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1.0 August 28, 2018

Typically most sellers are ethical and give great service on Legiit. This seller, however, is unethical and misleads buyers into thinking they are getting something they are not. This is NOT A GUEST POST. Zero outreach is done. It is your typical free blogging platform that the seller most likely owns that he uses to scam newbies out of hard earned money. STAY FAR AWAY from this seller unless you want to waste your time for a post that you can get on your own for free.


5.0 August 26, 2018

Excellent work again.

Ilocals’s Reply

Thank you BigChaCha! Great working with you!


5.0 July 31, 2018

On time and as promised. Excellent and will use again.


5.0 July 17, 2018

More than perfect service!


5.0 July 12, 2018

awesome service


5.0 May 11, 2018


5.0 April 14, 2018

Well done, great articles.

Local Magic

5.0 April 04, 2018


5.0 March 28, 2018


5.0 March 21, 2018