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Thank you


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5.0 September 2023

Thank you


5.0 August 2023

A great gig to move the maps needle.


5.0 July 2023

Thanks so much, work is great


5.0 June 2023

Thanks Adrian, great job


5.0 June 2023

Thank you, Adrian I can not put a review for all my orders it is a lot I appreciate your team for the help


5.0 May 2023

5 Stars


5.0 May 2023

Thanks again Adrian!


5.0 April 2023

As always delivers strong! Thank you Adrian! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


1.0 April 2023

Beware! The seller changed the iframe file I gave him with without any correspondence with me. The embeds links where filled with hidden spam links to porn and foreign language websites which he denied he knew nothing of or where to even locate them, its not that hard, check the source code! I have disavowed all links from this gig.

seomagician’s Reply

Thank you for the review Larry Prior, my apologies if you are not satisfied with the result of your BASIC ORDER(wherein we delivered based on what we advertised our service page. We offered further service to fix the issue as well but you turned it down, answered all your queries but seems you don't listen, not sure what I am seeing and where to find those adult links you are talking about, anyways we don't own the web 2.0 blogs that we are posting articles to, we are registering on those sites only, if there is, the owner has the full control to remove them or maybe you're browser has a malware that's why you are seeing those links. Thankfully Legiit judgment is fair and square and just rejected your dispute. https://snipboard.io/k9Ebn6.jpg After 4 years finally I've got 1-star for this service, you're 1% out of 99% satisfied clients I have and most of them ordered Premiums and other local seo services to me. https://legiit.com/seomagician Yet still, I am more than willing to get in touch and talk with you if you like so that we can be able to meet your expectations, I believe it works on my recent clients and the results are these: https://snipboard.io/HLTNjP.jpg https://snipboard.io/GIQl1A.jpg https://snipboard.io/koJYf3.jpg https://snipboard.io/t6NE0m.jpg https://snipboard.io/5yMBg7.jpg https://snipboard.io/96tpJe.jpg https://snipboard.io/gTH7vP.jpg https://snipboard.io/neyYd0.jpg https://snipboard.io/wqlhtT.jpg https://snipboard.io/lvFrRU.jpg https://snipboard.io/pIQfbO.jpg https://snipboard.io/9eo8Xb.jpg https://snipboard.io/MzZeNc.jpg https://snipboard.io/sBoI7A.jpg https://snipboard.io/09i1JD.jpg https://snipboard.io/u5D2eK.jpg https://snipboard.io/oG9JH1.jpg https://snipboard.io/BLdVEe.jpg https://snipboard.io/mqwBgZ.jpg https://snipboard.io/3DGbn7.jpg https://snipboard.io/ZDWQql.jpg https://snipboard.io/zIBa6T.jpg https://snipboard.io/OICwb3.jpg https://snipboard.io/Jz68Rj.jpg


5.0 March 2023

EXCELLENT. Quick delivery. I love that.

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