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4.9(10 Reviews)


5.0 December 03, 2023

Thank you.


5.0 November 28, 2023

Great tool for finding leads that's extremely easy to use. One thing I couldn't figure out, is where can I see my remaining credits and when they reset. That would be something I'd appreciate. Otherwise, looks good.


5.0 November 22, 2023

Great price for a great offer: Legiit Leads!


4.0 October 19, 2023

I didn't know a course came with Legiit Leads, but I'm sure I can use it, even though it's geared to agencies.


5.0 January 13, 2023

Amazing value for money! I don’t have any problems getting local leads now 👍🏻


5.0 December 09, 2022

Good tool, I am happy with it! Been using it for a year, Makes my work a lot easier and saves a lot of time in finding and segmenting leads to outreach. I will be more happy if outreach templates are better just a suggestion not complaining, you know reply rates will be much better if template is better. Hope my review is taken positively and this aspect gets improvised further I am absolutely not complaining anything, just sharing my suggestions for further improvement. I hope it's taken positively! Apart from that there are no issues, Absolutely I would say it's a wonderful tool! It's very simple, easy to use and effective. Recommended, Good work chris Thank you


5.0 November 08, 2022

Super happy with this! Awesome!


5.0 August 08, 2022

Great tool that works fast!


5.0 June 15, 2022

A business in a box...seriously. Have started testing the tool and it gives some really solid leads for my specific niche market that are incredible. That being said, what's crazy are the possibilities even outside my niche. The tool isn't just a tool but also a box of ideas of what to offer people and a means to fulfill that offer. I am seriously considering putting a fulltime virtual assistant on this and starting another business using solely this tool. 5 out of 5 stars for this incredible tool. I highly recommend you try out Legiit's more than worth it!


5.0 December 04, 2021

This is another outstanding product from Superstar SEO. I highly recommend anything they offer.

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