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I am Amit. I am Certified & Professional Search Engine & Social Media Optimizer. I have 7 years experience on different marketplace with 500+ positive reviews to achieve several verifiable first page rankings, recover Google penalty & driving tons of traffic to my client. I am very confidence that I can provide your complete solution & services of Search Engine Optimization.
My Services Include :
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Manage 2 Social Media

Manage 2 Social Media

What People Say About This Seller

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Seller went above and beyond to make sure that delivered the best product available. Thank you, and this is one of my new favorite services! Delivered early as well!


4.1 (25 Reviews)


5.0 April 28, 2022

An excellent reliable job! Amit is communicative and professional

amitkumar’s Reply

Thank you so much to give me chance and share your experience.


5.0 April 15, 2022

I highly recommend Amit for managing your social media, I hired him for the basic to test the service, now that the order is completed, I'm ready to place an order for the monthly package. 5/5

amitkumar’s Reply

I am really happy to get a chance and prove my skills. Thanks for continues project.


5.0 November 03, 2021

great job

amitkumar’s Reply

Thank you so much to give me a chance :)


5.0 September 08, 2021

Quality service!

amitkumar’s Reply

I am really happy to get a chance for work your website. Thank you . Great buyer :)


5.0 September 01, 2021

Great job, thank you!

amitkumar’s Reply

Thanks to give me a chance, I wish more job from you. Great :)


5.0 July 18, 2021

Great service, and over delivered, also. Thanks!

amitkumar’s Reply

Thanks you so much, I really enjoy your every order. You are really great man. I want to work with you at long time.


5.0 July 13, 2021

Well done service, will use again.

amitkumar’s Reply

Thanks to give me you chance, hope you enjoyed my over delivery. Really want to work with you.


5.0 June 28, 2021

thank you

amitkumar’s Reply

Thanks to give me a chance. I hope you enjoy my over delivery. Thanks again :)


5.0 April 16, 2021

Amit was a pleasure to work with. Did exactly what I asked of him.

amitkumar’s Reply

You are awesome. It's my pleasure to get a chance to work with you. I always try to provide my best services for my client satisfaction. Thank you :)


5.0 February 23, 2021

Thank you nice work

amitkumar’s Reply

Thanks to give me a chance :)