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3.3(4 Reviews)


1.0 March 09, 2022

I appreciate your efforts but the quality is terrible. I don't even want a revision. Keep the $25.00. Good luck in your career.


5.0 January 12, 2022


diganta’s Reply

Thank you so much for choosing me. I hope I have met your expectation. Looking forward to more orders soon!


5.0 May 19, 2021

Thanks for the fast delivery!

diganta’s Reply

The best and most polite buyer with a great logo description. The buyer gave all the answers with full descriptions that help me to do his job quickly and efficiently. Looking forward to working more. Let's hope for the best! It's been a great experience working with you ?


2.0 May 11, 2021

Wanted to give a new user a chance rather than go with my normal person. I looked for some good samples in the portfolio. Unfortunately, the samples are obviously not from the designer. The quality I received was templates, typography was not very good. The designs I received looked like they came from an elementary student. Beware

diganta’s Reply

I always tried to reach him out through the message but unfortunately, he didn't respond to me that well for this I was confused. Moreover, he did not provide me with all the information also that's why I can't meet his expectations may be. I tried my best to do what he actually wants. I gave him too many versions of the logo which he wanted and messaged him but he didn't respond to me. By that time the delivery time is near to the end that's why I have to full fill the delivery. But in the delivery section, I told him that if he needs more revision or more versions of the logo I will happily do all of them. Then he asked for a dispute but the Legiit marked that one totally invalid. I'm giving a screenshot of the dispute below.

3.3 out of 5
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