / Image Masking,
Image Retouching / High-end Jewelry Retouching,
Beauty / Fashion image retouching,
Product / Portrait Retouching,
Image Manipulation / Compose,
Web-Shop / E-commerce Editing,
Image Re-size / Cropping / Liquify,
Photo Editing / Photo Enhancing ,
Color Correction / Color Adjustment ,
Ghost Mannequin / Neck Joint / Invisible Mannequin.


**| Why you buy my GIG |**

- Professional, fast and Quality Service at a fair price.
- I have Multiple Fast Internet for big file transfer.
- I am available for working 7 days of a week.
- I am always ready for working client's local time.
- I am Hardworking, Honest, Trusted, Expert and always provide good quality services.
- I never take a Job what I can't handle properly at deadline.
English - fluent
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