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An outstanding job, exceeded expectations!


4.4 (11 Reviews)


2.0 May 05, 2021

I ordered a custom 10-post package (and paid $80 above the asking price cause I didn't want anyone working for peanuts). What I got were overall decent posts that (in parts) read like they were written by AI - meaning they make very little sense. [When you write about 'shutting your vape device at the mains' people are bound to look at you funny[. I contacted the seller about this more than 48 hours ago, but haven't heard a peep. Which is too bad, cause I like the service and have use for it -- but I also feel that a) at least the research should be solid (I can deal with the writing), and b) it's bad business to ghost past customers who are looking for slight revisions.


5.0 May 01, 2021

Very happy, very professional & delivery was on time - no problems, perfect :)

Mr.networth’s Reply

Thank you very much for the review! It was a pleasure writing for you.


5.0 May 01, 2021

Great Service, delivered on time and with well developed and thought out articles. We will definitely use this service again. Thanks you!

Mr.networth’s Reply

Thank you for the kind review! It was a pleasure writing for you.


5.0 April 21, 2021

These are great filler articles / blog posts. Ordered another package.

Mr.networth’s Reply

Thank you, was a pleasure writing for you. Looking forward to doing more:)


5.0 April 12, 2021

First time using Kurt, and I'm skeptical of using new writers so was going to judge the content pretty hard. As soon as I started reading the articles, I immediately came back on about bought 4 more packages from him. Fast, error free, keywords were relevant and lower competition. Have already recommended him to multiple others (just made sure to get my order in first!).

Mr.networth’s Reply

Thank you for the kind review! Many more Articles to come:)


5.0 April 06, 2021

Thank you for the excellent articles, they fit in perfectly with our blog. The communication from start to finish has been great. Highly recommend this service.

Mr.networth’s Reply

Thank you so much for the kind words. It was a pleasure writing for you.


5.0 October 13, 2020

One of the best writers on Legiit. He went out of his way, over-delivered, and did the extra work till the article was just perfect. Highly recommended!

Mr.networth’s Reply

Thank you!


5.0 September 24, 2020

Great seller and quality content, you can tell there is real thought and care put behind every article, hit the nail on the head with the intent and you can tell he had done research on the topic and knew what keywords to target. I have already booked in another article. Thanks

Mr.networth’s Reply

Thank you for the very nice review. Really enjoy writing on your topic and looking forward to working with you more!


5.0 September 21, 2020

An outstanding job, exceeded expectations!

Mr.networth’s Reply

Thank you. It was a pleasure writing for you.


5.0 September 15, 2020

Kurt was great. High quality work and was very fast and responsive. Thanks!

Mr.networth’s Reply

Thank you, it was a pleasure writing for you.